Saturday, July 31, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1279

HappyUP!!! - offloading concert tickets
Why it happened - lots of phone calls
Why it makes me happy - I knew I couldn't make the show...thought I had peeps that would take tickets...wrong. I scrambled....and, with 30 minutes till showtime...found a local couple that were looking for something to do...enjoy music...and had a great time.

HappyUP!!! - winning my match
Why it happened - I played OK
Why it makes me happy - I hadn't won a match in team play for awhile....nice to know that I could.

HappyUP!!! - bunker play
Why it happened - great sand
Why it makes me happy - there is something about getting "up and down" from the greenside bunker that makes you feel good. I did it 3 out of 4 times today...sweet!


Winning my match
Great bunker play
Agility training
Great night with my GF
Offloading tickets

Friday, July 30, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1278

HappyUP!!! - 2nd shot to 1
Why it happened - I pured it
Why it makes me happy - I have said it before....a good start is a HappyUP!!!.....never gets old. I appreciate not digging out of the hole at the beginning. No birdie here today but I had the opportunity.

HappyUP!!! - going to the movies
Why it happened - I was invited
Why it makes me happy - I like to break my normal routine. Sorcerer's Apprentice was cute and well done. Nicholas Cage did a solid job.

HappyUP!!! - gorgeous night for a walk
Why it happened - got home from movies and felt like it
Why it makes me happy - weather was beautiful.......stumbled across my friend along the way... and just enjoyed the evening.


2nd shot to 1
Going to the movies
Another beautiful weather day
Drop by car visit from my new little buddy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1277

HappyUP!!! - birdie on 1
Why it happened - a couple of good shots and a putt
Why it makes me happy - always great to get off to a good start

HappyUP!!! - playing with EJ & J
Why it happened - the Canadian Tour is having some off weeks
Why it makes me happy - I always pick up a little something from these touring guys. Plus, they are both nice young men....very respectful of those of us with less talent

HappyUP!!! - top down driving
Why it happened - the evening cooled down
Why it makes me happy - touring around the hills of Loomis in the middle evening....79 degrees....with the best company a guy could have with him in the other seat. What's not to like?


Sleeping in
Great evening after last night's post
Teeing it up with EJ and J
Birdie on 1
Birdie on 4
6 iron on 7
Wedge n putt for par on 8
Par on 11
6 iron on 17
"She looks like she is 20"
Visit from my girlfriend
Getting some guitar practice in
Sushi with the cupcake
Convertible evening

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1276

HappyUP!!! - delicious Chili Rellenos
Why it happend - ventured over to Tres Agaves
Why it makes me happy - I love a good chili relleno. Usually, they have a bit of a breading-type substance on them (egg n flour)...these didn't and they were outstanding. The presentation didn't hurt either.

HappyUP!!! - back 9
Why it happened - a bit of scrambling with a few good shots
Why it makes me happy - I cobbled a 38 together (with two disappointing, yet understandable) long range 3 putts. The back got me back to even with my main nemisis for the day.

HappyUP!!! - dinner with a new friend
Why it happened - I was given an opportunity
Why it makes me happy - I always like being around people that have a few more miles on their tires than I do....and that still have a lot of spunk and spryness. Excellent dinner company all around the table.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1275

HappyUP!!! - Toastmasters
Why it happened - it's Tuesday
Why it makes me happy - we were totally disorganized (for us) today......but our guest still saw our fundamentals (which we are good at)...and is going to join.

HappyUP!!! - rallying hard on back 9
Why it happened - I didn't worry about how far it went...just on hitting it solidly
Why it makes me happy - took some scrambling...but that is my game.....and I had a complete reversal on back 9 that allowed me to erase the deficit and win some dough

HappyUP!!! - seeing my student
Why it happened - he was near my house
Why it makes me happy - gave him his first lesson Sunday....he suffered. The guitar is not that hard...but it isn't easy at first. Those metal strings will cut your fingertips. I got a chance to feel his. He's been practicing....his "pads" are developing. Once he gets the callouses, he'll be hooked!

HappyUP!!! - chatting and making plans
Why it happened - I can be chatty
Why it makes me happy - got a great Wed night ahead of me....after 18....possibly 36 holes of gold tomorrow.

