Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 32...Getting it Done

HappyUP!!! 1 - I put a complicated offer letter together
Why Did it Happen - I gave myself a deadline
Why did it make me happy - because this needed to get done. I finally said that it has to happen today. There were plenty of things popping up and competing with this. I did those things too. I kept nibbling away. I was gathering necessary data. Finally, it all got put together. As is the case for many things, I was making too big a deal to get it right...when it just needed to get out there. I am glad it is off of my desk.

HappyUP!!! 2 - an invitation to meet with a valuable business associate
Why Did it Happen - he made it happen by e-mailing me.
Why did it make me happy - because we really needed to meet. Even though the meeting is probably on Friday, I will be prepared. As I was gathering data for HU 1 above, I was gathering data for this too. I was just taking data as it came in and putting it in the appropriate files between HU1 and 2. By tomorrow, I will be ready. It's looking good and my group is going to look good in this person's eyes.

HappyUP!!! 3 - reading Authentic Happiness
Why did it happen - I had the book with me as I grabbed some breakfast
Why it made me happy - I collected more data to feed into my HappyUP!!! seminar that I will be doing in March. The group I am hearing has heard a part of my talk before. I needed some fresh perspective and to be pointed to some fresh studies. I am going to have no problem filling the is the editing that is going to be rough.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 31....Toastmasters

What a start! - my heart was so full by the time I got into work today that I could barely contain myself. Work was was just no competition for what had happened prior to 9 a.m. I even caught myself in the moments of rapture, noticed them for what they were, and soaked them in like a good marinade.

HappyUP!!! 1 - our semi annual speech contest
Why it happened - our club is committed to always sending someone to the next level
Why it made me happy - we had four great speeches....and all of the other three speakers have come into the club long after I did. I am so proud of each one of them. No, the oldest veteran didn't win today....and that's OK. We are sending the best representative. We are a small group but there are clubs with a bigger membership that doesn't even play.

HappyUP!!! 2 - a conversation after the meeting with a member
Why it happened - we just took some time to converse
Why it made me happy - it was one of those conversations that went to several meaningful topics. When two guys get together for that, it's always a HappyUP!!!

HappyUP!!! 3 - the "Wildman" re-enters my life
Why it happened - because of HappyUP!!! 2
Why it made me happy - there is a gentleman that is about 30 years my senior that I have been acquainted with for a long time. We kind of know each other....but we don't. I hadn't seen him in years. He came bebopping into the room where HappyUP!!! 2 was going on....right when I was chatting with the other member about people who are the "+5's" on the HappyUP!!! scale. I said, "Luke, see this guy....this is one of those 5's." "The Wildman" gave me his card and wants to get together...and he really means it. I was going to suggest the same. I can only pray that I have the youthful exuberance that this guy has when I am in my 70's. They guy is ebullient like you can not believe.


-conference call with my boss and his boss
-great exchange via e-mail with two key employees
-a tuna salad melt at home for a quick lunch
-a wonderful personal e-mail exchange with a friend...first thing this morning
-got a couple of pressing work things done
-competed in the speech contest....I wasn't going to but I put something together in the end
-Walt brought cookies to our meeting....and got a copy of the club charter
-One of my protoge's at work was going out on his own to conquer the world today....I can't wait to see what he comes back with.

Monday, February 26, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 30

It's time for a celebration - it is the magical 30 day mark!

"Wait, Nutster! Didn't you just celebrate the 4 week mark a couple of days ago? Aren't you milking this a bit?" - hey, I resemble that remark!

Of course I just celebrated four weeks - and today, we celebrate 30 days. It's your party too! Who says there should be a limit on celebrations? Don't look at me. I didn't make that rule. I may have another one at day 35...40....definitely at the big five-oh.

In the meantime, you are itching to find out what happened today - so let's get on with it.

HappyUP!!! 1 - an arena softball win
Why it happened - I like to play...and it is in my calender
Why it makes me happy - just taking an hour or so, being around some good guys, and keeping up with them. It's totally a guy thing. Hey, come to think of it, I don't do that many guy things....well, except for crochet and embroidery.

HappyUP!!! 2 - kicking some butt at work
Why it happened - pure mental attitude.....fueled partially/wholly by HappyUP!!!
Why it makes me happy - my business is a battlefield. I am giving some pretty strong and clear orders to my troops. It's no power trip. I know that it is all for their best long term interest. I feel like I am on top of things (while I know I am falling behind on some others)

HappyUP!!! 3 - a great interview
Why it happened - one of my managers was persistent and got this lady on my calender
Why it made me happy - this recruit seems to have it all. A good recruiting interview is always going to be a HappyUP!!! for me. This candidate brings an element of grace as well. She will also be the first person to come to work under my new accountability program. She should do very well in our system.


-a couple of great e-mails and invitations
-a great builder meeting
-a solid conversation at work...or two...or three
-made some ground on a new initiative
- something to look forward to for later in the week

Sunday, February 25, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 29

HappyUP!!! 1 - my street
Why it happened - I moved back there
Why it makes me happy - it's so wide. It could easily be a 4 lane street. Thankfully, there is not that much traffic. Even when people park in front of their houses, you don't notice it. Local lore says that the street was so wide because, when the railroad moved their railyard from a local town to my town, this road was wide so the houses could be moved.

HappyUP!!! 2 - a hard mile
Why it happened - I decided to just do it
Why it made me happy - running has a long history with me. It provided one of, if not thee, the happiest moments of my life....finishing my first marathon. I even have the picture with the time captured above. I finished the mile wasn't fast but I finished. I will be back.

HappyUP!!! 3 - time on my keyboard
Why it happened - I moved the keyboard downstairs as a product of my flooring being done
Why it makes me happy - I have no clue how to play a I do know chords, however. Just the sounds that I put together please me. I can only imagine how much more it will satisfy me once I learn.

The Hard Mile

Three years have probably passed since I have run a measured mile.

My weight had gotten to 185 pounds. I then got it down to 155. The goal was to run a 6 minute mile in my mid 40's. The goal was hollow. No discipline. No commitment. It was also too easy.

On my first assessment, I ran a 6:06. "Maybe I should make it 12 minutes for two miles. Just to make it interesting." Yes, I was cocky. The goal was forgotten. I didn't go back.

Despite a year on the exercycle and 170 hours of mileage on the machines in 2006, I stand at 172 pounds. 17 pounds over my modern day low. My last marathon was 20 years and 30 pounds ago.

What is today all about? It's about assessment. What will things look like today? As I hold the watch, I know a few things. I know some would say, "start out slow. Jog. Take it easy. You haven't run in forever. Don't go full out. You will hurt yourself." Wise advice but I know my body. If I feel something wrong, I will pull up. With age comes wisdom. I know this is going to hurt tomorrow. It will be only a few minutes but the pain that I will suffer tomorrow will tell me that this was a power packed and intense workout.

