Wednesday, May 22, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4785 Wed

HappyUP!!! -  moving the office                                 
Why it happened - I got an idea
Why it makes me happy -saw some great furniture...but...why not look and see and FEEL how I work in my new space before rushing out to buy something "just because it fits the space."  SMART! Making discoveries already.  My new artwork looks great. I am inspired to create my own now. 

HappyUP!!! - Apple class
Why it happened -I am a learner
Why it makes me happy -what a great exposure to a new and unique way to use GarageBand. This is going to give me some options I hadn't thought of before. Matt was TREMENDOUS

HappyUP!!! - intake form returned
Why it happened -my client is ON IT
Why it makes me happy - this is going to be one GREAT session. The client put in the work...which allowed me to put in some extra work. 

HappyUP!!! - T-shirt test off the list
Why it happened - I made a note...and took action
Why it makes me happy- IF this works out when it comes, I have an entire stream of ideas for this situation. What an opportunity!!!

JollyJottings (nope, these aren't table scraps...just the below would make this a GREAT day)
John P is a guitar player
Msg from the universe
Morning Pages ideas
Knocking out accountability 
My memory device to remember a name WORKED! (after I thought it wouldn't)
My Canadian friend passing through

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4784

It all starts like this......

.........and with some luck and good care
HappyUP!!! - an Intrepid Guest                                  
Why it happened - people hear of the value of Toastmasters
Why it makes me happy - this lady jumped right in with both feet! First up in TableTopics and volunteered to fill a speaking slot next week....and she hasn't even joined yet

HappyUP!!! - furniture exploits
Why it happened -I made myself accountable
Why it makes me happy - probably could have taken it even farther today....but...hey...I took it a LONG WAY...much farther than planned

HappyUP!!! - return of the massage chair
Why it happened - I moved some furniture around
Why it makes me happy - I had forgotten just how good this technology is. This may be the weekend that I flip the switch

HappyUP!!! - my accountability partner part deus
Why it happened - it's part of the process
Why it makes me happy- this lady is accountable to is high who is deriving the benefit.

Monday, May 20, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4783 SHU!!!

How long have I been at this? - 4783 days?...not counting when I used to do this in a journal?
And I am just coming up with an acronym for SuperHappyUP!!! Days?  SHU is born.

Why so long? - I know exactly is because I am having so many superior days.

It's not like the other days were bad or weak - it is just that life keeps getting better and better and BEATING me over the head with great stuff!......

...every day!!! - but don't worry about me. I am pretty sure I can take it.

HappyUP!!! - Rowena                                 
Why it happened -she holds me accountable
Why it makes me happy -I am getting so much of the stuff done that I really want done. She is the perfect accountability partner. Great call today.....and I am going to stretch myself for next week

HappyUP!!! - collaboration at Home Depot
Why it happened -I asked
Why it makes me happy -they didn't have the specific thing I wanted. They suggested something else. I saw that didn't work. I said, "hey, a cat litter box would work." They said, "just go over to the plastic tote section"....voila.....HD doesn't have litter boxes but I got exactly what I needed

HappyUP!!! - M.I.A.
Why it happened - I saw it somewhere
Why it makes me happy - Massive Immediate Action . I'll do a separate post on that someday. It's better, at times, just to get it out there and done

HappyUP!!! - cauliflower
Why it happened -Vegan restaurant
Why it makes me happy- I'm not a vegan...but they didn't kick me out when I ended up at the restaurant on a total by chance basis. Buffalo Wing Cauliflower tacos. Delicious...but deep fried. I went, "what if I marinated cauliflower in a hot sauce at home and BBQ'd or stir fried?" I did the marination....and found out I have a new raw snack that is fabulous. Also, I could put them in a pan, heat them up, and deposit them into some greens (including the dreaded kale), and create a wonderful salad.

So much goodness going on, I couldn't even get to the leftovers below! - I'm stuffed!


Hobby Lobby
   -going back for pictures
   -Michelle the manager
LoAnne's , my tailor, dress
Bob-O stopping by with stretchers, $$$, and a visit
MV philosophy audio
Yard work
RTT Notes consolidated
Q-ballous....visit with Bob and outside and cherry on top of 2018
An overwhelming feeling of happiness re: my life

Sunday, May 19, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4782

HappyUP!!! - great night of sleep                                  
Why it happened - no dinner
Why it makes me happy - I think I was EXHAUSTED after the last three days of battling. I got in an uninterrupted 8 hours worth last night. I'm a 6.5 hour kinda guy. Once in awhile, my body says, "hey about a few extra winks."

HappyUP!!! - catching a situation
Why it happened - I was in the garden
Why it makes me happy - looks like my drainage plan didn't quite work out. My day was diverted but it was nice to do some tree trimming and a bit of pumping. Now, I just need a little break in the weather between now and tomorrow to finish up. Really happy to catch this now!