HappyUP!!! - visit to dentist
Why it happened - it was scheduled
Why it makes me happy - no issues...other than the "floss Nazi' getting on me....which I will abide to this time. I also liked a particular tune that was playing in the background.


New Member
Rallying hard on back 9
Hybrid on 11...putt on 12....chutt on 13....putt on 14....chip on 15...putt on 16....driver/8 iron/putt on 17....wedge on on 1
Bringing home some dough

Monday, July 26, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1274

HappyUP!!! - Mom's Flower
Why it happened - she planted bulbs
Why it makes me happy - I have an area in my backyard that I should dig up. I never want to disturb this area. I bought my parent's home from them...after mom died, before dad passed. I like to garden vegetables. I know nothing about bulbs...other than....every year....a couple of these heroic plants pop up......that my mom planted...probably a decade ago. How cool of a reminder is that? Glad my girlfriend suggested I actually cut it "in bloom" and enjoy it in my house.

HappyUP!!! - coffee
Why it happened - I had to return something left behind
Why it makes me happy - I got to enjoy a cup with my friend....with GREAT conversation.

HappyUP!!! - buddy playing great round of golf
Why it happened - I have no idea
Why it makes me happy - Richey and I do battle on the links a lot. He had his best round of the year so far....and I know it makes him happy. It even made me happy.....even though I had to pay severely to "enjoy" the show.


Stock Market
Playing golf with Richey
Driver/wedge on 1...Driver/6 iron on 2....wedge on 3....bunker shot on 4....9 iron on 6...chip on 7....wedge on 10....hybrid/sand shot 11.....driver/wedge on 13....chip on 15.....5 iron on 16...drives on 17 and 18
Picture someone had on their wall

Sunday, July 25, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1273

HappyUP!!! - music lesson
Why it happened - I have a young friend who has an interest
Why it makes me happy - if you have played a musical instrument, it is incumbant upon you to show others what you have learned. I have done it in the past but never with someone from scratch. I gave him some things to work on. He seemed to like it. It made me feel great to share.

HappyUP!!! - gorgeous night
Why it happened - delta breeze
Why it makes me happy - I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't had the chance to take my girlfriend's dog for a walk. Great dog....great night

HappyUP!!! - quality golf shots
Why it happened - I have been taking instruction
Why it makes me happy - I strike it more properly at times.....I still have some "touch" around the greens....score wasn't the best today...but we keep plugging. Lots of good things to build upon.


Good sleep
Walking the dog
Giving a music lesson
Driver/wedge to 1
Great drive on 3
Up n down on 4
Nice 7 iron to 7
Great bunker shot on 11
Great up and down 0n 13
Great 5 iron to 16
Great putt on 17
Great hybrid into 18

Saturday, July 24, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1272

HappyUP!!! - spanking it on a par 4 in one
Why it happened - I hit a straight tee ball
Why it makes me happy - OK...the hole was only 244....but I flew my drive on to the green to just about 12 feet from the pin...been a long time since I drove a par 4

HappyUP!!! - 4 birdies
Why it happened - played a different course
Why it makes me happy - I like shorter courses! I actually could have had a 5th birdie but I missed a 4 foot putt. I hit some really nice shots today.

HappyUP!!! - nice guys
Why it happened - it was team play
Why it makes me happy - when our club goes and plays another club, you never know what awaits you on the other side. The guys we played with today were about as good as you could hope for.....helpful, fun, and tremendous hosts.


Riding up with Bob-O
Sleeping in a bit
4 birdies
Driving a par 4
Playing with some nice guys
Playing on a different golf course
Spending time with my buddy

Friday, July 23, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1271

HappyUP!!! - benefit golf tournament
Why it happened - my friend invited me
Why it makes me happy - I don't play in many scramble events. This one, however, is well organized with lots of food and goodies. It was a little warm but it was OK. I really enjoyed the guys that my friend put together for our team. It was just a quality day

HappyUP!!! - my friend's shot
Why it happened - who knows
Why it makes me happy - my friend holed out from 110 yards giving us an eagle three on a par 5. We were actually in a bit of trouble....until he jarred it. We couldn't see it go in the hole but it was absolutely thrilling to drive up to the green, look around, see no ball, wonder if just maybe it went in, and then find the ball at the bottom of the cup.