I know that my lungs will burn. When I am done, I am going to cough. Hopefully, a lung won't come up with it. I feel the wind. It seems to be a cross wind but I also know it will never feel like it is at my back but I will notice it when I am running into it.

I know that there will come a time that I will want to quit. Not because of a shooting pain, though that is a possibility, but because of will. The mind will say, "you aren't doing bad for a guy your age. This was enough for the day...especially the first one." I also know that, when I hear that voice, I will need to press on. I don't want to wait another week to know where I stand.

I get down the first straightaway. My shoe comes untied. Just like it always did. I stop the watch, tie the shoe, and pick it back up. I head up the backstretch. As I approach the clubhouse turn, I feel the wind. "OK, this is the spot it is going to hit me three more times. Be prepared. You now know the spot when it is at your back too. Remind yourself that to enjoy the benefits, you have to pay the price."

Lap one reads at 1:36. It is too fast. This would be a 6:24 mile but I know that first lap was a little too much effort. It is hard to believe that I used to do light 8 mile training runs at 6 minutes a mile and not break a sweat. The steps just rattled off. I think back to that marathon. 26.2 miles at 6:03 a mile. Here I am today. Dying just to get around the track 4 times.

But every journey begins with the first step. Is another marathon in me? Can the arthritis in my big toe that stopped me from running be arrested enough to get me through the arduous training required? Am I willing to endure the pain and solitude required? I know that I will actually be out at that marathon trail longer than I was 20 years ago. Could I have even ran for that long then...let alone now? Do I have it inside me to answer that question? There is only one way to do it.

Lap three is in the books. I know that I am going to make it. I also know that when I feel that last wind in my face, I am going to kick it on. I always came on at the end. Today will be no different. I have never been one to limp home. I won't start today. You run through that tape. Why? To be able to say that you did.

I kick in. I round the corner. I break the tape and stop the watch. What is it going to read? 6:59. It's no world record. It's only a start. 7 minutes was broken. What would have happened had I not given it my all at the end? 7:02 would have haunted me for a week. I left it all out there. I accomplished something. My pulse upon completion is 210. "They" will tell you that is not healthy. "They" don't know me the way that I know me. The 210 was due to that last burst.

It's a start. It's an assessment. Where do I go from here? We will all find out together in the weeks to come.


(A Special Post for SundayScribblings )

People. The interaction. The paradoxes. The inconsistencies with us but consistencies within themselves. The attempts from us to try to merge on to their highway so we can travel in unison for as long as we choose. With most, we realize that it is time to turn off of their road.

We make agreements. We'll meet up again a little farther down the path. Of course, once turned off, their path makes a turn as we continue on forging our own new course. We think that we should take a slight detour to wander back to their path. But, in our absence, do we have any new information for them? Do they for us? We continue on with the hollow commitment to double back over on another day.

The puzzle of the meandering separate highways is too complex to solve.

Concurrently, we travel the parallel highways of those closest to us. We take a different path but we keep them in sight. They are our frontage roads. If the street we travel becomes too full of traffic and too congested, we know we can make a quick turn at the next crossing and ride on their thoroughfare for a bit. There is no puzzle to those closest to us.

But for the very closest, there is a constant puzzle. In the words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "I know her so well that she is a complete mystery to me." The ultimate puzzle.

HappyUP!!! Day 30

Can you believe it? - 4 weeks complete. It seems like just yesterday. A full month of counting blessings. Does it make a difference?

I know it hasn't hurt! - it has been a rough couple of fortnights. Yet, I feel more optimistic than I have felt in years. This hasn't hailed from me saying to myself, "think positive. Be more optimistic."

It has been a welling up - of a shift of attention. The optimism seems to be a byproduct. don't have to put this into - the daily things that ground you. But, are you doing something any better?

HappyUP!!! 1 - 4 weeks complete
Why it happened - I took action and did something that is easy to do....and easy not to do
Why it makes me happy - accomplishment of anything always increases your happiness. This wasn't hard...but it was also easy NOT to do. I just find myself looking for good things...naturally

HappyUP!!! 2 - knocked off a pesky work issue
Why it happened - someone else made the call I should have made
Why it makes me happy - you know what it is like when you have a hanging issue, phone call, relationship thing...etc. Until you deal with it, it weighs on you. The learning here? Get it done. Get it done. Get it done. Move on with the lighter load. If you put it off, it only takes more of your precious focus.

HappyUP!!! 3 - meeting a new friend
Why it happened - I took some initiative
Why it makes me happy - it's always great to meet a new friendly acquaintenance. They bring life experiences that allow us to see a new perspective. They bring new stories. Meeting them lead to meeting others. Spending time with new people is key to the human experience.


4 weeks complete
Waking up late
Rain late in day
Knocking off a pesky work issue
Sim Card transfer easy
Easy finding of restaraunt
Meeting a new friend
Funny conversation
Meeting with contractor
Finding a good fireplace store

Saturday, February 24, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day's Friday!

HappyUP!!! 1 - nephew seeking me out for advice
Why it happened - who knows....I have been waiting
Why it makes me happy - we aren't demonstrative in our family but I do love my nephew to death. He is in his mid-twenties...a bit adrift. He's a good kid...with a huge heart that he has to hide. He is having to come to grips with lifestyle versus employment. Changing careers. So, he wants to get together with his uncle for some advice.

HappyUP!!! 2 - a shot of depression/blues
Why it happened - who knows? I didn't have my Friday night planned very well?
Why it made me happy - "Nutster, how the heck can a shot of depression make you happy? Are you mental? Have you lost it?" Heck no!!! Hey, even being a HappyUP!!! kind of guy doesn't make you totally immune to life's troubles. It just keeps you from dwelling on them and making them worse. For whatever reason, I was a little off last evening when I got home. But, I realized what it was....for what it was. It was just a couple of clouds that rolled by for a bit. I embraced the clouds.....but I didn't fall in love with them!!! It was no big deal. It made me happy to realize this...and helped me to plan what to do the next time this weather pattern rolls in. It also makes me appreciate this morning!!!! I am up, at it, and looking forward to exciting day... the contractor is coming over!!!!

HappyUP!!! 3 - a great story from an employee
Why it happened - I just made a howdy doody "how you doin" call
Why it made me happy - I am kind of mentoring this young gent. We have bonded. He hasn't had a manager for some time so I have taken him on as a direct report. He had a piece of success with a suggestion that I made. I am so proud that he went out and did what I told him.....and, by doing, he now will understand. Self-motivation will soon kick in....and he will be on his way BIG TIME. I absolutely LOOOOOVE that!!!


Shot of Depression
Stir Fry
No Chimney extension
Trip to models
Breakfast w/manager
Great story from employee
Great e-mail from friend
Great page read on cognition

Friday, February 23, 2007

SUPER HappyUP!!! Day 27 - You'll LOVE It!!!

File this one under - "share the love."

