Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fences.....the Czar will now rule

OK campers - today we will talk about a subject near and dear to my heart.

Chain link fencing - for residential use. I could save myself some writing.... summing it up in one word - NO!

but that would cut down the posting - now, to your left is my neighbors contribution to the beautification of the neighborhood.

This person around the corner - made the right call when it was time to contain their pet/child/ whatever it is that requires people to fence off their front yards.

I'm not a big fan of front yard fencing - for your average, run of the mill house

The best description of this situation? - salesmanship

Fence salesman: it has all the economics of chain link...but, when we run these plastic green slats through it, it almost looks like ivy. You are gonna love it.

Husband and wife: we love the idea! We are so smart

Post installation comment - by husband and wife (hopefully) "what the hell have we done?"

This is classic chain link - after a few years. Note the top bar dipping down and rising up. This leaves the top of the fencing going over the top rail...

....always a classic look - and an excellent way to puncture your hand or put your eye out should you stumble up against it.

Chain link to it's highest and best use - here, the homeowner had an old concrete retaining wall.

He put chain link on top of it - and then planted that ivy as fast as possible.

Yes - maintenance is required to trim the ivy. Every fence requires maintenance...

...oh...wait - one type doesn't....CHAIN LINK.

Chain Link - and no maintenance. It's a bad combination in a date.....and a really bad one in your choice for fencing.

This guy is on the right track - my only suggestion to him?

MiracleGrow - start hitting that hedge with it now!!!

Why isn't chain link the choice here - because the guy wants to sell the house!!!!

CHAIN LINK will lower the value of your home - don't install. If you have installed, go around your neighborhood...

.."hi, I was thinking about taking down my chain link fence but I could use some help...."

That's all you have to say - they'll get out of bed from the sex they were having and run to your place to assist you. They'll even call their contractor buddy.

Another example of chain link - being used the only way that it can be used for plant something to cover it's ugly self up!

What in the world - is this guy thinking? OK, he sinned and put up the chain link. Now, he has McGyvered the fix.....

He zip tied - bamboo window blinds to his entire fence! As you can see, the bamboo is not supported above the fence line

I hope - I really....really hope...that this guy is planning a luaa really, really soon. If he thinks this is permanent, I am going to have to move. Even though he is a block over and a block up, I can't afford to dwell this closely to anyone that stupid for fear it may rub off!

The classic overbuilt home - in my old neighborhood. This funky old huge house must have been a mansion at some time.

If you are worried about having me over - and want to make sure that you picked out the correct fencing material... will never go wrong with a well done rock wall

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