HappyUP!!! - quick visit with my dear friend
Why it happened - I made it happen
Why it makes me happy - there are times when a quick visit makes a difference


Playing in a benefit golf tournament
My friend knocking the ball in the cup from 110 yds
Driving the ball well
Made a couple of back to back putts
Quick visit with my friend
Lots of great food on the golf course
My playing partners
Getting some concert tickets

Thursday, July 22, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1270

HappyUP!!! - running into my golf instructor
Why it happened - I was out hitting balls
Why it makes me happy - been struggling with the swing change of three weeks ago. He gave
me a couple of quick suggestions....and the change is now starting to make some sense.

HappyUP!!! - seeing EJ
Why it happened - I was hitting some balls
Why it makes me happy - I hadn't seen E for awhile. It was great to get caught up. He wants to tee it up next week which is always fun.

HappyUP!!! - gorgeous summer evening
Why it happened - we have them here
Why it makes me happy - it was nice to go out and take a short walk amidst the warm breeze. I wouldn't call it balmy but it was close.


Hitting balls
Getting some help from my coach
Seeing EJ
Garden survived my trip
Good stuff at TraderJoes
Friend got back safely
Great sleep
Gorgeous summer evening

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Die This Year,,,,HappyUP!!!???

(NOTE: We try to avoid being political here.....if you want to skip my commentary...just go to USA Today as they did a good job simplifying what is going on. The link is at the bottom of the post if you want to skip to it)

OK - we try to keep things on the happy side here. Part of that is avoiding sarcasm....

Ooopsie - failed to do that in the header for this posting

Bottom line - our government is working "so hard" on it's agenda (health care, financial reform) that it is forgetting something

Aren't we supposed to be dedicated to - "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"? As we stand, the government is HEAVILY incentivizing anyone with an estate of one million dollars or more to die this year.....

And there doesn't appear - to be anyone decked up a bill to change that.

If the estate tax goes back into effect - on Jan 1 of 2011, as it is now scheduled to do, the United States will have an estate tax that is DOUBLE that of any other country.

The thing you have to remember - is almost ALL of the money that gets inherited was already taxed one way or another.

So......- people spent their lives putting an estate together....paying their taxes along the various tax rates of say 32-42%......with a dream of how they want their legacy to continue after they die.

And the government is going to take - 55% of any amount over 1 million dollars if the person dies Jan 1, 2011 versus Jan 1, 2010. In other words, the government is encouraging someone who has done everything right to die this year versus next.

Full disclosure - my parents are both deceased. I have no skin in this game. If things keep going status quo and the "death tax" is instituted, I would actually "win." The government gets more money to go toward the deficit and to fund other things that they take my tax money to pay for.

....but.....I just don't think a double tax - is right. It seems like excessive taxation is what our forefathers stood up and founded our nation upon.

Ever get incensed enough to write your congressman - well......I am thinking that, when the government makes it more beneficial to die this year than next, this may be as good a time as any.

HappyUP!!! Day 1269

HappyUP!!! - great drive home from golf trip
Why it happened - I left at the right time
Why it makes me happy - I decided to come back via San Jose
versus the "lovely" I-5 drive. San Jose route is much more interesting
but, if you hit traffic, you are toast. I hit one small snag and got home ahead
of schedule. I appreciate a drive that goes well....on the golf course...or on the

HappyUP!!! - appointment rescheduled
Why it happened - my friend is busy at work
Why it makes me happy - I am happy for my friend that he is finding a lot of work right now. I am happy for me that, after getting home late from my travels, I can catch up on some things that I need to do. It also puts something into my calendar next week which is less hectic than this one. I have some catching up to do tomorrow from being gone three days.

HappyUP!!! - getting my toes in the ocean
Why it happened - I made a little detour after my golf tournament
Why it makes me happy - hey.....if you are ever near the ocean.....shouldn't you put your feet into it? Do I need to talk about the waves coming up over your ankles when it is something you only get to feel once in awhile? No...I didn't think so.