Hey....wait...- this blog isn't about love. It's about Happy

SHARE THE HAPPY - there we go. You all know that HappyUP!!! is scientifically proven by former head of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman.

What!!!???!!! - you don't believe me? You people are so hard to satisfy sometimes. But...I love you anyway. ...

Which gets us back to the above - most would agree that all of us could use more love in our life. Yes, you may have love in your life....perhaps LOTS of love. You might be Led Zepplinish and have A Whole Lotta Love

.....but you can have more, can't you? - this would be an awesome thing. Instead of more of a lot of things that you do attain, wouldn't more love easily be something that would transcend those things?

...and, it is easier to love - the Happier you are.

"Nutster, what comes first? Love or Happiness?"- I tell you what. When you have the answer to that chicken or egg question that has been kicked around for a bit, we'll get together and tackle the new question.

Anyway, you have all seen the Nuttons (Nuttons-just like buttons but better) in previous posts - my friend, Alex , the Chief Happiness Officer at PositiveSharing, over in Copenhagen is a happy guy. I like happy guys (and gals) in my periphery. I said, "is there anything that could add to his happiness?"

Off to Copenhagen - the HappyUP!!! Nuttons went.

Here they are - arriving in Denmark safe and sound, phoning home.

Alex was at a booksigning ( for his wonderful book, Happy Hour is 9-5) - and, to the people that were particularly happy, they were bestowed an extra "round" of happiness (see picture above).

...and that made me even happier!!! - it's funny what happens....when YOU HappyUP!!!

(Thank goodness for HappyUP!!! If it wasn't for that, I may be dwelling on the fact that my nuttons are farther travelled than myself!!! Perhaps my new life quest will be Chasing the Nuttons. How much fun and happy would that be??!!!??? I'd be on a plane for Paris and Copenhagen already! Hmmmmmm.........pardon me......idea cooking.......anyone know the link to travelocity?)

HappyUP!!! - my package going overseas
Why it happened - I had an idea
Why it makes me happy - I am international

HappyUP!!! - my friend Alex
Why it happened - I reached out
Why it makes me happy - this dude is a mover and a shaker and he is on to something

HappyUP!!! - just sharing the Happy
Why it happened - see above
Why it makes me happy - always best to pay it forward

Thursday, February 22, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 26

HappyUP!!! 1 - an interview...and it looks like a hire
Why it happened - one of my employees found a solid person
Why it makes me happy - it looks like another solid, stable person is going to come on board. My team is building up momentum in a time when others are running in my industry. The time to strike is now.

HappyUP!!! 2 - an interview....and another hire
Why it happened - one of my employees found another solid person
Why it makes me happy - all of the above. Plus, this guy has experience, is super sharp, knows what he is getting into, etc. You never really know when you make a never really do. But, I am sure feeling good about the odds on this one.

HappyUP!!! 3 - my fireplace guy called
Why it happened - it rained so he had a hole in his schedule
Why it makes me happy - I am so jazzed by my downstairs almost being done. I have posted about that already. I get a bit giddy when I think about it being finished. I really do. Plus, the fireplace guy is more than that. I think he can quickly knock out a bathroom remodel and, perhaps, egad....the upstairs!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 25

HappyUP!!! 1 - being in the presence of a great coach
Why it happened - I took the invite to be at an optional meeting
Why it made me happy - I learned. I evaluated where I am and have been as a leader...and where I need to go. It made me think of how my past errors were just tools to get to where I am today and how they have made me and can make me better

HappyUP!!! 2 - I saw David Crosby!
Why it happened - I stopped to check out a band on the way back to my room at the hotel
Why it made me happy - David Crosby has done a lot of things in his life that I would not recommend....but his music is poetry. I wouldn't wish to travel the road that he has....and the temptations that abounded. It was just kind of neat to be standing right next to him. It wasn't like I was a kid wanting an autograph. It was like he is just a guy like me.....who just made some different twists and turns. He's done some incredible things....on both ends of the "incredible" spectrum. ....and he was right next to me at that lounge. I don't know. It wasn't hero worship. It was something else...I'll get back to you when I figure it out.

HappyUP!!! 3 - a guy remembering something I said three years ago
Why it happened - the person in HappyUP!!! 1 and I talked
Why it made me happy - here is a guy that I have a lot of respect for. He is in the College Hockey Hall of Fame as the winningest coach ever. I had met him 3 years ago at a meeting. As soon as we reacquainted, he said, "I remember what you said about the zamboni." Yes, it was a humorous quote that I had long since forgotten but the statement also had some meaning. It reaffirmed that we all touch people everyday. The words you speak may be something that you carry for the rest of someone's life. You want to make them good ones.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 24....Tuesday

I know...I know - "where were my HappyUP!!!s yesterday? You know I can't live without them." Trust me, I feel your pain.

Rest assured - they were recorded in my handy Moleskinie.

I was travelling on business! - and I have an agreement with my employer not to use their laptop and their network for my personal stuff. Hey, as long as I work their, I am their guest so I happily comply.

HU1 - cute cats
Why it happened - I let them in last night
Why it made me happy - one was on my chest and the other was under my arm as I was attempting to go to sleep. Now, a steady diet of this could lead to sleep deprivation. In this case, I was in the presence of total contentment. This is always a HappyUP!!! to me.

HU2 - driving to Lake Tahoe
Why it happened - I needed to be at a meeting
Why it made me happy - I was running ahead of time. I actually got to pull over...take in the mountains....snap a couple of pictures. I was able to feel God's creation in a different way than my normal routine takes me.

HU3 - a video clip
Why it happened - it was played at the movie
Why it made me happy - it demonstrated what art can art can transcend words. The point of the video? "You can be so much more than you are. You are limited by what and how you see." OK...if I tell you that, what do you think? "Yadda...Yadda....I's true," but it just lays there in a puddle of shallow words. Yet, when acted out in real drama, those words come alive...even though they were never spoken.

-Toastmaster meeting
-Client meeting
-Learning the term "snail shower"
-Caught a great break on a difficult merge in traffic
-woke up late....but was still on time
-Extra work done by one of our Toastmasters
-Meeting my HR person
-Reacquainting with a corp person I hadn't seen in years
-Fraud training
-The message I got about the guy in the pancake suit "my HappyUP!!! is that I don't have that job"
-The proper fraud manager doing an Elmer Fudd impersonation

Monday, February 19, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 23

HappyUP!!! 1 - I got the wireless modem back up and running
Why did it happen - I took the time to make a call to the Help Desk
Why it made me happy - I will be needing this tomorrow. The guy at the help desk was....well...helpful. We got the problem fixed in record time. I should be good to go with no worries tomorrow.

HappyUP!!! 2 - coming home to the house
Why did it happen - because the house feels like a home now
Why it made me happy - this is the first day that I have come home from work since the flooring was done. For well over two years, it has seemed like I have come home to my project. While I am not done, the house has an entirely different feel to it.....and I LOVE IT!!!

