Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Ol Nutter Almanac 2010

The count -
6/27 - 102 6/28-102 7/15-100 7/16-102 7/18-100 8/24-104 8/25 -108

9/8 Update - remember.....I use the Roseville, CA listing for as my source for 100 degree days....back on 9/2...thought we would hit 100....only 99. We have a 10 day forecast there of 91 as being the highest. Unless we catch an indian summer (can I still say that and be politically correct....who knows these days?) looks like we may end up at 7 days in triple digits. If so, this would be the first time the Ol Almanac EVER over-forecasted at all. Yeah....this "global warming" is screwing everything up.

9/2 Update - two more days last week....only two days at 100 or above in August....what the heck. This brings us up to a total of 7 for the year with another one looking to hit the books today.

8/11 Update - I am not looking to jinx us. This summer's weather has been awesome. This year, however, the Ol Nutter Almanac is in jeopardy of being incorrect for the first time.....based on predictin too MANY days of 100 or more. Here we are on Aug 11 and we have no 100 degree days predicted through the beginning of next week. We have only had 5 so far. The prediction called for no more than 13 which means the 10-13 range.

The extra bonus this year? - look at the days of 100 or more. Nothing over 102. What a spectacular summer. Today was another day when we didn't even hit the 90's. My tomatoes don't dig it....but I sure do!!!!

6/27 UPDATE - OK....summer came in on Monday morning last....and we got our first 100 degree day today. That brings us up to ONE day over 100 with another expected tomorrow.


It's time again, gang - for our annual installment of this critical summer whether predicting tool.

We watched the weather over Memorial Day weekend - and, as usual, will be using that information to forecast what the degree of intensity that our summer here in Sacramento will be.

Based on the EXTREMELY pleasant - Memorial Day weekend weather....we will be looking at no more than about 13 days of heat that gets to 100 degrees or more.

As usual - periodic updates will be posted here tracking the results.

It's going to be - a wonderful summer

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