Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 611.......A Little.......Dare I say....Giddy?

There are a lot of days - when it is good to be me. Actually, a heck of a lot more days that it is than it isn't.

Does that sound cocky or arrogant - I hope not. I hope you feel the same way about yourself. If you don't, this HappyUP!!! deal is for you.

Today - was a banner day.

HappyUP!!! - today's golf situation
Why it happened - I was there early
Why it makes me happy - the weather was gorgeous. A touch warm but not close to uncomfortable. I got there early for my 3:45 game. A buddy was going out right then that I hadn't played with in over a month. One of my other regular buddies was going out too. I texted my 3:45 game and told him to join us out on the course. While he didn't take me up on the offer (a downer for me), it was great to play with W again.

HappyUP!!! - tying my course record
Why it happened - excellent chipping
Why it makes me happy - I had been working on my chipping....then I stopped. I worked on it a bit this morning again. It paid off. I only had 25 putts....my average is around 33. I didn't hit many greens in regulation but I was just off on most of them....and I got the ball down in two a lot. I forget which old famous golfer it was (I believe Ben Hogan....could have been Bobby Jones) who said, "the true joy of golf is turning 3 shots into 2." I experienced that joy today. If I hadn't had a bit of a flub on my 17th hole, I would have broken my own course record.

HappyUP!!! - promoting Toastmasters
Why it happened - I made the commitment
Why it makes me happy - I think we will get at least two new members from it.....and that is what we are looking for.

HappyUP!!! - running into my old friend, V
Why it happened - I was out promoting Toastmasters
Why it makes me happy - I love V to pieces.......but we rarely see each other. When we do, it is years in between. We always lose each other's contact info. When we do run into each other, it's always a HappyUP!!! We committed to getting together soon.

Bonus HappyUP!!! - some tasty eating
Why it happened - I fired up the grill
Why it makes me happy - I had a chuck steak for lunch. I love chuck steak. I grew up in a financially challenged household. We would have steak sometimes....mostly chuck steak. My mom would justify it by saying, "I prefer chuck steak. It has more flavor." Today, I like rib-eyes.....but not when a rib-eye costs ten to twelve bucks and a chuck steak is three fifty. I followed up the steak with a delicious piece of grilled snapper this evening. Delicious!

Extra Bonus HappyUP!!! - the stock market was up
Why it happened - who knows...it's the stock market
Why it makes me happy - are you kidding? Did you see that 770+ point drop yesterday? We needed that 480 point gain today! A little salve on the wound always feels good.


Golfing with W
Outside speech
Visit to the Chamber
Tying my current golf record
25 putts

Monday, September 29, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 610

HappyUP!!! - picking up my printer
Why it happened - the place called me
Why it makes me happy - I needed my printer today. The guy at the shop is a good guy...I've been there before. I had fun over at his place

HappyUP!!! - BatteriesPlus
Why it happened - our Toastmasters timing light needed fixing
Why it makes me happy - I took our entire device in to the shop. I opened up the box. The lady said she had the battery....and then asked if she wanted them to solder the connectors on while I waited! I didn't even know soldering was involved. I think I have a soldering gun around but it was great to have that problem taken off my hands.

HappyUP!!! - e-mail from a friend
Why it happened - I shot a message out
Why it makes me happy - I think that I will be getting together with this out of town buddy soon. It would be a nice day trip.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

NutBoz Leauge: Nut 6, Boz 3

(for more information on what this league is all about and get the results of all previous matches, go here)

<----2 1/2 mor feet and Boz would have had an ace

Boz Concedes on the 5th Tee!!!

9/28/2008...18 holes - Boz gave it up
after only 4 holes. The two did play a full 18 but Boz could see the tremendous ass whuppin that was coming. He was 4 down after 4 and it was only going to get uglier and uglier. This was the ultimate defeat and humiliation as the Nutster went on to hit 13 of the 18 greens in regulation. Without the concession, the match would have most likely resulted in a 7&5 or 6&4 thrashing. "I don't know...I think Boz is going to regret this. He whipped me 7&5 in a pre-season match. It was painful but I took the beating," was Nut's assessment of Boz's decision to throw in the towel.

The aerated greens continued to plague the Nut as he had 11 birdie putts from 8-15 ft and only converted one.

"The stroke feels good. Most of the putts were riding just by the edge of the cup. It's hard to get the speed right with the sand. The greens will be back to normal in a couple of weeks and I just can't get myself to messing around trying to fix a putting stroke that isn't broken," commented Nutster after completing a superlative ball striking round.

NOTE: the wire services are working on the transmission of the picture of Boz's near ace on the demanding 16th hole. Boz hit it to just 2.5 ft from the cup and was able to tap in the birdie after the Nut made a birdie of his own from 10 ft.

It's About Who Wants It More

9/28/08...18 holes - Nutster takes down the Boz 2 up
They stood on the 17th tee all even. This tough par 4 was playing long and into the wind. Everything prior, including a controversial ruling against the Nutster, was history. It had now come down to desire. Nutster mishit his tee shot but it was straight. The Boz got a bigger piece of his drive but his pull wound up being his downfall. Nutster had a full 230 yds into the wind. He pulled out the 3 wood and hit a cut to keep it away from the tree guarding the green. The mighty blow found the front edge. Boz ended up on the cartpath and had to take an unfavorable drop into the weeds. He hacked it out as best he could, made a brilliant wedge shot, but couldn't get his 12 footer to fall. Nutster lagged his long putt up to about 4 feet and then drilled the cleanup putt dead center. Boz applied the pressure on 18 by hitting his second shot within 30 ft of the hole. Meanwhile, Nutster got a terrible break when his approach shot kicked dead right...missing the green and leaving an awkward pitch.

"I'm not going to kid you. I felt a little pressure standing over that shot. Boz had beaten me 3 straight times. There was no way I wanted to take a chance of it getting to 4. I'd never hear the end of it."

With the memory of whiffing a similar pitch just 3 holes earlier floating in his mind, Nutster calmly pitched to within 4 feet and, once again, drilled the pressure putt into the center of the cup.

Next match: today at 4. Boz has an attempt at redemption....or live through the week trailing the Nutster by a mighty margin.

A Change in the Wind
9/27/08...18 holes - Boz holds on to win 1 up
After being thumped 4 straight times, the Boz now has an official win streak going. Today demonstrated the fluke of match play. When you watch TV on golf, you see stroke play. Stroke play wise, Boz was whipped by 2. This indicates who had the superior skills going. We play match play here, however. After going two up after 6 holes, Nutster continued to suffer due to the condition of the aerated greens. "I couldn't get the ball up and down which is my game. It took me 4 to get down from the edge 4-5 times....that is a fluke. I'm struggling with gauging the modified surfaces. I'll get through this. When the greens get back to normal, it will be lights out," commented Nut after the round.

The next match is scheduled for tomorrow. Based on this reporters observation of how these two are playing, it looks to be a long day for the Boz if Nutster gets the chopped up greens figured out.