Great drive home from golf tournament
A chance to do a little beach time
Cats seem glad to see me
Eating some food I don't normally eat
Collecting interest
Reschedule of an appointment
Gorgeous weather

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1268 - Tues

HappyUP!!! - birdie on first hole
Why it happened - crazy skills (..and a bit of luck)
Why it makes me happy - first shot of the second day of our tournament...and I slice it into the hazard. I was surprised to find the ball.....and get a decent lie....and strike it perfectly to a tough pin location. I run in the 20 footer......turning disaster into master in a hurry.

HappyUP!!! - birdie on last hole
Why it happened - I hit a crazy good shot
Why it makes me happy - par three....187....elevated tee....heavy air at sea level....wind gusting into my way to know the exact club selection to a tough pin location. I stripe it...ball goes up....looks good but, with all those factors, who knows where it will come down...until it did....about 10 feet from the pin. Then, I drained the right to left putt. The best part, however, was when my playing partner got up after me and said, "well, I just got a video lesson on how to do this"......and hit it within 8 feet.

HappyUP!!! - our playing partners
Why it happened - GOOD luck of the draw
Why it makes me happy - you never know who you will be paired with in tournaments. You always hope that they would be the most enjoyable people possible....but...let's face's tournament golf. Yeah, it's not the US OPEN but it's not always as social as it could be. My partner could not have drawn a better pairing today.

HappyUP!!! - dinner
Why it happened - I took a detour
Why it makes me happy - sometimes when you go a little out of your way, it makes all the difference. This dinner was the RIGHT CALL!!!


Birdie out of hazard on 1st
Better overall ball striking
Hybrid birdie on 18th
Punch shot up the slope
Hooking up with some friends for dinner
Wonderful playing partners
Great weather

Monday, July 19, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1267

HappyUP!!! - Corral de Tierra
Why it happened - I was invited to play in a WGANC tournament
Why it makes me happy - it got me out of play a great golf course that I have known about forever.....and never got a chance to play. Yes...I played like dog poo...but it was just great to be in a very nice part of Salinas on a gorgeous day.

HappyUP!!! -finding a phone charger
Why it happened - bad packing
Why it makes me happy - I realized that I hadn't packed my phone charger. Then, I realized my phone was never going to make it to my destination on the charge it had. Even if I had packed my "in the wall" charger, it would not had done me much good because I was in the car. I stopped at the first truck stop I could....VOILA....I was able to get a kit that had the car adapter and in-the-wall" for my iPhone. You know.....I am not sure I would like making a car trip of any substantial length without having phone access.

HappyUP!!! - my partner's birdie when I was "in pocket"
Why it happened - she hit three great shots
Why it makes me happy - when you screw up a hole in a partner event, you put your partner in a vulnerable position...even a bogey would be good with that pressure. A par....outstanding...but a birdie? Winner!!! MVP points there

HappyUP!!! - on time...nick of time
Why it happened - I planned to leave early
Why it makes me happy - when I am going out of town and there is a deadline on when I have to be there, I always plan on leaving early and arriving a bunch. Today, some things went wrong (right?) which prevented me from leaving when I wanted to. Well, because I do operate a bit earlier than others when it comes to being on the road, I still got to my destination stress free in the 3.5 hours it took me to drive.


Out of town golf
Lovely weather by the ocean
Finding a phone charger
Getting to my venue on time
Hanging with my friends after golf
A couple of great drives
My partner's birdie when I had my ball in pocket

Sunday, July 18, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1266

HappyUP!!! - birdie on 2
Why it happened - great second shot
Why it makes me happy - it's always great to be under par early...and our second hole is not an easy one to birdie.

HappyUP!!! - birdie on 13
Why it happened - I hit an incredible second shot
Why it makes me happy - I got a bad break off the tee....terrible, weird lie. Due to that, I took an extra club or two for the distance...aimed right due to the lie....and nearly holed the shot on the fly. Geometry met execution perfectly!

HappyUP!!! - life gets better and better
Why it happened - tough to explain
Why it makes me happy - it just does.


Changing plans
Birdie on 2
Birdie on 13
Talking with my good buddy
Golf in 3 pressure

Saturday, July 17, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1265

HappyUP!!! - evening cool down
Why it happened - Delta Breeze
Why it makes me happy - it gave me a chance to enjoy a very pleasant evening walk.

HappyUP!!! - bunker shots
Why it happened - I have a degree of skill
Why it makes me happy - I picked up two "sandy pars"......which easily could have been
bogeys. One was darn close to a sandy "birdie."