HappyUP!!! 3 - completed an annual training for work
Why did it happen - I seized upon an hour. I had already signed up for the on-line class so it was easy to pull the class up for taking
Why it made me happy - my company has several on line classes a year that are mandatory. I had already taken the one for the first deadline. I don't even know when the deadline for the class that I took was. It was just good to knock one out. There is one less deadline that I will have to meet.....those deadlines always come up when you don't want them too.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 22

What a great day off - b asically had the entire day to waste and I was an overachiever! Still picking at putting the house together, post new flooring.

...and I am still digging the new flooring - so, what's the HappyUP!!!s today? Read on...

HappyUP!!! 1 - a new book
Why it happened - I went looking for a book that wasn't I got a different one
Why it makes me happy - it is by one of my favorite authors. I didn't know she had a new one out. As I went through the table of contents, I saw a bunch of things that were addressing exactly some things that I am going to be confronting in the near future.

HappyUP!!! 2 - it has come upon me for a new, more intense direction for HappyUP!!!
Why it happened - I caught an inspirational moment. It was one of those moments when the words write themselves
Why it made me happy - we are talking life's purpose thoughts. Mission based. Experiences, training, and everything I have done seem to be leading up to this. I'm not ready to fully discuss but the seed has been planted. It is time to nurture.

HappyUP!!! 3 - moving furniture and tidying up
Why it happened - it is those new floors. They are almost like Popeye's spinach
Why it made me happy - I am getting the house set up exactly like I want....not by convention...not by how it would "be nice." It is more so that it functions just like I do (hey, I heard you...stop that. It wasn't a typo. I didn't mean to write "it dysfunctions just like me. Knock it off!!!)


(A special post for SundayScribblings )

Crush - only means one thing in Northern California

The Napa Valley - and the late summer/early fall experience of bringing the grapes in, throwing them in the various machines that separate the stems and vines from the fruit...

...and then crushing - the various sweet varietals and extracting the juice that is turned into the accoutrement to topics of conversations all over the world....a fine glass of wine.

The juice of the grape - is legendary. One of Jesus' most famous miracles was the creation of the wine. No crushing required on that one. Jesus drank the byproduct of the grape fermentation process. It makes me wonder how some of the gazillions of variations of Christianity came to outlaw it.

Jesus was obviously fine - with having a little bit of the magical elixir. He allowed one the personal freedom to make their choice around the responsible consumption of the liquid. It was man that created prohibition.

Of course - wine has much more symbolism as well but this is not a theological post.

This is about - the joy of the crush. While the crush is going on in Napa, the air of the entire valley is permeated by the sweet aroma of grapes being ground up for future imbibement.

Restaraunts - would go out of business if not for the high margins and sales of it. Look at the picture regarding a brand new upscale restaurant that has opened in my town, Crush 29 . It is devoted to the worship of the grape. Jesus would have been fine with people spending time appreciating God's creation....He just may have a bit of an issue with the DEGREE to which some do.

The Crush - it represents the end of the harvest and the beginning of the creation of something more wonderful to come and to be enjoyed...the wine.

HappyUP!!! Honorary Degree Conferred

You HappyUPPERS!!! haven't realized - that, following the HappyUP!!! program is like going to class or vocational education, have you?

Of course not - if I had told you that in the beginning, you would have been skipping out at lunch and playing hooky the rest of the day.

Welcome to Nutster U - and the School of HappyUP!!!

Today's lesson is a case study - go over here and read one of my professional colleague's stories. Let me tell you, there are few things that can take up more of your mental capacity than misplacing or having your wallet stolen. It is going to cost time and money. Look at how Alex deals with it.

If you follow through to the comments - you will see where he gets something very special from Nutster U .........the first honorary degree at has ever been bestowed!!!

Now, I have no problem that the first honorary degree - went to someone from Copenhagen. We just need more American conferee's. No, it is not so the accreditation of Nutster U can be maintained (the last I checked, I paid my VISA bill on time which should keep the prestigious school's credit up to snuff).

We need - more happy people closer to me...Me....ME....MEEEEEEEEE!

....and you, too, of course.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 21

Someone came up to me and said - "hey dude, take the weekend off from the HappyUP!!!" All I could say to that was...."why?"

HappyUP!!! 1
- an absolutely gorgeous day
Why it happened - because He makes absolutely gorgeous days
Why it made me happy - it just felt good. Somebody said that 72 degrees was a perfect temperature once when I was young. It always stuck with me. When I looked at the temp in the middle of the day, that is exactly what it was. It struck me...touched me...made me happy.

HappyUP!!! 2 - my convertible
Why it happened - because I have never gotten rid of it
Why it made me happy - there just isn't anything better...well...maybe one thing

HappyUP!!! 3 - pulling over to drop the top...on a gorgeous day
Why it happened - I literally pulled over after I was on my way
Why it made me happy - no, it didn't take much effort but I almost said, "geez, I am in traffic. I should just take it on home...lid up." But I didn't. The drive home from the city was spectacular. The wind, the temperature, not a care in the world.

Jolly Jottings

-new floors
-Toastmasters training
-attending a grand opening
-being with a couple I like
-seeing a client I hadn't seen
-the gorgeous day
-my convertible
-remembering to pull over, drop the top, and enjoy convertible and lovely day
-getting a new personal opportunity
-have my life's passion hit me like a ton of bricks....something clicked today. That one thing

So Happy!!! HappyUP!!! Day 21

Sorry to bore you - with my HappyUP!!!'s about what seem like silly little things like flooring.

There is so much more involved - it is about a long project coming to completion.

It is about finally having - my house together so it is in a warm and friendly place to invite to love all of the people that it has taken me so long to learn to love.

It is about - a lot of indecision about color, durability, maintenance, expense, etc behind me

It is about - emotional and relationship cost (high) that were involved in the process.

It is about having somethings done - and moving on with excitement to see what lies ahead.

The flooring is basically - done. Time to throw out some things, do some decorating, getting someone in and out to remodel the bathroom (already made the call)..............and having fun with my friends.

I am not sure if there is a better - HappyUP!!!.....than that.

Life really is good in many more ways than you think - no matter what your situation is. The entire key is what you give most of your attention too. did I do? I went with an exotic high grade vinyl tile (NO, not the cheap, thin peel and stick stuff in the kitchen). Then, transitioned to a bit of an industrial looking yet warm Marmoleum. Marmoleum is an ecolologically produced, natural linoleum on high density fibreboard with a cork layer. The entire downstairs is a dark charcoal black which should lend endless opportunity for area rugs. It looks particularly sharp as it butts up against SCREAMING white baseboards.