Boz Careers to Victory
9/26/08....18 holes - Boz wins 3 and 2
Boz manages to continue his winning ways and has definitely stopped the Nuts winning streak. Even with a couple of penalty strokes, he carved out a 75 on the 141 slope Morgan Creek track.

On the 12th hole with a 2 up advantage and with Nutster looking at an 18 foot downhill putt for birdie, Boz dropped an unlikely 40 footer with 6 feet of break. Boz immediately went into a gallup as he rode the pony wildly screaming, "I'm 3 up...I'm 3 up." The Nut ignored the antics and calmly rammed his putt into the hole for the halve. Nutster then 3 putted 14 which would have brought him within 1 hole with 4 to play. 15 was halved with pars. Nutster suffered a painful lipout and 3 putted 16 ending the match. With the match already finalized, Boz added insult to injury by holing out his bunker shot on 18 for a birdie.

Ever the sportsman, Nutster commented after the round, "What are you gonna do? It was one of those days when everything fell for him. I hit the ball great. I had 8 makeable birdie putts and only got one to fall. When a guy is playing his career best, you can't 3-putt four times and expect to win. The putter was good, though. The greens have just been aerated and sanded. I'm a feel putter so you can see how the greens favor a guy like Boz. He slapped the ball....and it went in. I'm actually happy for Boz because, if he didn't start playing better, I was going to need to find a new person to play with. I'm looking forward to a hotly contested match tomorrow. I am sure I will apply the can of whupass."

Tonight, it is congratulations to the Boz. It is shaping up to be a long weekend as the level of play in the NutBoz league has been turned up. By Sunday, we should see who DA MAN is.

Upset of the Year
9/25/08...18 holes - Boz squeaks out a 1 up win
The golfing community, fresh off it's high from a US Ryder cup win, was brought down to two shocking realities today. Tiger Woods is still not competing and the Nutster was defeated. It was a bad day for Nutster to have his worst round of golf in recent history. With poor play marking this match, Boz sat on the 16th tee 2 up with 3 to go. It was then that Nutster reached down into that place that only he can go and came up with his first ever birdie on the demanding 16th hole. At one down with two to go, it looked like the Nut would rally for the victory. The 17th was marked by Boz barely catching the lip of the cup and the ball barely falling in to halve the hole. Nutster's draw tee shot on 18 found the bunker. Boz hit the same shot but somehow carried it and ended up in a perfect lie. Stuck in the bunker having to hit a 6 iron cut shot over the lake, Nutster overcut it and missed right. Boz used the good fortune off the tee to his advantage and smoothed a shot to 30 feet. It was then that Nutster did the unthinkable. He was too anxious to see the ball he was chipping go in the hole and hit the chip fat. He snuggled the next one up and tapped in while Boz thee putted to halve the hole and preserve victory by the narrowest of margins. While Boz' round was marked by 5 penalty strokes, it was also highlighted by as many good breaks that made one wonder who the golf course was pulling for. Nutster made no excuses after the round, "I played like crap. This is a disappointment. Tomorrow is another day. This was my worst round in a month. Boz hit it better. I deserved to lose today even if it was by just one." It should be noted that this league is played at scratch even though statistics by the Northern California Golf Association say Nutster should get a stroke. That one stroke was the difference as the number 2 hole went to Boz and would have been a halve if handicaps were taken into consideration.

The question looms - is the Boz back? He is going to have to thump the Nut on one of the Nut's average days to be able to make the claim. He has to feel good about getting on the board tonight.

HappyUP!!! Day 609

HappyUP!!! - whipping on the Boz twice
Why it happened - you can find the NutBoz League post here
Why it makes me happy - winning and keeping the upper hand on my bud. It's good for him, too. He knows he is going to have to grind to keep up.

HappyUP!!! - weekly weigh in
Why it happened - it's a weekly deal
Why it makes me happy - I thought that dinner surprise from my neighbors was going to weigh heavy on me today. It didn't and I actually am lighter as of this morning than a week ago. Quarter 4 starts now. I'm 4 pounds down for the year....if I watch it and kick up some exercise, 2008 could be a great year weight wise.

HappyUP!!! - my afternoon round of golf
Why it happened - see NutBoz League
Why it makes me happy - besides beating on the Boz, the ball striking was close to, if not better, than on Friday. Golf is a game of streaks so I am sure that I will be doing some backsliding. The important thing is that, when you backslide, you don't go ALL the way back to where you were before. I keep learning about my swing and am enjoying the mental discipline, control, and to trust my swing. Trusting the swing is key in golf...and is easier said than done. With some greens that weren't chopped up due to scheduled maintenance, I would have had a run at breaking par from the Gold Tees today. I honestly didn't think that I would be playing this kind of golf until next Spring.


Whipping on the Boz...twice
My afternoon golf round
A few strong 3-woods
Grocery shopping

Pastrami sandwich

Saturday, September 27, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 608

HappyUP!!! - golfing with the gang
Why it happened - it's the weekend
Why it makes me happy - they were all there this morning. Boz....his brother from out of town (unexpected but again welcome)....my engineering friend.....and even my banker buddy. The banker joined us on the second hole. Five guys out for a Saturday morning round of golf....that is some good living and great fellowship

HappyUP!!! - dinner party
Why it happened - my neighbor came and got me
Why it makes me happy - free food....part of which were my tomatoes in the salad. I had given tomatoes away and, low and behold, they show back up. I got some great tri-tip...I met my across the street neighbor. It was great time.

HappyUP!!! - guitar strumming neighbors
Why it happened - I went to the dinner party
Why it makes me happy - I have a feeling that these close by muscians may want to get together and do a little bit of playing and singing.....and it is going to be way convenient! No loading up cars or having to make a schedule. We may end up putting a little set list together. This has some potential. The best thing is that the other guys are probably all better than me. Some people look at that as intimidating.....I see it as free lessons!


Friday, September 26, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 607-A Great Day to be Me

Today was such a great day - I couldn't contain myself to just three HappyUP!!!s. Hey...some days are just like that!....and I will take every single one of them.

HappyUP!!! - my best round in years and one of the best in my life

(<----short birdie putt on the most difficult hole at Morgan Creek... number two. I hit a great iron there...wish I had made the putt but, with the greens sanded, you just have to be happy with striking the ball well)

Why it happened - I kept saying a breakthrough was coming. I've been playing a lot and working on my game.

Why it makes me happy - My best round ever was a 68... 28 years ago on a much easier golf course.
One of the joys of golf is striking the ball properly.This morning, I did and shot a 74 on a course with a 73.9 course rating. While my second 18 was not as good score wise due to dodgy putting on the recently aerated greens, the ball striking may have been better. Today's golf showed me what I am capable of. Golf is satan's game. You never HAVE it and who knows what tomorrow will bring. Just Wednesday, I had a terrible ball striking round...but I learned from it. All of this leads to a real HappyUP!!! today.

