Saturday, April 23, 2022

HappyUP!!! April 23, Saturday

 HappyUP!!! - WICKED!!!

Why it happened -I planned it
Why it makes me happy -seen it before but not in Sacramento. Awesome to catch this traveling show. Once again, it gave more than a gentle tug at my soul. Always a good thing.  The company was also superb.

HappyUP!!! - Brasserie du Monde
Why it happened - one must eat before the theater
Why it makes me happy - this place took great care of us. The sea bass was delicious. The short ribs surprised me! They even gave me 10% off because I was going to see Wicked. Not enough to pay for parking...but over half! Love that

HappyUP!!! - more planting
Why it happened -I was on a mission
Why it makes me happy - first, it needed to be done. Second, glad I could jam it in before theater and before I leave town for a couple of days tomorrow. We have some great growing weather happening. Also, I really like the smell of the dirt and planting time!

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