HappyUP!!! - friend time
Why it happened - my friend had a challenge arise
Why it makes me happy - it's always good to be able to be a sounding board when you are called upon and that is needed. It's more than's all of our responsibility to do that.

HappyUP!!! - cool new golf shirts
Why it happened - I was out running errands
Why it makes me happy - playing in a little tournament shortly. It's always nice to throw
on some new threads.


Cooling down
Jerry and Albert
Drive/Wedge on 1
Bunker shot on 3
Putt on 4
6 iron on 7
Drive on 8......pitch shot on 11....6 iron punch on 12....bunker shot 13....putt on 15....6 iron on 16....hybrid/putt on 18
Good errands run

Friday, July 16, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1264

HappyUP!!! - sleeping in
Why it happened - I cancelled golf
Why it makes me happy - I just needed some sleep...some very happy sleep....and a break from a day at the office

HappyUP!!! - great lectures
Why it happened - I am taking a class
Why it makes me happy - great learnings....key insights. A day off "at the office" helped me take it in.

HappyUP!!! - Wyatt Earp
Why it happened - I decided to watch an old movie
Why it makes me happy - I am behind on my movies over the years. I don't know how I missed this one.


Great lectures
Sleeping in a bit
Gift from my friend
Kabobs and my fire wire
Fish for brekko
The Open Championship
Tour de France

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1263

HappyUP!!! - mom flower
Why it happened - "she" planted bulbs
Why it makes me happy - I have an area of my backyard that I don't do much "dirt churning" in. There are some sacred bulbs down there. She probably put them there 10 years ago....or more. Every or two of those bulbs surface....and I say, "Hi." Thanks to the photographer!

HappyUP!!! - early morning golf
Why it happened - my buddy needed to play early
Why it makes me happy - ok...6:30 golf usually means a lack of coordinaton on my was no exception. Yet...on a day that was going to be hot later, the golf course is gorgeous that time of day.

HappyUP!!! - HARD practice session
Why it happened - I forced myself
Why it makes me happy - I played terrible today as I struggle through my swing change. The last thing I wanted to do was beat balls after I played today. I'm proud of myself for grinding it out and learning some things.


Early morning on the golf course
Knocking one in from off the green
Hard practice session
Great chopped salad with toms n cukes from the garden
Texting with my travelling buddy
Getting a great picture from the road
Tour de France

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1262

HappyUP!!! - "winning" 18
Why it happened - it is always a battle
Why it makes me happy - paying out become getting paid.....mostly due to a healthy chutt from behind the last green.

HappyUP!!! - playing with my upcoming tournament partner
Why it happened - she was looking for a game
Why it makes me happy - been a long time since I teed it up with game is shaky....I saw that she's go the ability to carry the team next week!

HappyUP!!! - chatting with my friend
Why it happened - got a text
Why it makes me happy - this time......nothing was left to chance....and it was a great talk.


Playing with my tournament partner
Unexpected second round of golf
"Winning" 18th hole
Catching my friend on the phone

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1261

HappyUP!!! - Sholeh's Table Topics
Why it happened - it's Tuesday
Why it makes me happy - she is new to our club. She got handed a tough topic.....and turned it into a comedy routine. I'm not sure that she even knew what she was doing. She just got on a roll. No one, even herself, could have seen this coming. And THAT is why I keep coming back all these see growth in other.

HappyUP!!! - making someone's day
Why it happend - I got a driveby visit
Why it makes me happy - whenever you make someone's should make yours just because of that. On this occasion, if I didn't make this person's day, HE made's like a win/

HappyUP!!! - golf game
Why it happened - I golf a lot
Why it makes me happy - didn't think I would be playing and hanging with my buddies today. It was a nice surprise. My game still isn't there as I go through a major swing change....but I had SO MANY quality shots and "saves" (hey, I am a gamer) today...amongst great weather...and we played fast (3 hours for 3 of us) was a great day to be free to golf.


Sholeh's TableTopics
Playing golf with buddies
Drive on 1...wedge on 1....wedge on 3...5 iron on 4....pitch on 6....bogey on 7....putt on 8....8 iron/putt on 9...bogey/wedge on 11....up and down on 12....8 iron on 14....5 iron on 15...chip on 16...chip on iron/2putt on 18
Friends stopping by
Making someone's day....and him making mine
Getting a present.