(Below: another short birdie putt. This one on number 18 which always plays tough for me. Nope, I didn't make it but I sure stuffed it in there)
HappyUP!!! - Breakfast with a friend
Why it happened - we scheduled it
Why it makes me happy - my friend is embarking on a new venture. I am absolutely thrilled for him to have the courage to go out on his own. I think that he is going to do great and be tremendously more happy. I love his optimism. Plus, he has something to prove and I know that he will.

HappyUP!!! - playing golf with a guy I hadn't seen in 30 years.
Why it happened - he is Boz's brother and he is out here on business
Why it makes me happy - this guy was always a great kid for the tagalong little brother. He later went on and narrowly missed winning the Heismann trophy. If it wouldn't have been for a shoulder injury, he would have won it back in the early 80's. He was a quarterback and some of those guys can be pretty arrogant. Not this guy.....still the same ol great "kid" he was 30 years ago. He's got a hell of a golf game and was a joy to have him out there with us today.

Bonus HappyUP!!! - Boz played a great round
Why it happend - who knows
Why it makes me happy - he whupped me.....which does not make me happy. I was glad to see him play so much better. He EXPLODED out of a slump. He hit some exceptional shots today. Last weekend, he was down in the dumps....today, he was "riding the pony" (see NutBoz League post). That's golf!

Bonus HappyUP!!! - more about my golf today
Why it happened - see above
Why it makes me happy - I hit more quality golf shots today than I have probably hit over the last two years cumulatively. It would have been very conceivable for me to have shot two rounds at par today.

AnotherBonus HappyUP!!! - perfect weather and no waiting on the golf course
Why it happened - who knows about the weather....the lack of people could have been due to the greens being recently aerated and sanded
Why it makes me happy - I played 36 holes of golf in about 6.5 hours. It is great to keep moving.

AnotherBonusHappyUP!!! - hearing from an old co-worker
Why it happened - I e-mailed him
Why it makes me happy - maybe I will get a free lunch and free use of his condo! OK....he's a good guy that was put in a tough spot. He's doing the best that he can and it's always good to hear from him.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 606

HappyUP!!! - another milestone.....600 days
Why it happened - I have a habit
Why it makes me happy - it isn't always convenient...but always worthwhile. This is often the best 5-10 minutes of my day....even my good days.

HappyUP!!! - a special birdie
Why it happened - I "manned up" and hit it
Why it makes me happy - I had many opportunities to birdie the 16th hole at my club....but never got it done. I have a contest with a buddy to see who birdies all of the holes first. I have 5 left to go....he has 3. It was 6 to go when I got up this morning so I am chipping away.

HappyUP!!! - printer delivered
Why it happened - I just did it
Why it makes me happy - my printer began malfunctioning yesterday. Rather than hope it fixed itself, I realized that this was a maintenance problem....and off I went to the repair shop. I was happy to FIND the place...happy it was still there....and happy I got off my fanny and took it in. It's not the most convenient place to go so I am really happy to take care of this.

HappyUP!!! - a smoothie
Why it happened - I was hungry
Why it makes me happy - I needed something before I teed off. Der Weinerschnitzel called my name. Jimboys Tacos was yelling too. I drove right by these places as I rarely am near either of these locations and I do like what they have to offer. I settled for a juice smoothie which I am sure was a better call that a couple of chili-cheese dogs or tacos.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 605

HappyUP!!! - started with a birdie
Why it happened - I played it safe
Why it makes me happy - I could have hit the 3 wood or hybrid and tried to get on the par 5 in two shots. Doing so would bring a bunch of trouble into play....trouble that could get me off to a bad start. Instead, I took a 4 iron near the front edge, chipped up, and made the putt. I was one under par....and that was a HappyUP!!! (No...I did not finish that way)

HappyUP!!! - up and down 4 out of 5 times from the sand
Why it happened - my sand shots were all decent to great
Why it makes me happy - every time you save par from a sand trap, you get a "dot" (a dollar). I was in a lot of traps today.....not a HappyUP!!!....but, if you can recover, it turns a negative into a positive.

HappyUP!!! - chatting with a friend
Why it happened - he was at the coffee shop we were using
Why it makes me happy - I like this guy even though we have a strange relationship. The talk today was interesting...I like interesting conversations

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 604

HappyUP!!! - Toastmasters
Why it happened - the meeting was scheduled
Why it makes me happy - in addition to delivering a solid speech, we had a guest that wants to join. New people bring new energy, experiences, and enthusiasm. Outstanding.

HappyUP!!! - appointment for tomorrow
Why it happened - my friend called me
Why it makes me happy - his daughter is a little champ. She has been working on a project for our club and wants to deliver it personally so her and her dad will be stopping by in the morning.

HappyUP!!! - golf
Why it happened - the club was open...and I was there
Why it makes me happy - I had a productive practice session on the range employing some different practice techniques. I then went out and walked 18 carrying my bag. It's not the first time I have done that (it's the second) since joining this club. Hey, it's a long walk on this course.....CARRYING.....and I am not getting any younger! That was a HappyUP!!!.....to finish. Once again, the score wasn't there but the progress keeps showing up. I am hitting the ball in an entirely different fashion than I was. Now, it is about dialing it in.

Hobby store
Business cards
Talking to J
E-mail from E
Practice session

Monday, September 22, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 603

HappyUP!!! - finding cash
Why it happened - I opened a box
Why it makes me happy - do you know how many places I had looked for this dough? I think I have an idea of how it got where it did.....absentmindedness/laziness would be a contributor. Anyway, the second I saw it, I went, "aha!" Aha is usually a good HappyUP!!! indicator. This was a duel HappyUP!!! because I like that moment I find things I have been looking for......AND, I now get to use the dough

HappyUP!!! - The Shack
Why it happened - I transcribed it
Why it makes me happy - this is a good fictional tale. The Shack is a book that I had read and made a few jottings on. Today, I captured them....and got the feeling again that I did when I read it. I just need to put a few of the things in practice.

HappyUP!!! - Good Golf Tips
Why it happened - I had the Golf Channel on
Why it makes me happy - I have a great book on the mental side of golf. I was re-reading it last night and had the Golf Channel reinforce the lesson. These are things that I have been toying with and, as a result, playing better. Now, I just need to practice these rather than just play. The game WILL come back!

Quote of the Day

"In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."

Eric Hoffer

Sunday, September 21, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 602

HappyUP!!! - a day in the Capay Valley
Why it happened - my brother set it up
Why it makes me happy - it's GOLF!...at a Fabulous golf course!....that I have never played before!...with 7 other guys!...including my brother and good friend!...with great weather!...and I played pretty well!...and I won my bets!
Does life get much better than that?!?