Friday, February 16, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day's Friday

HappyUP!!! 1 - I found the gift cards
Why it happened - I put on the jacket I hadn't worn in a long time
Why it made me happy
- I had searched everywhere for these darn things. I had even checked the pocket of my leather jacket....but I hadn't put it on. When I put it on and reached in, voila! I found about $550 worth of potential merchandise. I had turned the house upside down for the last 30 days....well, the remodel already had it upside down. Perhaps I turned it right side up. Anyway, the real HappyUP!!! is that some department store isn't getting a free $550 that was spent and not had the cards redeemed. More HappyUP!!!'s to come because it is like I am spending the house's money....I had written these babies off!!!

HappyUP!!! 2 - got tough assignment off of my desk/chest
Why it happened - I got an opportunity to handle the issue
Why it made me happy - the reason for the task did not make me happy. While I didn't dread it, it was something that needed to be done....and had needed it for a couple of days. Those kinds of things eat at you. It is just good to get them done and over with.

HappyUP!!! 3 - had a wonderful interaction with one of my young employees
Why it happened - I took advantage of an opportunity. I was bold and seized the moment
Why it made me happy - the young employee needed to see "how it was done." I grabbed him and took him on a sales call with me. It was tremendous and totally spontaneous. It was awesome and out of sight. I know it will help him in his career. He is going to get business out of it....without a doubt. It is soooooo cool!!!


-got a tough assignment off of my desk/chest
-met an employee for coffee
-made a phone call I had been putting off
-interviewed a great candidate
-had a wonderful interaction with a young employee
-found the gift cards
-was told that I was someone's HappyUP!!! today
-had a client do a real cool thing for my young employee
-the floors are done...the floors are done

Thursday, February 15, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 19

HappyUP!!! 1 - got in a 30 minute workout
Why it happened - I was talking to a friend tonight who had to go to the gym
Why it made me happy - hey, if they can do it, I can do it! I got in a workout that I wasn't expecting to. I got off the early morning routine.....and haven't picked up quite as consistent of an evening routine. It is a HappyUP!!! to stay in contact with the gym

HappyUP!!! 2 - the flooring is 2/3 done
it happened - I don't floor guy is jammin?
Why it made me happy - he thought it would take 4 days...2 this week and 2 next week as he has trouble flooring 4 days in a row. It looks like he will knock it out me the weekend to start putting life back together......and to start shopping for furniture!!!

HappyUP!!! 3 - my new boss came to my meeting
Why it happened - he wanted to come....I wanted him there to meet my team
Why it made me happy - he is a regular guy. He has been in the company (unlike my last two bosses). He is down to earth. He understands our issues. My people felt good about him. Things are synching up at work.

-pancakes and sausage for breakfast
-flooring is now 2/3 complete...finishing tomorrow
-found the guy that can do my new fireplace and mantle
-my new boss came to my meeting today....and he was great
-my meeting went great
-made an important appointment for tomorrow
-made a recruiting appointment for tomorrow
-connected with my admin in a big way tonight
-starting to see clarity amongst the industry fog...epiphanies
-came up with compelling vision and strategy
-got in a 30 minute workout
-made some e-mail contacts
-had a great e-mail exchange
-going to bed tonight really looking forward to tomorrow....and the weekend

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

HappyUP!!! It's Day 18.....Valentines Day!!!

...and what could be happier - than bustin out one of the coolest (or nerdiest) jacket/tie combos in the world.

-for obvious reasons - this is not the everyday look. But, it leads us right into....

HappyUP!!! 1 - throwing on the red coat and really cool tie.
Why it happened - it's Valentine's Day for one. For another, I just happened to pick up this special occasion jacket along the way
Why it makes me happy - I like to be bold...take some a little out there. Oh...wait...."be a little out there"? I live there. Anyway, it is always fun to do something that you really aren't supposed to.....and still be stylish

(YES......this was stylish. Had the black pants going on downstairs....nice)

HappyUP!!! 2 - the flooring is in...the flooring is in!
Why it happened - I finally just picked some!!!
Why it made me happy - well, I didn't really "just pick some." I did it surprisingly quickly while maintaining some standards for how I wanted the house to look. Still, you never know. About 1/3 of it went down today and, from what I can tell, it is going to look outstanding!!!

(Hey, with the remodel taking as long as it has, it really does need to come out special. This is a bit of a trick.... I'm not a designer or one that is extremely detail oriented in these matters)

Another bunch of floor - goes down tomorrow. It's OK to use the same HappyUP!!! on successive days. You just can't "phone it in." It has to make you happy. My floor guy loved it....he had never laid Marmoleum (the material on the left) before. The exotic vinyl tiles on the right went in awhile to the outside helper on that pick!)

HappyUP!!! 3 - just pushing through work stuff
Why it happened - you just gotta keep on keeping on. Why it made me happy - These are interesting times in my industry. Other people would have other descriptions......I have been those other people. Yet, in the challenges, I see some distinct opportunities for the people that get their heads down and work through the issues.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 17

Another day that is testimony - HappyingUP!!! doesn't make your troubles going away. Whew!!! It just changes what you drop your anchor to.

There are people that deal with much more difficult issues - than I was confronting today. But, our own challenges, however small in comparison, are our challenges. This automatically will elevate them in the overall way we look at them. But, let's pay attention to the important stuff....the HappyUP!!!s

HappyUP!!! 1 - great Toastmaster meeting
Why it happened - it happens every Tuesday morning. It's a wired item in my calender
Why it made me happy - people pulled together despite members being absent. Our guest saw another great meeting. He's joining the club!!! We love the new people.

HappyUP!!! 2 - heading to bed early
Why it happened (or is about to happen) - big day tomorrow....I need a full night's sleep and an early rise.
Why it makes me happy - challenging, task full day tomorrow. I know that I am starting today to give it my best. I am taking care of myself to feel optimally in adversity.

HappyUP!!! 3 - good interview with a potential hire
Why it happened - one of my managers took my suggestion, followed up with a call, and produced what could be an ideal hire
Why it made me happy - it's always great when we have an opportunity to bring someone in that really wants to work. The candidate seems to be in the perfect part of her career to make for a good fit with us. We left with the candidate taking on an assignment to do some more research.

-great Toastmaster meeting
-good, though brief sleep
-handled tough situation
-found something out
-met with a Toastmaster guest
-had a good interview with a client
-got house moved around...flooring tomorrow
-delicious dinner
-another day
done with nagging situation
-got a great e-mail from a new friend
-going to bed early
-put solid plan together for busy day tomorrow

Monday, February 12, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 16

HappyUP!!! 1 - took "the colonel" to the VA Hospital
Why it happened - my dad doesn't drive anymore and I agreed to take him to his appointment
Why it made me happy - some people say they wouldn't take their dog to a VA hospital/clinic. You know, it is easy to complain....and when you are done you get to feel like crud. The trip today was as efficient as any trip I have made to a private doctor. Sure, I had to stand in a line.....but no longer than I have sat in waiting rooms. They were moving a lot of vets through, too. It also made me see some tax dollars going to some people that deserve it..our veterans

HappyUP!!! 2 - Arena Softball and I pitched!
Why it happened - it was our night to play. The team playing after us was short handed. I said that I would play. They said they needed a pitcher. I said, "I can pitch!"
Why it made me happy - I've never pitched before! Every play started with me. I only walked one guy and the underdog team that I played on won the game!!! I'm undefeated for my career.