Monday, July 12, 2010

happyUP!!! Day 1260

HappyUP!!! - range session
Why it happened - I went out to the range
Why if makes me happy - this was not warming up. I have "ground" once since my lesson. Today was the first day I "felt it."'s not ingrained yet...but today it felt like it felt when I used to play well.

HappyUP!! - smog check
Why it happened - the state of California
Why it makes me happy - I passed!! It's not like I worried about it..but you never know. If I hadn't....more expense...more hassle. I am so happy

HappyUP!!! - haircut
Why it happened - smog check
Why it makes me happy - me and haircuts have become a long discussion. It was so cool to find a salon open on a Monday...walking distance from my smog about multi-tasking. Nikki did a good job.


Great sleep
Range session
Car passing smog
Getting an estimate
Beautiful evening

Sunday, July 11, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1259

HappyUP!!! - up very early
Why it happened - sometimes I wake up....and know I might as well get up
Why it makes me happy - I went for an early morning stroll. I just dig being out
in the cool and the dark and the freshness of the new day

HappyUP!!! - birdie on 18
Why it happened - I was motivated
Why it makes me happy - I was 2 strokes down with 2 to go. I got one back on friend
hit a perfect drive on 18. I had to step up....when I poured that 20 footer in with the right to left break, HappyUP!!!

HappyUP!!! - A couple of friends drove up
Why it happened - they were heading out
Why it makes me happy - it's always great to get a visit in the afternoon. One of my buds
had taken a tumble so he had a pretty cool scar going on..."you should have seen the other guy," was a pretty funny line.


Weigh in
Talking with MM
Walkin the dog
Up VERY early
Early morning walk
Early morning practice session
Chip on 2
Drive on 3...trouble shot on 3
Birdie on 6
Flop shot on 7
Putt on 9
Hybrid from bunker on 10....7 iron into pin
Hybrid on 11
Drive on 15
7 iron on 16
Wedge putt on 17
Drive..9 iron...putt on 18...tying my friend
Friend stopping by
Making breakfast plans
World Cup

Saturday, July 10, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1258

HappyUP!!! - getting up early...enjoying beautiful morning
Why it happened - I went to bed early
Why it makes me happy - mornings are the best. I've had a few challenges lately. Nothing feels better than a great night's sleep...and enjoying the freshness of the new day.

HappyUP!!! - hybrid on 8
Why it happened - I'm kind of OK with the hybrids from fairway
Why it makes me happy - I was about 195 out.....and I put that puppy to within 15 feet...much to the consternation of my competitors. The joy is.....they almost expect me to stick shots on the green from that far out.

HappyUP!!! - heard people were talking about me
Why it happened - my friends were out
Why it makes me happy - it was good things...between important people to me. I pretty much don't care about what people think regarding's none of their business. Yet, when good stuff gets passed around, one can't help but feel a little good about it.


Getting up early..beautiful morning
Great sleep
Putt on 4
Bogey on 7
Hybrid on 8
6 iron on 10
Wedge on 13
Two putt on 14
Putt on 16
Conversations about me

Friday, July 09, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1257

HappyUP!!! - birdie on 6
Why it happened - a little bit of magic
Why it makes me happy - I hit the loveliest pitch shot into this par took some skill...and then poured the putt in center cut

HappyUP!!! - up and down on 9
Why it happened - I've been working on this
Why it makes me happy - getting this tricky little chip close enough to make par saved me some serious dough....but....more than that...confirmed my chipping is heading in the right direction.

HappyUP!!! - getting a gift in the mail
Why it happened - who knows
Why it makes me happy - who doesn't like FREE STUFF (I love free stuff!)

HappyUP!!! - phone conversations with old friends
Why it happened - I had some time
Why it makes me happy - it was great to get caught up.....I love talking with friends...especially those you have lost contact with


Up and down on 1
Birdie on 6
Up and down on 9
Hybrid on 11
9 iron on 17
8 iron on 18
Gorgeous weather
Working on a situation
Great phone conversations with old friends

Thursday, July 08, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1256

HappyUP!!! - Jammin with Juan
Why it happened - he wanted to borrow one of my babies
Why it makes me happy - we did a little noodling on a few tunes....just great to see Juan...and to do some playin with another person

HappyUP!!! - a great lesson
Why it happened - my man was available
Why it makes me happy - I have some concrete things to work on...I have no problem doing the work as long as it is on the right things. I loved his comment, " have gotten the club into a position in 10 minutes that I am lucky to get someone to in 45." What can I say....I'm coachable. I like being coachable.