HappyUP!!! - the first tee
Why it happened - see above
Why it makes me happy - it's not often that you get to hit a ball from an elevated tee.....I mean ELEVATED. When an architect takes advantage of the landscape and sets a hole up like that, it is always dramatic. You get a view. You wonder, "just how far is this going to go?" You get to watch your ball carry in the air a loooooong time. There is a moment, though, when you step up to that tee for the very first time and just go, "this is cool!"....and THAT is the HappyUP!!! (see in photo to the left)

HappyUP!!! - a pleasant drive
Why it happened -we had to get to the new golf course
Why it makes me happy - I really should get out more often....see what there is to see....take a few more drives and just view the interesting little sites along the way. Today was one of those days. Ever been to Esparto? I hope not. Esparto is a little town that you go through...like we did. BUT, it is interesting to pass through.
Interesting things are HappyUP!!!s

HappyUP!!! - a funny line
Why it happened - I crack more than my share
Why it makes me happy - I like to make people laugh. We came upon an interesting hole today. There was water right in front of the tee.....you had no choice but to hit over it. Once over the lake, you had a choice to go to a fairway on the right or the fairway on the left. There was a creek that feeds the lake that splits the two fairways. If you choose the fairway on the left, the hole is a little shorter but it was a smaller landing area and you risk hitting into the creek that divides the fairways. One of the guys was having a hard time figuring it out so I explained his options and answered his questions. Then he asked, "how far to hit over the lake?" I said, "....if you are asking that question, you are playing the wrong tees!"

Nice Work, Guy!

....I'd be grinnin too!

Who are these people? - I have no clue! This photograph was taken as we travelled at a tremendously high rate of speed in our golf cart across a bridge at our golf club.

Good thing the bride moves quickly - or she would have a set of rather small tire tracks across her train.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 601

HappyUP!!! - two victories
Why it happened - played 36 holes
Why it makes me happy - I really didn't play very well. I have to make sure that I don't mistake match play victories for good golf. Yet...a win is a win...unless it is two wins like it was today. It always feels good to win and to have a documented win streak of four in a row.

HappyUP!!! - Ryder Cup
Why it happened - it's played every two years
Why it makes me happy - there was some awesome golf being played. I'm actually glad I played 36 holes because I would have logged about 10 hrs of time in the AmbitiousBoy lounger watching TV. The human drama is incredible to watch. It is why we watch sports...to see performance at it's highest level. For goodness sakes, one best ball team shot 63...only to lose to the other team that shot 62.

HappyUP!!! - found out a friend is alright
Why it happened - another friend did some checking up for me
Why it makes me happy - I was a little worried when we hadn't heard from one of our Toastmasters. He is steady Eddie but he was missing at our last meeting without a headsup. This is not characteristic for him. We also had not heard from him since. It turns out he was just travelling. A relief is a HappyUP!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Can of Ass Whuppin!

(See the update below)

My golfing buddy, Boz, seems to have a poor memory
- he got on a roll and beat me a few times in a row. I must have been sick or something. Now, he is delusional and says it was 8 times in a row.....NO WAY!

He also doesn't want to remember - how many times I have whipped him in between when we can only play 9 holes during the week.

He also doesn't recall - the time I put the Can of Ass Whuppin on him about 5 times in a row.

As Mark Twain said - "the faintest ink is better than the sharpest memory." We will now have to keep track right here. Yes, dear readers, you will get the blow by blow of just who got the whuppin, the date, the number of holes, etc. You will also see a history much like the way I kept the Ol Nutter Almanac.

THE ARCHIVE (catch all of the past matches right here)

The Beating Continues
9/20/2008...18 Holes - Nutster whups on Boz 4 and 3. The Humane Society
was called in. Nutster even took four to get down on the eighth hole which featured missing a ridiculously short put in an effort to bring Boz back into the game. Even with very mediocre play on the backside, Nutster sent Boz packin on the 15th green. Boz is going to need to up his game or he is going to be sent down to the minor leagues to practice and earn his Nutster Tour Card back. How long can this continue? (Hint: A Long Time)

A Royal Ass Whuppin...Again
9/20/2008....18 Holes - Nutster destroys Boz 5 and 4. Nutster found himself 2 down after 7 holes. He then rallied with a par, par, par, bogey, par, par, par onslaught that left Boz talking to himself. Boz had a big string of double bogeys but, even if he had been on game, he would have found himself down after that kind of blitzkrieg from the BLACK (all the way back) tees. Nutster started slow with 7 five's to start which included 2 double bogeys to put himself in a hole.....a hole he didn't just dig himself out of....he vaulted. Those back tees are back there. We are talking PGA Tour length!

Nutster A Rock Under Pressure
9/19/2008...18 Holes - Nutster whups on Boz 1 up. Today's match was way too close. I had three double bogeys which, in match play, is like wrapping a Christmas present for your opponent. Boz didn't return the favor......until the very last hole with the match all tied. We were both in the middle of the fairway. Boz played it conservative off the tee with the 3 wood. Nutster took the chance with the driver. The conservative play left a 5 iron in Boz's hands versus an 8 iron for Nutster. Then, with the entire match riding on one shot, Boz proceeded to shank the ball straight right into the hazard. Pressure? Who can say but he hadn't hit a shot like that all day.

An Ass Whuppin
9/14/2008....18 Holes - Nutster whups on Boz 5 and 4. For those of you new to match play golf, this means he was down by 5 holes with 4 to go....that is a severe whuppin. I played like crap....I think I shot an 84. Now, to be fair, I think I recall getting beat up by Boz 7 and 6 on a day where he played his best and I played my worst. I mention this so you can see how bad the whuppin can be. 2 and 1 is close....3 and 2 is starting to get lopsided. 1 up means it got decided on the last hole.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 600

HappyUP!!! - unexpected golf
Why it happened - Boz made the call
Why it makes me happy - our course was supposed to be closed to the members all week due to an outside tournament. It turns out that members could play at 4. Boz made a time. When he let me know about that, the anticipation of getting back on our course after a week got me stoked.

HappyUP!!! - stock market
Why it happened - crazy times...regulated times
Why it makes me happy - I was doing some wild trading as everyone knew the market would open way up. I also figured that it would retreat quickly. I was in and out of positions fast....some not fast enough. At the end of the trading, I broke about even. It was a day like has never been seen for an opening on Wall St. By the end of the day, I was back in a strong cash position and made a little bit of dough back that had been lost this week. This has been the craziest week in the market....ever. I am happy it is behind us.

HappyUP!!! - golfing and whuppin on Boz
Why it happened - it should always happen
Why it makes me happy - I am 2-0 since I have had to keep written records. Boz had beaten me about 4-5 times in a row (he says 8). This was after I had a string of beating him about 5 times (he says twice). We now have a pattern going. More importantly, I think I made a key swing discovery. I had gotten way too mechanical. This was making it impossible for my wrists to properly "lag" and then release fully into the ball like a whip. I seemed to have picked up some clubhead speed. Boz even noticed that my swing looked better. The swing started to feel a little more like it did "back in the day." We'll see....this could be a major and lasting HappyUP!!!