HappyUP!!! 3 - a meeting with a builder that I went to
Why it happened - it's in the schedule....hard wired for Monday morning
Why it made me happy - the builder is a pretty serious, when he makes a funny remark, it's hysterical. The meeting ran on time. I got to jam out and be on time to be with my dad at the VA.


-good conference call with my regional mgr
-good personal one on one call with my regional mgr
-good call with my branch managers
-my computer is working well
-my cars worded flawlessly today...they usually do...but it's never a for sure
-we won both arena ballgames
-I looked nice today
-I worked closely with a peer on a project
-time with my dad

Sunday, February 11, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 15

Happy UP!!! 1 - a walk in the neighborhood
Why it happened - I just took advantage of a spare 45 minutes
Why it made me happy - I took the camera along this time...and created a post from it . It gave me a new idea about packing my camera along. I actually had this posting in mind before I took off. It came to me during a walk last weekend.

HappyUP!!! 2 - dinner
Why it happened - I was hungry
Why it made me happy - it was pretty simple. Just a hamburger patty with a little mozarella fried up on the stove. I did a little stir fry with some vegetable. I really enjoy the cooktop that I put in. Gas was the way to go....

HappyUP!!! 3 - a chat with my buddy
Why it happened - I picked up the phone and called him
Why it made me happy - we had been missing each other for awhile. We're both remodeling so it was interesting to share each other's progress ....or lack thereof.

Jolly Jottings
-coffee ice cream
-a guy I know is redecorating...and selling some pretty sweet stuff at a discount
-a trip to Best Buy....getting closer on the TV decision
-a fun blog post
-another trip to the gym
-weight was still in check on my weekly weigh in
-reading through an old New York Times book...that I had given my parents 30 yrs ago
-the sunshine after a stormy day yesterday

The Divorce Diet

This is going to be a fun post - for year's, I have been hearing about this phenomenon. I even did a google on it today.

The Divorce Diet - now, in my research, I did find one occurrence that I hadn't thought of. It is the unhealthy situation when the person is in such a mental situation where they can't eat. Not good....
but I can understand it.

The other, more prevalent situation - is when the party now starts taking better care of themselves once the marriage is over. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

From asking other people (guys) and personal experience - I know that a woman's weight is off limits in discussion. If it wasn't, we wouldn't have all the fun with the what-do-you-say-when-my-wife-says "do these jeans make my butt look big" question.

Guys - even though you know it and notice it, the gal's weight is off limits. Even if it is bugging you! That's the way that it is. If you are over 30 and you are learning this for the first time, heaven help have minerals in your head. Bringing up her weight will TAKE you to divorce!!! even have to watch - out if your lady is on an excercise program. There is a fine line between encouraging her and nagging her. If it sounds like you are getting too behind her, she is going to think you are telling her that the progress isn't coming fast enough for YOU. At that point, you might as well tell her, "I can't wait until you can get your big butt back in those jeans that you are always asking me about."

For most of us guys - it's best to just take the Fifth Amendment around this entire topic.

So, the person (could be guy or gal) - goes out and gets themselves in great shape...or, at least, better shape. The motivation seems to be one or two of these: revenge or "gotta get the product in shape for the market."

But, if the person can pull it off - and get themselves in better shape then, why wouldn't they do it before the marriage ended?

Clearly, the losing (as in weight) party - isn't doing it for themselves at that point. If they were, they would have done it while they were still married. While being in better shape probably wouldn't have saved the marriage, it probably couldn't have hurt it.

...and, remember, the other person (particularly the guy) - couldn't say anything because it comes across as "he wants me to lose weight for him and not for me. He should love me the way that I am." Well, if that is the case, why would the person change after the marriage....shouldn't she/he have the same expectation for the next person? be accepted as their round self? appears that the person - is now doing it for some stranger they have yet to meet but wouldn't do it for him/herself OR for the person that they love or once did.

If they are doing it for revenge - my book, you don't do things for revenge. You give control over yourself to someone that you don't care about. Bad juju.

The Divorce Diet - yet another highly illogical human behavior that I just don't understand.

Fences.....the Czar will now rule

OK campers - today we will talk about a subject near and dear to my heart.

Chain link fencing - for residential use. I could save myself some writing.... summing it up in one word - NO!

but that would cut down the posting - now, to your left is my neighbors contribution to the beautification of the neighborhood.

This person around the corner - made the right call when it was time to contain their pet/child/ whatever it is that requires people to fence off their front yards.

I'm not a big fan of front yard fencing - for your average, run of the mill house

The best description of this situation? - salesmanship

Fence salesman: it has all the economics of chain link...but, when we run these plastic green slats through it, it almost looks like ivy. You are gonna love it.

Husband and wife: we love the idea! We are so smart

Post installation comment - by husband and wife (hopefully) "what the hell have we done?"

This is classic chain link - after a few years. Note the top bar dipping down and rising up. This leaves the top of the fencing going over the top rail...

....always a classic look - and an excellent way to puncture your hand or put your eye out should you stumble up against it.

Chain link to it's highest and best use - here, the homeowner had an old concrete retaining wall.

He put chain link on top of it - and then planted that ivy as fast as possible.

Yes - maintenance is required to trim the ivy. Every fence requires maintenance...

...oh...wait - one type doesn't....CHAIN LINK.

Chain Link - and no maintenance. It's a bad combination in a date.....and a really bad one in your choice for fencing.

This guy is on the right track - my only suggestion to him?

MiracleGrow - start hitting that hedge with it now!!!

Why isn't chain link the choice here - because the guy wants to sell the house!!!!

CHAIN LINK will lower the value of your home - don't install. If you have installed, go around your neighborhood...

.."hi, I was thinking about taking down my chain link fence but I could use some help...."

That's all you have to say - they'll get out of bed from the sex they were having and run to your place to assist you. They'll even call their contractor buddy.

Another example of chain link - being used the only way that it can be used for plant something to cover it's ugly self up!

What in the world - is this guy thinking? OK, he sinned and put up the chain link. Now, he has McGyvered the fix.....

He zip tied - bamboo window blinds to his entire fence! As you can see, the bamboo is not supported above the fence line

I hope - I really....really hope...that this guy is planning a luaa really, really soon. If he thinks this is permanent, I am going to have to move. Even though he is a block over and a block up, I can't afford to dwell this closely to anyone that stupid for fear it may rub off!

The classic overbuilt home - in my old neighborhood. This funky old huge house must have been a mansion at some time.