HappyUP!!! - my class
Why it happened - I signed up
Why it makes me happy - I am learning so much from my Positive Psychology class that it is blowing my mind. "Stuff" happens...we all know that. It's an event.....after the is all about what your mind is grooved to interpret it as.....and that interpretation really isn't THAT hard to change if you WANT to change it. It just requires a strategy.

Awesome stuff - awesome day!


Jammin with Juan
A great lesson
Awesome walk
My on line class
Asparagun n meditation
A bit of liberation
Washing the Boxster

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1255

HappyUP!!! - meeting with incoming president
Why it happened - he requested it
Why it makes me happy - I was able to download some history so that the new boss can take our club to a new place

HappyUP!!! - great walk this morning
Why it happened - I was out and about
Why it makes me happy - I just love walking early on the beautiful summer mornings that we enjoy here.

HappyUP!!! - great practice session
Why it happened - I motivated my fanny
Why it makes me happy - it's a little later in the season than I had hoped...but I just may be getting my overall game back

HappyUP!!! - seeing my best friend
Why it happened - I was home when my friend was driving by
Why it makes me happy - we got to chat..visit...enjoy each other's company....that is the height of the life experience.


Helping out a friend
Meeting with incoming president
A great walk in the morning
Seeing my friend around 1
Good practice session
Seeing Wah

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1254

HappyUP!!! - Toastmasters
Why it happened - it's Tuesday
Why it makes me happy - our new president took the reigns today. Our newest member gave his icebreaker....he is going to be a great example of why I still put time in.

HappyUP!!! - conversation with a newer member
Why it happened - she came up to me
Why it makes me happy - she had e-mailed me prophetic words last week that I had cryptically acknowledged...she wanted to know more....and gave me a great invitation

HappyUP!!! - better rounds of golf this year
Why it happened - who knows
Why it makes me happy - I was close to old form. A lot of good shots....3 birdies including a chip in...some solid chipping...some excellent scrambling

HappyUP!!! - evening walk
Why it happened - it was gorgeous out
Why it makes me happy - it's Summer here in the Sacto can be brutally hot...or the Delta Breeze can keep us that Delta Breeze


New President
Queried by new member
Up and down on 5
Birdie on 6
Chip in on 8
Hybrid on 11
Wedge/Birdie on 13
Par on 17
Up and down on 18
An evening walk

Monday, July 05, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1253

HappyUP!!! - visit with nephew
Why it happened - he stopped by
Why it makes me happy - always good to see "my man."

HappyUP!!! - alls well that ends well
Why it happened - I had some presence of mind
Why it makes me happy - it was a scary situation that occurred last night. Basically, I had an unknown drunk intruder invade my property. The Roseville PD did a great job. I'm happy nobody....myself, the officers, or even whoever the overserved person hurt.

HappyUP!!! - range ball session
Why it happened - I needed to spank some spuds
Why it makes me happy - I can't say I learned a lot...maybe a few things....if nothing else, it made me realize I have to break down and see the swing coach.


Roseville PD
Presence of mind
Alls well that ends well
Visit with my nephew
Range ball session
Visit with bro/sis in law

Sunday, July 04, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1252

HappyUP!!! - waking up/morning walk
Why it happened - just appreciating the day
Why it makes me happy - I knew it would be hot I made sure I took advantage of the cool of the morning

HappyUP!!! - par 3 shots
Why it happened - sometimes you have a day
Why it makes me happy - I hit it to 3 feet on 4.....14 feet on 7....and 6 feet on 16...with a 6 iron/8 iron/6 iron respectively. There is just something about standing with your buds on the all have the same shot....and you are the one that stripes it.

HappyUP!!! - neighbor popped in
Why it happened - he needed to do some work
Why it makes me happy - he needed to trim some of his trees/shrubs that had popped through the fence....and he had new pruning shears. I grabbed those pups and knocked down a couple of pesky branches I had been meaning to get to. Meanwhile, he did the work on the others.