Fun in the stock market
Getting away with some dodgy trading
An up day in the stock market
Breakfast with my buddy, E
Ryder Cup action
Finding out about unexpected golf
Hitting some great shots
Beating my buddy, Boz

HappyUP!!! Day 599

HappyUP!!! - 28 putts
Why it happened - been practicing....and missed a lot of greens
Why it makes me happy - I only hit 2 greens today. My score could have been through the roof. I have been practicing with my wedge, however, and it saved me some shots today. It's good when your practice pays off. Time to go practice the long game!

HappyUP!!! - stock market rally
Why it happened - WHO KNOWS
Why it makes me happy - I learned some things about myself today. The stock market disgusts me these days. The unethical at best and corrupt at worse behavior of the hedge fund makes the stock market a total crap shoot. This is unacceptable. We had a rally...then a pullback...then a rally...then a pullback (this is where I said, "enough" , and did some selling. I increased my holdings from 22% cash to 48%. THEN, the market went into hyper rally. Am I kicking myself for not staying "more in." NO! I would have been up a few more bucks but it was the reason and the principal that fueled my decision. This market is not right. I'll be looking for a good open tomorrow....perhaps try to buy a couple of stocks for IMMEDIATE trades....and then be selling off for the weekend.

HappyUP!!! - call from the burro
Why it happened - a person we knew from the past was arrested
Why it makes me happy - it was good hearing from this old friend. We used to be tight. Then, he got married... moved about 20 miles away....had a couple of kids. He lives an entirely different life. Yet, we can go 6 months without talking and we are right back to where we always were.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 598

HappyUP!!! - winning a game
Why it happened - who knows...because I played
Why it makes me happy - my friend, Boz, is a better tennis player than I am. He smoked me 6-1 today. We usually play more than one set but a knee issue on my part cut this one short. The last time was 6-1,6-1....before that, 6-1, 6-0 (hey, I told you he smoked me). Let's put the emphasis on that 1 part of the 6-1, though. I was happy to win a game. Soon, I will be thrilled to win 2 games but my skills need to escalate.

HappyUP!!! - golf invitation
Why it happened - my brother had a cancellation
Why it makes me happy - on Sunday, I will be playing
Yocha-De-He Golf Club at Cache Creek Resort
This is a new golf course that is supposed to be REALLY nice. I am jazzed. We are going to have a good game going on.

HappyUP!!! - golf invitation 2
Why it happened - I have friends
Why it makes me happy - my golf course is closed all week due to the PGA holding a tour qualifying event there (did I tell you that my golf course is challenging?). This accomodation to the PGA has left me without a course to play on this week. My bro stepped in yesterday and my friend stepped in for tomorrow. I'll be back at my course Saturday. This means I will have played golf four times this week...much better than the two days I started off with.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 597

HappyUP!!! - Toastmasters work
Why it happened - we did an impromptu meeting
Why it makes me happy - our club has seen a drop in membership.....and we have been slow at the switch in recruiting. We had a productive session this morning as we converted our meeting to a strategy meeting. As a result, we have a plan. From that plan, I got our club website up....I bought a good domain name at GoDaddy and got it associated with the club.....and can now move forward with some collaterals. I like the plan we have

HappyUP!!! - stock market
Why it happened - it was open?
Why it makes me happy - yesterday was an absolute massacre. I actually had orders in to sell a bunch of positions at the open this morning. I'm glad I pulled those requests back. Today was a welcome day of relief from the brutality

HappyUP!!! - golf at a different course
Why it happened - I called up my brother
Why it makes me happy - I really didn't play that well. Today, the driver was working....the irons weren't. On Sunday, the driver wasn't working at all but the irons were OK. The plus today was I got up and down with the short game enough to help out my partner who was having a bad day. I also finished with a chip in for birdie on 17 and almost chipping in on 18. Those two plays saved us a bunch of dough.....and it was a good takeaway on a tough day.


Impromptu Executive Meeting
Club Website Progress
Opportunity to promote club
Stock Market
Golfing finish

Monday, September 15, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 596

HappyUP!!! - golf tomorrow
Why it happened - I took advantage of an invitation
Why it makes me happy - my golf course is closed all week due to an outside tournament. I called in a marker from my brother. I'm bringing another orphan golfer from my club along and we are going to my brother's club. He has two excellent players to join in. We are going to have some seriously good golf going on tomorrow. Tomorrow's HappyUP!!! will be if I actually play some of that good golf. In the meantime, I am thrilled about tomorrow's lineup.

HappyUP!!! - dealing with the down market
Why it happened - it's the market
Why it makes me happy - I have to admit, exposure to the challenging real estate and stock market is enough to be a CrappyDown!!!! Today, the stock market was ablaze with terrible news. There are people who say that we shouldn't expose ourselves to the barrage of bad news that we get. If it doesn't effect us, I would say they have a good point. If it does effect us and we don't stay informed, I believe that is the ostrich approach....I don't care for that. As "the world melted today," I was buoyed by a guy who had lost his job of 20+ years due to one of the financial institutions going out of business. I imagine he probably had lost some dough in a retirement plan as well. His attitude was, "I lost friends here on 9/11....things like today happen. I'll get through it. My friends didn't." It seemed like a genuine comment from someone that really had been effected by some of the worst that New York has to dish out. I found it helpful and uplifting.

HappyUP!!! - handling a piece of business
Why it happened - I finally took care of something
Why it makes me happy - ever put off doing something because you don't know exactly what to do....and it kind of hangs over you? I learned a long time ago that there gets a point where you just need to do something. Apparently, I forgot that lesson because I had let something suspend over my head for too long. Today, I took care of it even though I wasn't sure about it. Guess what? It wasn't that bad and I know I made the right call. Whew!.....Done!

"Come and Get It!"

After a down 500+ day in the markets - this is what dinner looks like...

....for a lot of people - I know I will be celebrating with this fine cuisine this evening to mark this Black Monday.

...and dang thankful - that I have the beans in the cabinet (along with a little homemade spaghetti sauce to mix in with them).

Hey....natural gas is clearly one of our solutions to the oil situation - hmmmmm....could more people eating beans due to the financial crisis somehow be harnassed to help us out of the dependency on foreign oil?

Just thinkin!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 595

HappyUP!!! - Teeing it up at 7 a.m.
Why it happened - my friend got a tee time
Why it makes me happy - there is something about being out in the dewey grass, slapping the white ball around, while in the accompaniment of your friends. We had a good time today. I hit some fabulous short shots from 80 yds in. The long game was awful....atrocious...but I salvaged something out of the trainwreck.

HappyUP!!! - spanking my friend in golf
Why it happened - I played poorly...he played worse
Why it makes me happy - he claimed to have a mythical win streak going. While he had beat me over 18 holes several times in a row, I had beat him over 9. Plus, he no showed a couple of times when I would have beat him. Anyway, his streak is over and we are on to a new day.