HappyUP!!! - indoor work
Why it happened - it was raining
Why it makes me happy - I wanted to do some garage work today. The weather just wasn't cooperating.....and I took full advantage. I am LOVING my new belief and outlook. I just keep nibbling away...occasionally I peel of a chunk.  The finish line isn't upon me...but it is coming.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4781

HappyUP!!! - beating the rain                                  
Why it happened - got lucky
Why it makes me happy - it was a tough day......but I was SOOOO happy to stay dry!

HappyUP!!! - great start
Why it happened - had it going a bit
Why it makes me happy - the swing wasn't quite where I needed it had a few moments. Trust me, I have days when there was nothing. At least there were a few QUALITY moves put on the ball

HappyUP!!! - a cancelation
Why it happened - people do that
Why it makes me happy - I was doing something for someone's benefit. It's what I do. Yet, there were things that I would have preferred to do. This was one of those times

HappyUP!!! - finding The Navigator
Why it happened - I was looking for something else
Why it makes me happy- hey, I saved $50....and I didn't have to replace something. Replacing a lost item is just the worst!

Friday, May 17, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4780

HappyUP!!! - HOT START!                                  
Why it happened - I was hitting some shots
Why it makes me happy - great birdie look on first hole...nice wedge and putt birdie second hole...fabulous 6 iron and putt third hole.......kept it going through 11. Nice bounce back for awhile

HappyUP!!! - the Horserace
Why it happened - we are good
Why it makes me happy - we got through the first two holes...and had a TREMENDOUS opportunity to get to the finals. It was a nice run

HappyUP!!! - meeting a SOLID former MLB player
Why it happened - I introduced myself
Why it makes me happy - nice guy....and he agreed to sit down and have a chat with me on some real subjects.     

HappyUP!!! - we were right there
Why it happened - great partnership
Why it makes me happy- at the end of the day, we stumbled. Hey, it happens! BUT, we had a lot of enthusiasm and great attitude right up to the end. The weather was UNBELIEVABLE! Very blessed time.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4779

HappyUP!!! - finishing strong                                
Why it happened -dug deep
Why it makes me happy -one of the worst rounds of the year...and it was in a tournament! Yikes. Yet, I hung in there and kept grinding. Made STELLAR shots on the last two holes and saved us a couple of points. We are hanging in there

HappyUP!!! - postponement
Why it happened -weather
Why it makes me happy - gave me a couple of hours to get some things back in order

HappyUP!!! - one putting to qualify
Why it happened - my partner and I are good putters
Why it makes me happy - we got into the finals....on the cheap!

HappyUP!!! - plus One confirmed
Why it happened - I put it out there
Why it makes me happy- this is going to be a great event for my friend...and we are going to have a great time at this event

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4778 ANOTHER SuperHappyUP!!! Day?!?!?

Didn't I just have one of those? - hey, who said there were limits to how many you can have. MAYBE I can take it to a "new normal."  I think I could handle it!

HappyUP!!! - winning the team putting contest                                  
Why it happened - we made 50% of our putts...and took another chance
Why it makes me happy - you were allowed three times...increased cost every time you do. My partner and I almost called it a day after the second try. Third time was a charm....we are the first winners of a side game at this prestigious invitational golf tournament!

HappyUP!!! - Home Depot
Why it happened - I needed to ROCK IT today
Why it makes me happy -I was in and out of there in 5 minutes...after getting there right when they opened! And....the Eeyore who helped me was SO eeyore that it was a comical way to start my day.

HappyUP!!! - The Invitational check in
Why it happened - tourney starts tomorrow
Why it makes me happy - this isn't my course but there were so many guys that I know. I am feeling right at home. Got new shoes as a tee prize and a nice pair of shorts. Hit some fabulous balls on the range. My game is in great shape. We basically won most of our entry fee back in the putting contest. My partner hit me with about $200 in nice SWAG!

HappyUP!!! - RTT work
Why it happened - I do that
Why it makes me happy- great conference calls. I lined up at least two clients today...maybe a well as nailing down a small corporate account.


Cabinets hung
Bel Air and getting the employee skinny
making all my calls
Got my plus-1 lined up
"...and that is because" text with a dear friend
FB posts -building the brand

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4777

HappyUP!!! -  golf game is starting to gel                                 
Why it happened - been working on it mentally
Why it makes me happy - my days of banging balls is OVER! My mental work is paying off in spades. The "feel" of a Scott from a younger day is returning. It is about muscle control, visualization, and the distribution of energy (yeah...physics are involved).

HappyUP!!! - sushi
Why it happened - my friend wanted dinner
Why it makes me happy - rather than bring something to the house, we ducked out for a bit of the raw fish. It had been awhile....delicious

HappyUP!!! - my Accountability Partners
Why it happened - we agreed to be accountable
Why it makes me happy - I am SO lucky. I KNOW what I am getting from them....and I KNOW they are getting as much, if not more, from me. It doesn't matter who gets more from each other. It's more important that we are all MORE because of each other.

