Thursday, January 18, 2024

The Patient


He was released to go home yesterday. The release was probably delayed a bit because the hospital required that they KNEW oxygen had been delivered to his home. When I found out THAT was a condition? I replied in text to the family, "I'll go to Party City and get a helium tank! I's not exactly the same but it's gotta be close enough, right?"  HaHaHa

It's nice to breathe and have a little laugh

Spoke with the patient this morning. He is on 2% oxygen being provided. He is encouraged to get out and walk a bit. He wants to stop by and chip and putt a bit. He has some sort of backpack that can provide oxygen. If he goes out to the club, I told him to text me and I will DEFINITELY be there

When will he golf again? I don't know.  He lost 15 pounds in this ordeal. I'm not a weight loss expert but Im going out on a limb here to say, "NOT a good weight loss plan! I can not recommend it!"

1/14/2024  10:00 am

Patient was moved out of ICU late and a half ago.  Visited today. Clearly in recovery mode. Breathing treatments have been being administered (one while I was there).  Now, it's about getting out of the hospital. There was a very OUTSIDE chance of today. Doc said, "way better than the other night listening to the lungs...but we need more recovery time."

Today or tomorrow.  Feel bad for the patient. Tho he has done some occasional trips around the ward, this is a LOT of time to be upon one's back. Its better to be ambulatory

1/12/2024 10:45 am

Was fortunate enough to visit when patient was taken on his first walk of the hall since his admission to hospital last Saturday, 1/6.  He did great. All vitals are improved (could use more improvement) but they are much better.  No prognosis on what recovery will look like/timelines.  After seeing him walk the halls, I asked, "I'm golfing in a couple hours, want to caddy?"  (C'mon, he's obviously too sick to play...sure..we have room for a 5th but asking to join us would be rude).  

1/11/2024. 11:00 am

Patient must have been well enough that the bronchoscopy was "green lighted" and  was performed this morning in his ICU room.  Infectious fluid removed. 

I did not visit as he was undergoing the procedure. I likely won't visit today as I "give space" to immediate family. The theory is that, removing the infectious material, will make breathing and rest easier.  

Today is more of a rest day  

1/10/24 8:15 pm 

No news is good news? His brother stopped by later. The Patient was out of bed and in the chair and they played some cards. Didn't bug the family for "vitals" for probing questions. I'll visit in morning

 1/10/24 1:03 pm 

 The med team reduced the amount of oxygen he is receiving. He was getting 100%...then it is 80%

They are weening him off oxygen to make his lungs "work" harder. Think "enabling" vs "working". The med team has decided, "time for your lungs to get back to work".

He is maintaining 94 as output with reduced oxygen being provided. 

 We want the output to be 100.  It is about stabilizing/optiizing so he is ready for the bronchoscopy. 

The bronchoscopy , in theory, will clear his lungs of crap. His lungs  are CRAP. They were CRAP before this latest trip to the hospital. They have been CRAP due to lifelong illness.  If we can clear out the SLUDGE in his lungs (think about mucking out a barn stall), his lungs can function at his level of full capacity