HappyUP!!! - free lunch
Why it happened - I turned in a survey
Why it makes me happy - it's FREE LUNCH! The cutoff to turn it in was tomorrow...and I remembered to take the survey out to the golf course. Food is always better when it is free!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 594

HappyUP!!! - no parking ticket
Why it happened - I got lucky?
Why it makes me happy - I attended a meeting down in Sacramento today for Toastmasters. I figured the meeting would be over in 2 hrs so I metered it at the curb to the max. There were refreshments and this was the charter meeting for a new club. The entire event was 2.5 hrs. The final speaker was so good that I didn't want to ditch him to feed the meter. As soon as he was finished, I went down to my car to feed the meter/pick up my parking ticket. I was ready for the ticked. "Hey, I have paid more money than a parking ticket to see speakers that weren't as good as the last guy," I thought to myself. I had it rationalized. No parking ticket was going to rain on my parade. Guess what? No ticket. I fed the meter for the time I had been there too long...and went back upstairs to thank the speaker for being there. I also bought a couple of tickets to an upcoming benefit he is putting on. Hey, it was cheaper than the parking ticket!

HappyUP!!! - meeting with my painter
Why it happened - we had an appointment
Why it makes me happy - I live in an older home. I believe it would be designated as "Craftsman" style. I was just going to paint the peeling trim and leave the asbestos shingles alone....despite their dinginess. The painter is a friend of mine. He said, "it's your call.....but I REALLY want to paint this entire house and make it pop." I really wasn't going to paint the shingles......because that means RE-painting the shingles.....how many more times if I die in this house? All I have to do now is come up with a color scheme.

HappyUP!!! - speakers
Why it happened - I went to a Toastmaster meeting
Why it makes me happy - this is a new club...an advanced club. I went because one of the World Champions of Public Speaking was giving a presentation. It turns out he had an illness in the family. The club member that spoke gave a very good talk on the reduction of clutter. She'll be giving this presentation to outside groups so this was good practice. I will be putting her advice to use tomorrow. The second person was the fill in. He is also the creator of MONStars of Motivation. He is basically taking the reality TV show concept to the field of motivational speaking. Think you have had enough reality type shows? Well, I have to think this one could be of more benefit than Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. So does Oprah Winfrey. I believe she has bought in! His presentation was something that I definitely needed to hear.


Meeting with my painter
Going to a meeting
Speaker one at meeting
Speaker two at meeting
No parking ticket
Meeting a fellow native Rosevillian
New Licks

Friday, September 12, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 593

HappyUP!!! - a stock purchase
Why it happened - I got a recommendation from a service I subscribe to
Why it makes me happy - I don't follow nearly all of the tips from this source. I looked at this one, though, and acted right away. I usually try to know more about a stock than this one but I decided to jump in....in a fairly big way. This one went up almost 5% from the time I bought it to the end of the day. That's a real winner these days. I'll be keeping an eye on this one Monday and ready to unload it to lock in some gains.

HappyUP!!! - tennis
Why it happened - my golf club is closed due to a tournament
Why it makes me happy - I got pounded 6-1, 6-1. That isn't the HappyUP!!! It was a beautiful afternoon and a nice way to be out of the house getting some exercise.

HappyUP!!! - chat with my old co-worker
Why it happened - he called me
Why it makes me happy - he left the company long before I did. He went to open up his own business that was not related to the mortgage industry. It was a franchise deal. He now moved ahead and owns the entire company when the original owner wanted to get out. He is out pursuing the dream which is what it is all about. I hope makes it happen in a big way.


Spaghetti Sauce
A call to my painter
A great stock purchase

Thursday, September 11, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 592

HappyUP!!! - an Eagle!
Why it happened - I played three perfect shots
Why it makes me happy - an eagle on a hole in golf is two under par. There is one hole on my course that I have not even birdied (one under par). It's tough. I hit the soft driver....the three wood down the middle...and then knocked the 95 yd remaining shot in the hole! My buddy, R, that I play golf with is a much better golfer than I am. He can hit a lot of the par 5's in two shots because he hits it farther. Since we joined the club, he has one eagle....a par 5 he hit in two and one putted. I have two eagles....both on par 5's that I have knocked wedges in on. I keep a leg up on a guy better than me...for now. That's a HappyUP!!!

HappyUP!!! - a new wedge
Why it happened - I acted
Why it makes me happy - yesterday, I hit my 52 degree wedge a little off...and the ball went nowhere. At that point I said, "I need to get a wedge like my 54 degree wedge." I ran over to Wide World of Golf right before going to the course and I got the matching wedge. This is the wedge that I used above. On it's very first shot, the ball went in the hole!

HappyUP!!! - decent day in the markets
Why it happened - who knows
Why it makes me happy - do you have any idea how skittish the stock market is? There are a lot of things going on that are very artificial. While today didn't make up for the downward spiral since Labor Day, it was good to be up today!


New Wedge
Almost Hole in One
Birdie Putts
News from the old front
Seeing R.C.
Decent day in the markets

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 591

HappyUP!!! - the back nine
Why it happened - it comes after the front nine
Why it makes me happy - I didn't hit the ball tremendously well in the total of 15 holes that I played. I did hit 10 of the 15 greens in regulation. My average is around 6-7 for 18. This all came home on the back nine where I shot a very ho-hum 38. This is a good sign. I would have felt that I was playing well to shoot 38. When your "so so" day is a 38, you are on the right track.....at least I am

HappyUP!!! - callback from a recruit
Why it happened - the person respects me
Why it makes me happy - I will probably be meeting with her on Friday. She is in career transition. While I am retired, I do have a place for her to check out.

HappyUP!!! - eating from the garden
Why it happened - I did some picking
Why it makes me happy - tomatoes....peppers....bell peppers...onions.....all sliced up with some olive oil,cheese, and pastrami mixed together in a sautee pan. Deeeeeeeelicious!


Callback from a recruit
The back nine
The 73 degree wedge
Eating from the garden

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 590

HappyUP!!! - not too sore
Why it happened - Not sure....I thought tennis yesterday would have taken a toll
Why it makes me happy - I was able to play golf and do things relatively uninhibited today. I was expecting a lot more soreness than I have. I was also thinking I might have some actual pain. This also bodes well for more tennis in the future. Let's see if I get the "pain hangover" tomorrow. Ever notice that sometimes when you do something strenuous that you aren't used to, you feel the soreness two days later and not the next day?

HappyUP!!! - tomatoes
Why it happened - I did some picking
Why it makes me happy - I filled up a 5 gallon bucket!...almost entirely comprised of cherry and roma tomatoes. I was able to hand deliver them to three neighbors. They all happened to be outside so I got the extra, but not necessary, thank yous. I still have more to drop off tomorrow. Here we are in September and I still have the tomatoes going on all over the place.

HappyUP!!! - golf
Why it happened - come on....I do it almost every day
Why it makes me happy - once again, the score isn't where I want it...but the ball striking is getting there. I was only 3 shots off my best round so far.....with 4 double bogeys and I made no putts. In the past, I would have had to play well to shoot what I shot today. Today, with a bit better concentration, I could have easily been 7 shots better.....and that is without asking for a bunch of things to happen. The game will get there.


