Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Ol Nutter Almanac 2009

Well -
short of a surprise burner in the next week, we are going to end the summer with 15 days at 100 or above here in the big Tomato. The call here was for a max of 12 so the almanac was slightly off this year.

As I looked back at last year's almanac - I can see that I should have been calling for 10-15 days at 100 or more.

I am going to call this year - as a victory for the almanac. 15 days is below average.....we called below average........the almanac kicks butt

9/3 - 102......8/29-103.......8/12 - 101.....8/10....101......7/27 - 102.....7/26 -100......7/19 - 107.....7/18 -106.....7/17 - 104...... 7/16 - 102..... 7/15 - 102...... 7/14 - 101...... 6/29 - 104...... 6/28 - 108...... 6/27 - 103

The Ol Nutter Almanac - 6/30/09
In Sacramento, the weather is great
- the only thing that can be a bit pesky is a massive amount of days over 100 in the summer.

Realizing this many years ago - I devised a way to predict the summer weather. It's super secret and proprietary. It is also amazingly accurate. Look at last year's on line tracking.
This year - will be a very nice summer. 10-12 days at 100 or above as validated by weather.com for Roseville, CAThis is a gutsy call here on June 29 when we have just had a few blistering days.

We'll be reposting - this post several times as we see how the Ol Nutter Almanac does this year

8/16 Update - 13 days at the century mark

Update 7/20/09 - We got a nice break today....mid to high 90's. We stand at 9 days over 100. The next 8 days are all predicted to crack triple digits. The Almanac is going to need a little help or it is going to get blown up for this year.
Update 7/16/2009 - uh oh! We add two more days to the over one hundred pile....and today is going to be a third. Weather.com is now also calling for about 8 straight more days in triple digits. That would pretty much max us out for the Almanac to be on target this year. The good news....it's possible to get a string of 100 days....and not have another one through the season. It happened a couple of years ago.

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