Thursday, June 28, 2018

HappyUP!!! Day 4357

HappyUP!!! - seeing the M-man
Why it happened - he came to play in the park
Why it makes me happy - I know....I's cliche'....but I just saw this little dude 2 weeks ago... and I swear he has grown in size AND in coordination in a noticeable manner in that time frame! That is just crazy. You know me, I prefer objective observations...but...I got to go with my gut on this one.  So dang cute!

HappyUP!!! - a busy salon
Why it happened - I went at a different time
Why it makes me happy - love my stylist. She owns her own place. I have watched her put the blood and sweat into that place.  I never ask her how the business is doing....but it looked like it was kicking butt yesterday. I made mention of that...she said it was that way a lot! THAT made me feel great to see her doing well

HappyUP!!! - watching the trio
Why it happened - a chance meeting
Why it makes me happy - I follow serendipity sometimes.  Oddly came across a gal I knew yesterday.  She told me her hubby was playing drums down the street last night and I should come by. I did. I ran across Jimmy bartending....hadn't seen him in forever...didn't even know he was working there. Had a nice little time.

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