Tomato picking
Tomato delivering
Visit from neighbor
Backyard chipping
Golf...driving the ball
Stopping by my brothers
Given a test club
E-mail from a sweet friend
Breakfast from the garden

The Ol Nutter Almanac 2008

9/9 NOTE: Barring a heatwave, we'll finish the year here with 15 days over 100. This is a day or two on the high side for a mild summer but far below the average summer. We sit there pegged on the high that was predicted below at the beginning of Summer. It appears that the Ol' Nutter Almanac should be adopted as an official weather predictor by the mainstream.

For years and years, I have trusted the Ol' Nutter Almanac - to predict our summers here in Sacratomato. The almanac says that the weather on Jazz Festival Weekend back in May is a predictor for how hot our summer will be.

This year - it almost rained.....which means a very cool summer. We got the next best thing....80's was the high. This means a nice summer. 10-15 days of 100 degrees or more.

If we catch 100 degrees on that same weekend-get yourself a ticket and get the heck out of town until fall!

I'll keep reposting this post - as I update the weather here in Roseville (a lovely suburb of Sacratomato). I'll use weather.com as my measuring stick.

9/6 101
9/5 100
8/29 103
8/28 102
8/27 103
8/15 102
8/14 103
8/13 104
7/22 102
7/10 101
7/9 108
7/8 109
7/7 104
6/20 100
6/21 102

9/1 NOTE: 3 more days since the last report. We are now up to 13 days of 100 degrees or above. Remember the last note that said, "looking for a cool September"? Today, we got just that. It was a gorgeous day in the 80's. That is the good news. The bad news? 97 tomorrow and then 5 days of 100 degrees in the forecast! Let's hope the Delta Breeze comes in or this is going to be an off year for the almanac.....but still an OK summer for the weather here.

8/22/08 NOTE: It's been a week since the last update. We only had one day over 100 since last the last note on 8/15....and it was the 15th. This will bring us up to a total of 10 days for the year. We have two 100 degree days on the forecast for next week. There are a couple of days that will be around 98. It looks like we'll be up to 12 by next week which will put us on the cusp of credibility. Looking for a cool September!

8/15/08 NOTE: Here we are are....halfway through August. 9 days over 100 through yesterday. That should move to 10 after today's cooker...104 to 106! Tomorrow could get the triple digits too. This would bring us to 11 days in the big mercury. We end up with a good cooling trend after that. The almanac is going to get tested but, unless things heat up significantly at month end and through Sept, the Ol Almanac's predictive values will remain intact again.

7/31 NOTE - July is cleared. 8 days over 100 degrees so far in our scientific test of the O.N.A. (Ol Nutter Almanac).........like anyone should be questioning it to begin with!!! That's OK...you're tough....I get it. According to weather.com, the ONA is in great shape for the first 9 days of August as well. July is usually our hot month here in the valley. August can be a bit of a cooker but it looks like it will be coming in like a lamb.

7/26 NOTE: not much need to update - we did finally catch another 100 degree day earlier in the week. As we speak, the next week is looking cooler. The number of days at 100 or above stands at 7

7/8 NOTE: the hot spell has hit -
yesterday was 104. This brings us to 3 days over 100 this season. I would say we are looking good but we are going to get 5 more days (including today) on this heat spell. We'll still have half of July and all of August to get through. August is going to need to be less august than it can be! On the plus side, July is normally the hottest month for us.

6/29 NOTE: a week has gone by....no more pesky 100 degree days. All low to mid 90's predicted for this week. The almanac remains in good shape
6/21 Note: Summer began last night - and we are already on the books for 2 days at 100 degrees! Looks like the almanac is in for a test!

Monday, September 08, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 589

HappyUP!!! - Financial Justice
Why it happened - who knows
Why it makes me happy - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the government today....finally. From someone in the industry, I can tell you that FM Watch was formed long ago...probably a decade. Fannie and Freddie were Govt Sponsored Entities that had overstepped their bounds. They played favorites. They didn't play by the rules because they didn't have them....and were not properly regulated themselves. That changes...today. On another note, Kerry Killinger was ousted finally from WAMU today. While EVERYONE has a hand in the mortgage meltdown, Killinger has a good size finger in there....and collected 14.4 million dollars in compensation last year while moving to defend executive compensation as the institution tanked. He was allowed to stay too long....kind of like Fannie/Freddie. The HappyUP!!! is that deeds got done today.

HappyUP!!! - tennis
Why it happened - the golf club is closed on Monday
Why it makes me happy - it wasn't the quality of my play. Oh my....where did those 25 years go since I could properly bat a ball around? The HappyUP!!! is that this is another healthy activity to be able to do and I have a strong person to do it with. He's better but not in shape. I'm not very good, not in great shape, but in better shape than him. The race is on - my partner getting in shape versus me getting better. It's a win - win no matter what. It was funny. At one point he said, "hey, we could practice and enter some doubles tournaments." I said, "do you really want to be standing at the net when the other team is ripping on the serve that you saw me hitting today?" He said, "Hmmm.....good point!" It was funny

HappyUP!!! - breakfast with friends
Why it happened - there was an unexpected guest
Why it makes me happy - the one friend I see all the time. It was nice to have the other guy tag along. I won't share anymore than that other than we had a great breakfast.


Financial Justice
Continued Silly Attacks on Sara Palin
Keith Obamarman
Stock Market

Sunday, September 07, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 588

HappyUP!!! - weight
Why it happened - I weigh every Sunday
Why it makes me happy - dipped into the 160's today. That is the first time since the end of March. I've dropped about 8 pounds in 5 weeks. How? Playing golf in the sun......just imagine what would have happened had I walked any of the rounds I have been playing! Now, it's time to kick in a little exercise to see if I can drive this down to 160 by Thanksgiving. THAT would be a HappyUP!!! for the holiday season.

HappyUP!!! - 45 holes of golf
Why it happened - I have crazy friends
Why it makes me happy - because I survived it! It had to be over 100 out there or close to it. I drank a TON of water and passed NONE of it. In retrospect, it probably wasn't the brightest thing to do. The ball striking is getting a little better, however. The scores won't be far behind.

HappyUP!!! - US Open Women's Tennis
Why it happened - I flipped on the tube when I got home
Why it makes me happy - Serena Williams and Jalena Jackovic put on one of the best tennis matches I have seen in some time. It was incredible to watch Jackovic continue returning the more powerful Williams' balls. Power vs Finesse.


45 holes
Text game I played
US Women's Open Final
Ball Striking

Saturday, September 06, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 587

HappyUP!!! - my painter
Why it happened - he returned my call
Why it makes me happy - I like to do business with people that I know....and that I know could use the business. By happenstance, I got a flyer on my door. The guy didn't know it was my house. I need some paint. I didn't know this guy was doing re-paints.

HappyUP!!! - breakfast
Why it happened - it's every Saturday
Why it makes me happy - family breakfast included my best friend. He had been sick in the hospital. It was good to see him doing better.