If you are worried about having me over - and want to make sure that you picked out the correct fencing material... will never go wrong with a well done rock wall

HappyUP!!! Day 15..Surge...Recover...Surge

Time for leveling with you - aside from the HappyUP!!!s, the past two weeks have seen some rough times for the Nutster. I have long believed that life goes in times the tide is in, and other's it's out. One day the wind is at your back, the next day you are having to tack against it.

It's why I have always said - "when the wind is at your back, go like hell and make as much ground as you can," which is a little cruder spin on the old "make hay while the sun shines" yarn.

While not a tornado - I would say consistent gusts of around 50 mph have been happening.

Even my Arena Softball team - has dropped two games in a row.....and that isn't even on the wind against list. Wouldn't life be great if that was the only thing that had misfired over the last fortnight? I have HappyUP!!!'d for sometime now- in addition to the latest consistent daily jottings here, I am noticing something. I seem to be approaching the "bad" stuff in a much more clinical fashion. I am not throwing a bunch of emotion on top of the "bad" stuff.

Subconciously, it appears that I have begun to change my program - and I am lopping the emotion on top of the "good" things. Now, keep in mind, I was never a "high drama" person to begin with. I would give a little more bandwidth to issues than they probably deserved......and, trust me, over the last two weeks from work to personal, I have had the opportunity.

"It's a shame this is this way, let me deal with it as fast as I can, and move on to the next thing that I want to do" - this has really applied at work. I have dealt with a couple of serious employee issues....a couple of extreme customer service issues...two key account issues...bending the mind of a direct report who has a mind of steel....completing all of the job reviews (which I thought were farther along than they were)...etc.....with little to no lamenting.

Am I just getting older...wiser...better...naturally? - or has the HappyUP!!! that I have worked on over the last year starting to kick in? I am betting on the HappyUP!!! concept

My old friend, Dr Mitchell Perry - used to teach the concept of Surge-Recover-Surge. It is a piece of his Perry Principles. The point was that we are all going to have our downtimes....this is the Recovery piece. His point was that people that are high performing shorten the recovery time. They spend less time in it. Now, the issue that I have/had with the concept was....."OK, Doc, it makes sense but it isn't much more helpful than someone saying, 'you need to fix your attitude.' "

If you recognize that your attitude - isn't optimal (I didn't say suicidal or depressed or even at level...perhaps you are doing well but want to move to well-done), what can you do? Now, to be fair to the good doctor, he probably had a prescription that I didn't get or listen to. Yes, I know, it shocks you to know that sometimes I don't listen because my mind is racing happens.

So, what do you do to cut down the Recover time - HappyUP!!! I am going through some personal challenges that I could spend a lot of time mired in. In one instance, I looked at the situation....realized that there was nothing I could do to fix it....accepted living with it.....but dwelling on Happier things.

In the past - I may have been dwelling on the fix....trying to accept....or on the loss. While the situation is/was painful, I am looking toward the horizon ahead and the possibilities...

.......this is not a natural thing for me - and I still catch myself in a moment of lament, jot down what it is to get it out of the cranium so it doesn't stay there.....and fogettaboutit!

SURGE..........RECOVER...........SURGE - my old friend, Dr Mitch was right. HappyUP!!! to help yourself surge once again!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 14

HappyUP!!! 1 - rain
Why it happened - because He makes it happen
Why it makes me happy - we got a pretty good dousing last night and today. We have needed it. I also have a friend who was going skiing today. I don't know if it was a good day today to be skiing. At least there was fresh snow!!!

HappyUP!!! 2 - went to a crab feed
Why it happened - old friends invited me
Why it made me happy - I dig crab! The salad was over the top. I met some new people who were very nice. I found out about a cool place in Fiji to vacation to. It was a nice night of socializing

HappyUP!!! 3 - back to the gym
Why it happened - I got off my lazy backside
Why it made me happy - I was on a strict program for all of 2006 and the latter part of 2005. In December and January, I backed off. I like the gym because I have learned to like it. I just can't leave it to my daily routine to be physical enough.

-went to crab feed
-met new people
-got most of downstairs picked up
-boxter on wet pavement
-no TV
-back to gym
-golf cancelled
-sent package to Denmark


(A special post for SundayScribblings . This week, on the topic of "Yummy.")

While not always the way to go - "first flash" is often your best instinct. When I first heard "yummy," my brain flashed on, "Yummy yummy yummy, I've got love in my tummy." This is about as classic a piece of bubblegum rock as there ever was.

I can't even guess when the last time I heard that tune was - not even a clue. A loooooooong time ago. I thought the song was by The Archies. Gooogled it to be sure....

....and it was a good thing - it was Ohio Express

So, after the first flash - I thought, "I am not going to write 'yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy' anywhere near my blog."

Of know me by now - and when I hear that "I'm not going to in a million years voice....", it's really me saying, "Yeah....I probably am."

What can I say - it's the lovable semi-dork in me.

Let's face it - that has to be one of the weakest licks in all of music. Yet, in 1968, right smack dab in the summer of love, it was on the charts until it peeked to number 5 on Billboard. Unbelievable....

I don't listen to a lot of the new music on the charts today - somewhere along the way, I got stuck between "yummy yummy" and "don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me" or something about "hittin a big girls butt." (I think there is a song about said, purposely out of touch)

You would think that - after starting at Yummy Yummy, the music couldn't get less intelligent.

I will give "yummy" one high mark - what a great HappyUP!!! word. The word "yummy" is...uh...well...just yummy!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 13

HappyUP!!! Teaching/learning for the day - it doesn't matter how good or how bad life is going for you, you have more good things going on than you consciously realize. As humans, we have a tendency to see the things that go wrong and pay more attention to them than the things that go right.

We take good things for granted - but not when we HappyUP!!!

HappyUP!!! 1
- got all of my annual reviews done..done..done
Why it happened - deadline
Why it made me happy - hey, this was a happy up yesterday. It tells you how big the project was. Anytime you finish something like that, it's time for a HappyUP!!!

HappyUP!!! 2 - woodstove fireplace and tile were taken out
Why it happened - I didn't wait to do it on a weekend....I had it done
Why it made me happy - it was progress on the house....and delegating a job I could have done to someone that actually enjoys doing it!!!

HappyUP!!! 3 - reminded and thanked for a favor done long ago
Why it happened - met friends for appetizers after work
Why it made me happy - I don't do things for compliments but I did a nice turn for someone a few years back. It was something that was not my favorite thing to do but I gladly helped out. Years later, to still feel appreciated for it, it felt good.

-made a new friend
-reakfast with a direct report
-got all of my annual reviews done
-got to 100% complete on an initiative
-cleared some air with a person that needed clearing
appetizers with friends
-got my woodstove and tiles in front of it removed
-spent time with a comedian/acquaintenance/friend at appetizers
-helped a co-worker at a different site

Thursday, February 08, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 12

HappyUP!!! 1 - met a guy who is going to get a piece of work done on my remodel
Why it happened - I took another person's referral and made a call
Why it made me happy - it was something I was going to do myself but I didn't really want to. This other guy can stop by and get it done in an hour. No pain for me.....and it's done right away. Also, I have a small bathroom remodel and this guy could do that for me too.

