Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Ol Nutter Almanac 2008

9/9 NOTE: Barring a heatwave, we'll finish the year here with 15 days over 100. This is a day or two on the high side for a mild summer but far below the average summer. We sit there pegged on the high that was predicted below at the beginning of Summer. It appears that the Ol' Nutter Almanac should be adopted as an official weather predictor by the mainstream.

For years and years, I have trusted the Ol' Nutter Almanac - to predict our summers here in Sacratomato. The almanac says that the weather on Jazz Festival Weekend back in May is a predictor for how hot our summer will be.

This year - it almost rained.....which means a very cool summer. We got the next best thing....80's was the high. This means a nice summer. 10-15 days of 100 degrees or more.

If we catch 100 degrees on that same weekend-get yourself a ticket and get the heck out of town until fall!

I'll keep reposting this post - as I update the weather here in Roseville (a lovely suburb of Sacratomato). I'll use weather.com as my measuring stick.

9/6 101
9/5 100
8/29 103
8/28 102
8/27 103
8/15 102
8/14 103
8/13 104
7/22 102
7/10 101
7/9 108
7/8 109
7/7 104
6/20 100
6/21 102

9/1 NOTE: 3 more days since the last report. We are now up to 13 days of 100 degrees or above. Remember the last note that said, "looking for a cool September"? Today, we got just that. It was a gorgeous day in the 80's. That is the good news. The bad news? 97 tomorrow and then 5 days of 100 degrees in the forecast! Let's hope the Delta Breeze comes in or this is going to be an off year for the almanac.....but still an OK summer for the weather here.

8/22/08 NOTE: It's been a week since the last update. We only had one day over 100 since last the last note on 8/15....and it was the 15th. This will bring us up to a total of 10 days for the year. We have two 100 degree days on the forecast for next week. There are a couple of days that will be around 98. It looks like we'll be up to 12 by next week which will put us on the cusp of credibility. Looking for a cool September!

8/15/08 NOTE: Here we are are....halfway through August. 9 days over 100 through yesterday. That should move to 10 after today's cooker...104 to 106! Tomorrow could get the triple digits too. This would bring us to 11 days in the big mercury. We end up with a good cooling trend after that. The almanac is going to get tested but, unless things heat up significantly at month end and through Sept, the Ol Almanac's predictive values will remain intact again.

7/31 NOTE - July is cleared. 8 days over 100 degrees so far in our scientific test of the O.N.A. (Ol Nutter Almanac).........like anyone should be questioning it to begin with!!! That's OK...you're tough....I get it. According to weather.com, the ONA is in great shape for the first 9 days of August as well. July is usually our hot month here in the valley. August can be a bit of a cooker but it looks like it will be coming in like a lamb.

7/26 NOTE: not much need to update - we did finally catch another 100 degree day earlier in the week. As we speak, the next week is looking cooler. The number of days at 100 or above stands at 7

7/8 NOTE: the hot spell has hit -
yesterday was 104. This brings us to 3 days over 100 this season. I would say we are looking good but we are going to get 5 more days (including today) on this heat spell. We'll still have half of July and all of August to get through. August is going to need to be less august than it can be! On the plus side, July is normally the hottest month for us.

6/29 NOTE: a week has gone by....no more pesky 100 degree days. All low to mid 90's predicted for this week. The almanac remains in good shape
6/21 Note: Summer began last night - and we are already on the books for 2 days at 100 degrees! Looks like the almanac is in for a test!

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