Tuesday, April 19, 2022

HappyUP!!! April 19, Tuesday

 HappyUP!!! -GREAT Toastmasters meeting

Why it happened -we are good
Why it makes me happy - 3 speeches, 3 evaluations, and 6 table topics all in 70 minutes. Efficient. Members filled in roles. Our new guys gave first evaluations (they volunteered..AWESOME) and did seasoned jobs! INCREDIBLE. Love the energy and the growth

HappyUP!!! - hitting some balls
Why it happened -getting tuned up
Why it makes me happy -found a little something "old school" with my wedges that I can't wait to try on the course. I used to be a hell of a wedge player with these techniques. If I start throwing these in tight, I am on my way

HappyUP!!! - two referrals
Why it happened -I am attractive?
Why it makes me happy - looking forward to my new client this week...and the two friends that will be reaching out shortly. It is humbling in my business when you get this level of trust.

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