Waking up
Morning walk
Wedge on 3
6 iron on 4
8 iron on 7
Hybrid on 8
5 iron on 9
8 iron on 10
Chutt on 11
Chutt on 12
6 iron on 16
Pitch and chip on 17
Neighbor coming over to fix some shrubs
Free Coquille St Jacque

Saturday, July 03, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1251

HappyUP!!! - fairway bunker shot on 9
Why it happened - got lucky? got skill?
Why it makes me happy - I was in a world of hurt...getting creamed on front 9.....3 pressed the bets on 9....kind of a tough shot from about 134 out of that sand trap with a HUGE lip (that we regularly drill the ball right into). I hit the shot that ANY golfer on the planet would 5 feet...made the birdie putt.....and got outta dodge unscathed on the front 9

HappyUP!!! - up and downs on 17 and 18
Why it happened - it HAD to happen
Why it makes me happy - the shots getting to/around the greens may have been a tad sketchy....but there was nothing sketchy about getting the ball down in 2 from two tough spots.....saved the proverbial bacon....and makes me feel good that I have extrication skills. I may not make many birdies...but I get myself out of some jams.

HappyUP!!! - Nutterflies
Why it happened - my friend is crazy
Why it makes me happy - I should have said, "crazy good." It was a very touching thing.

HappyUP!!! - Fantasy Golf league
Why it happened - I play
Why it makes me happy - I got lucky this week....have made some great picks.....and I increased my overall lead in the Summer season....booyah!


Fairway bunker shot on 9
9 iron on 3
Flop shot on 5
Wedge on 11
7 iron on 12
9 iron on 13
5 iron on 14
Up and down on 17
Up and down on 18
Fantasy Golf

Friday, July 02, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1250

HappyUP!!! - My Mechanic
Why it happened - Check engine light
Why it makes me happy - I know he was jammin to try to get a bunch done for the 3 day weekend....yet he slipped me in and reset my computer. Nothing was wrong with the car. The service was quick.....and didn't cost me anything

HappyUP!!! - Batteries Plus
Why it happened - I needed to replace something for our club
Why it makes me happy - Bat Plus has opened a store right here in Roseville!!! I didn't know that and it saved me a drive over to the Sunrise mall. The guy in the store was extremely helpful...tightened the connections on our machine....I was in and out and back home in no time.

HappyUP!!! - par on 18
Why it happened - two good OK putt..and a great putt
Why it makes me happy - it saved me some dough....BIG TIME!!!

HappyUP!!! - finding a swing key
Why it happened - I needed to try something
Why it makes me happy - I was playing dreadfully until arriving at the 9th hole. After that,
I played 4 shot lost due to a bad break...three lost to two mental I'm carrying some hope into today.


Batteries Plus
My mechanic
5 iron on 9
Pitch on 10
Hybrid on 11
5 iron on 12
Wedge on 13
6 iron on 16
Hybrid on 17
Par on 18

Thursday, July 01, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1249

HappyUP!!! - Road Trip
Why it happened - my buddy had a cancellation
Why it makes me happy - we got to do an hour of drive time, play a fabulous golf course,
lovely weather, and good times with friends

<----"take me...take me...I want to go for a walk...I wanna go...I wanna go...pant..pant...pant"

HappyUP!!! - birdie on 2
Why it happened - I hit a great putt and pretty good wedge
Why it makes me happy - it put me off to a good start. Yeah, it kind of went downhill
after the 4th hole but there was some elevated levels of optimism early on

HappyUP!!! - Fantasy Golf
Why it happened - I had a good lucky day
Why it makes me happy - we are 5 rounds into the summer season and I'm riding the top of the leaderboard for the league. Gotta love bein in the hunt

HappyUP!!! - an evening walk
Why it happened - it was a GREAT night for it
Why it makes me happy - is it really summer yet? Two days into July and only 2 days where we have hit 100. We'll get another one on the 4th but no more predicted for the next 10 days. If I had walked much later, a sweatshirt might have been required.


Road Trip
Birdie on 2
Awesome golf course
Fabulous weather
Great conversation
An evening walk
Fantasy Golf