HappyUP!!! 2 - found out materials for flooring are coming in and the flooring starts going down next Wed
Why it happened - my flooring buddy called me
Why it made me happy - once the flooring is in, I can really start putting things in their place. I can start decorating (ooooh...not sure that is really a HappyUP!!!). Anyway, it's getting closer to having things appear settled.

HappyUP!!! 3- got a lot of work done today.....and some quality work with another of my managers
Why it happened - deadline looms! Funny how that is.
Why it made me happy - on the deadline item, a nagging thing that I had put off is going to get done. Relief. A load off my shoulders. On the quality, I have a manager that reports to me and who is older and set in his ways. He's a friend too. We had a good session today and made some headway on an issue we were butting heads over a bit.

-Breakfast was great...waitress was awesome
-got a lot of work done today
-got a personal item checked off the remodel list
-made a lot of headway on the annual reviews I must do
-did a good job with one of my managers
-was invited back for another speaking gig

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 11

HappyUP!!! 1 - the HappyUP excercise
What caused the HappyUP - I have made a commitment to carry on in the process
Why it makes me happy - dedication to a goal that I am passionate about. Seeing the process help me TREMENDOUSLY get through what should be a difficult time. Actually seeing looking for the good start to become more of an automatic nature. I always saw the good....just not as much of it. I like what I am seeing. I still see the problems...but I am seeing them through different lenses. I had forgot to make my entry here, went to bed, realized that I hadn't entered them here today, got up with joy, and came to make the entry...HappyUP!!! is that important.

HappyUP!!!2 - solved a VERY high level problem at work
What caused it - I made a phone call at exactly the right time....instead of an e-mail. I was prompted to make the call by one of my managers
Why it made me happy - I learned some things I didn't know. We are going to be able to do a piece of business internally that I thought that we would have to farm out. It will make life easier for my employees. This is going to cause even more belief in our company by the employees.

HappyUP!!! 3 - Finding solid footing
What caused it - a potentially painful situation I am going through
Why it made me happy - I'm deep down good with me and what I did. If you did what you could and things didn't work out like you hoped, what can you do? You only look back if you screwed up. I came to terms that, in this situation, I am OK. HappyUP!!! doesn't make the situation go away....just easier to deal with it.

Jolly Jottings
-Home church was great - I missed my little adopted family when I travelled last week
-Deal went bad at work - the company missed out but, at least, I found out about it and can now use it as a learning experience
-Woke up before the alarm - just barely which is perfect
-great talk with one of my managers - I think I did some quality mentoring
-talk with my boss went well

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

HappyUP!!! Day 10

HappyUP!!! 1 - a fresh g uest at Toastmasters
Why it happened - the guest read about Toastmaster's in Keith Ferrazzi's book "Never Eat Alone"
Why it made me happy - another potential person that we can assist to her life's goals. It's also always nice to meet new people

HappyUP!!!2 - seeing my admin
Why it happened - our schedules coincided
Why it made me happy - my admin is a happy soul. Due to my travelling, our working in different locations, and a sick child, I hadn't seen her in a week. Having her back to work also told me that her little girl had gotten over a bad case of food poisoning

HappyUP!!!3 - we caught a competitor in a lie
Why it happened - I did some due diligence
Why it made me happy - in our business, it is tough these days. It can cause people to question themselves, the company, lots of things. When times are good...people party. When tough, they ponder. By catching this item that had potential to make us look bad, it actually made our company shine....the integrity we stand for shone through.

Jolly Jottings

-Talked to a peer from a different part of the enterprise. He gave me some insights
-We had another fresh face as a guest at Toasmasters
-A nice lady gave me some valuable information
-I had a funny exchange with an e-mail buddy
-My 6:30 standing appointment called me to tell me that he can't meet tomorrow.....I needed the extra time tomorrow
-Solved the problem and won more relationship points with another employee who has been struggling
-Got a vote of confidence from my boss

Monday, February 05, 2007

JollyJottings - Day 9

Remember - you can join in and HappyUp!!! along with me anytime. But, before you can pick your three HappyUP!!!s at day end, you have to have choices. You have seen my HappyUP!!!s. Here were the other examples today:

-A client that we thought we had lost sent us some business
-We put loan documents in title on a tough deal. The manager that I got that I helped was relieved!
-I realized that I have some talent on my staff that I hadn't seen before
-We got our first piece of business from an initiative I have been working on. It's always good to see some fruit
from the labor.
-I listened to a great Audio CD on my drive to SF
-I got a coffee at an AM/ was free cookie day!
-We had an OUTSTANDING lunch brought in at our meeting. There was some awful looking stuff on top of the
salad. It looked like ...uh...well...regurgitation. No one else would even try it. I heaped it on....delicious...
and went back for more
-Truffles - the manager of the location we were at brought in a box of truffles. Truffles are always a HappyUP!!!
-I got some great e-mails......unexpected
-Remembered to mail off payment for a Crab Feed I am going to this Saturday night. Crab Feeds.....always
something to look forward too. Who wants to go?
-Kings game on the tube - after the Arena Softball game. Always entertaining.
-Woke up before the alarm went off - I always consider that a HappyUP!!! even though it happens almost
-Got to my meeting on time with absolutely no stress

......there are a lot of great things going on in YOUR life - do you notice them? ...all of them?

HappyUP!!! Day 9

HappyUP!!! 1 - Arena Softball

Why it happened - I changed my lifestyle a ways back to add this to it

Why it made me happy - it was a close game 45-44.5 was the final score. I doesn't sound like a baseball score. That's what makes arena softball exciting!!!

HappyUP 2 - Meeting in San Francisco

Why it Happened - work calls

Why it made me happy - NO TRAFFIC and the meeting ended about an hour EARLY. Those are two unheard of things when you go to the City by the Bay. I snatched that opportunity when the meeting ended. Not only was that great but I found a parking lot easily (not always the case down there). It was awesome. The meeting was held at a Branch Manager's office that isn't in our region so I got to visit with him...he's a friend..and a great host. I am glad I know him.

HappyUP 3 - the flooring is ordered!!!! ...and a new fireplace is in the cards

Why it happened - just keeping the remodel moving. Making decisions and sticking with them.

Why it made me happy - the old house had this funky woodstove insert. As I was going over the flooring measurements with my flooring guy, we saw that the insert would have to be taken out and put back in. Then, I asked him if he knew anyone that did mantle remodels. I have some old brick that has been painted. Not good. He shot me a website that had some ideas.......not meaning to show me the GAS fireplaces that were on the site. I am going to plumb for gas....put a fireplace in rather than the crappy old woodstove.....instant ambiance. The house is moving along. If you knew the indecision that had gone into this, you would realize what a HappyUP!!! this is. This is going to be one cozy pad!!!