HappyUP!!! - my golf club
Why it happened - I joined a month ago
Why it makes me happy - just today, I got some good instruction from the Head Professional. I had forgotten my shoes later in the day....they had some great new kicks there. I went out and played a great front nine...which included two birdies and some great shots (we'll not talk about the back nine....it is what it was). I also met a couple of more guys from the club that played in our game...it's good to expand the circle.


Professional Instruction
The Front Nine
New Kicks
Running into an old friend
My golfing circle

Friday, September 05, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 586

HappyUP!!! - the golf course
Why it happened - I went there
Why it makes me happy - a lot of reasons today. The Bridgestone Golf Ball people were there. I found out my clubhead speed was 101 to 105 miles per hour. I actually hit the ball just as far at 101 than I did at 105. My friend was on the range later (another reason to be happy). He BOMBS the ball. His clubhead speed is only a little faster than mine. I'm just not striking it correctly (duh....news at 11). The pro was on the range and I bit the bullet and said, "dude, let's do a lesson tomorrow." I also had a very productive chipping practice session. I am going to get my golf game back.....and then some.

HappyUP!!! - toastmasters speech contest
Why it happened - it is the season
Why it makes me happy - we did it on our turf this time. One of our members won Table Topics and the other came in second. We were represented well which has always been a goal of mine since the club's inception 21 years ago.

HappyUP!!! - stock market rebound
Why it happened - who knows
Why it makes me happy - the stock market is schizoid right now. Weird things are going on. Artificial things ....like hedge funds doing massive selloffs because they have misplayed the market all year and are going out of business. They dump their stocks so they can return what assets are left to the fund investors. Naughty... naughty...naughty. It's caused a lot of pain in the portfolios of investors this week. It was doing it again this morning until a rebound brought things up to even in the afternoon. The market is hard enough to gauge during these times without these borderline shenanigans!


Ball Fitting
Market rebound
Toastmasters Contest
Hitting balls with my friend on the range
A good chipping session
Biting the bullet and setting up a lesson

Thursday, September 04, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 585

OK...today was a tough day - when the stock market is off 344 points on top of a couple of miserable days in the prior to it, it is kind of tough to be happy. The markets just aren't behaving.

Yet - it is exactly why you MUST HappyUP!!! Nothing is going to make the loss go away....but not all is lost. Yes, that makes good sense when you say it but, deep down, it is easy to cave to the negatives....

....and it is why - you and I HappyUP!!! every single day. Let's go:

HappyUP!!! - golf
Why it happened - I had a game with two of my best golf buddies
Why it makes me happy - I like hanging with these guys. I had two birdies when I average .5 a round. I didn't hit the ball well but had 27 putts (I average almost 33 putts) so my scrambling abilities were on. I also discovered a couple of new tools in my arsenal that I had forgot about.

HappyUP!!! - John McCain
Why it happened - there is a convention going on
Why it makes me happy - we definitely have an election going on. Between McCain tonight and Sara Palin last night, I think McCain will lead the polls next week. THAT is a HappyUP!!! The idea of a Democratic Congress, Senate, and President is to my cheese to give to those mice.

HappyUP!!! - call from a close friend
Why it happened - it was a response to a text
Why it makes me happy - I always love to chat with this person. I will also get a chance to do the person a favor. It's a HappyUP!!! anytime you can help someone out.


Two birdies
27 putts
Cut Driver
Flat swing driver
Call from a friend
The closing bell

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 584

HappyUP!!! - Sara Palin
Why it happened - she's the next vice president
Why it makes me happy - the initial job the vice president has to do is to be the attack dog on behalf of her running mate. Palin delivered big time. It makes me happy when I see someone do a good job. Being a Toastmaster, I also love a great speech....which hers was.

HappyUP!!! - 36 holes of golf by 2
Why it happened - I stepped right to the first tee and got off in front of a group
Why it makes me happy - it gave me a chance to keep working on the game. On the first 18, I was joined on hole 7 by a guy that is a pretty good player. I like playing with good guys. It makes you want to step up. I hit some pretty nifty shots.

HappyUP!!! - time with visitors
Why it happened - a friend and my nephew stopped by
Why it makes me happy - a little visiting is always a HappyUP!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 583

HappyUP!!! - Republican National Convention
Why it happened - it's election time
Why it makes me happy - Fred Thompson did a great job...as good or better than any "epic" speech I heard at the DNC last week. Joe Lieberman was awesome...walking across the street to put country before party. Keith Obamerman of CNBC was funny too. He was trying so hard to slam Republicans and came up with nothing. He's so easy to laugh at.

HappyUP!!! - golf
Why it happened - I belong to a club
Why it makes me happy - I got a good practice session in before I played 9 holes. While there was some stink on the 9 holes I played, there was some evidence of the changes that I am making. I took the extra club, hit a punch shot into a par 3 with a little bit of cut spin, drifted it on the green, rolling toward the hole, catching the downslope of the green, and finished 4 feet from the pin. I hit a nice little medium wedge within 4 feet on another hole. I wedged out of trouble on a par 5...kept plugging....and snaked in a 30 footer to save par. The new putting stroke feels good but will get a little practice tomorrow.

HappyUP!!! - Toastmasters
Why it happened - it's Tuesday
Why it makes me happy - we got our representatives chosen for the speech contest this Friday night. We are ready to go!


The new swing
The checking pitch shot
Shot selection
Republican National Convention
E-mail from my friend, E
E-mails from an enviro consultant friend
Spanking my friend in golf
Two tight birdie chances
Rolling in the 30 footer
The new putting stroke
Laughing at Keith Obamerman

Monday, September 01, 2008

HappyUP!!! Day 582....SKINS!!!!

HappyUP!!! - golf
Why it happened - it's Labor Day and the course was open
Why it made me happy - I made a couple of birdies (I average .5 birdies a round so 2 is good). I got the ball up and down (29 putts helps). Despite 3 double bogies, I shot a good score.....and I got 12 of the 18 skins available amongst our fivesome. That makes for a profitable day on the links and gives me money to lose this month!

HappyUP!!! - texting with my buddy
Why it happened - we like to banter
Why it makes me happy - it's pure childish funny stuff. On top of it, we are getting close to playing some tennis. Usually, we just play golf. I haven't played a lot of tennis over the years but I always enjoy it. This guy used to be good. I need to play him now before he gets back in shape. Otherwise, I am going to get a whuppin!

HappyUP!!! - golf tips
Why it happened - I asked and I watched
Why it makes me happy - I saw in our group hit a shot that I see a lot of people hit. I asked him about it. He told me how to do it. I think I get it though it will take some practice. When I combine this with something I saw on TV today, I think I will have the shot down pretty quickly.


2 birdies
12 skins
Punch shots
Text messaging with my buddy
Setting up some tennis
Meeting a photographer
Seeing Butch
Getting a golf secret
Getting a couple more golf tips
Stroking the cat