HappyUP!!! - Toastmasters
Why it happened - I do that
Why it makes me happy- it really hit home today...another reason I do what I do and another possible payoff I never would have imagined (my AP pointed that out). 


Bro helping me out
Overcoming an eagle/birdie deficit and winning big
Tap in birdie and a gimme birdie
Finding another gear in my golf swing

Monday, May 13, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4776 SuperHappyUP!!! Day

WOW!!! - everything went FABULOUSLY well today! So much great stuff. If something bad happened today, I didn't notice because it got crowded out.....and THAT is the point of HappyUPping!

HappyUP!!! - BG call                                   
Why it happened - I emailed
Why it makes me happy -so glad he called. We are on the same page and looking forward to the Cabrillo. I am even getting a couple of nice shirts out of the deal!!! Winner!!! We will have a great time

HappyUP!!! - my accountability partner, R 
Why it happened -I do that
Why it makes me happy - had a great call. This accountability stuff really works!!!

HappyUP!!! - GM visit
Why it happened - he did me a favor
Why it makes me happy - I had a great thing to take to him. I was so lucky to catch him between appointments. Seeing him was an added benefit

HappyUP!!! - Passed my exam
Why it happened - you tell me
Why it makes me happy- I took this test before I was ready...and it wasn't multiple choice. It was a SHOCK (in the best of ways not to have to take again)

HappyUP!!! - found a transcription
Why it happened - I was looking for something else

Why it makes me happy- I thought I had lost a BUNCH of work. Soooo thankful and happy!

HappyUP!!! -errands run
Why it happened - gotta do em

Why it makes me happy- it just could not have been any smoother...and I got some Korean BBQ lunch (never done that) and it was delicious! 

HappyUP!!! - moving stuff around
Why it happened - accountability

Why it makes me happy- I wanted to get further...but I also delved into some other areas that needed tidying. We overestimate what we can get done in a day and underestimate what we can get done in a week. I'm not THERE yet...but, by end of the week, I will be in tall cotton!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4775

HappyUP!!! - BB, I found you                                  
Why it happened - I was cleaning stuff out
Why it makes me happy - I no longer have to wonder what happened to my autographed BB King pic! Perfect timing too as it WILL hang in my redone office!

HappyUP!!! -  Mothers Day drop off
Why it happened -it's a tradition
Why it makes me happy - LOVE sneaking this in in the early morning before she wakes up. I know she loves this too!

HappyUP!!! - help from the nephew
Why it happened - I asked
Why it makes me happy - nice to visit...and get the helping hand. 

HappyUP!!! - emptying out the junk
Why it happened - I am accountable
Why it makes me happy- I would never had gotten as far as I did without the deadline imposed upon me. I am kind of liking this accountability partner stuff!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4774

HappyUP!!! - riding                                  
Why it happened - Batcaddy issues
Why it makes me happy - the universe tried at least three times to tell me that it was time to ride today.....loud...Louder....REALLY LOUD! I love it when it does that. Enjoyed being off of my feet today. It gave me energy to.....

HappyUP!!! - in the yard
Why it happened - motivation 
Why it makes me happy - put away the TV and got some nice stuff done in the backyard today. Done? Oh, heck no, but I got some great ideas today. Plus....WOW!!! I am enjoying this spring while it is here...FABULOUS...STUNNING Days. This spring isn't a short one.

HappyUP!!! - even on the par 3's
Why it happened - quality shots
Why it makes me happy - these things can be buggars. Hit a couple of stunningly pure shots...especially that one to about 4 feet on 17 (HIT THE DANG PUTT!). 

HappyUP!!! - a nice win
Why it happened -my partner and I played well
Why it makes me happy-other than a couple of loose shots, I golfed it around pretty well today. My partner came through when it counted. ChaChing!

Friday, May 10, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4773

Lay Down guitar....hit 4 in two and near eagle....near ace on 17...Warriors win and Steph Curry...nice breeze for porch guitar...Post Vancouver call

HappyUP!!! -TWO near eagles                                   
Why it happened - skillz
Why it makes me happy - if birdies are the name of the game, eagles transcend it. Knocked it on 4 in two shots today...second time this year after not having done it in two years. Great putt that "porn starred it."  The gem was that 6 iron on 17....4 inches on the back of the HAD to have sniffed an ace as it went by.

HappyUP!!! - Lay Down Sally
Why it happened - new guitar
Why it makes me happy - who knows why I never learned this tune....sooooo easy to play the rhythm.  It's got a nice little "da da da da da da DA...duh duh duh duh duh duh DUH" lick in it that is easy and fun. That's my kind of tune

HappyUP!!! - porch time
Why it happened - nice breeze
Why it makes me happy - what a gorgeous evening to do a little front porch pickin with that cool evening breeze drifting in

HappyUP!!! - Warriors move on
Why it happened - Steph Curry in the end
Why it makes me happy- 0 points in the first hand....and 33 in the second...are you kidding me? Who does that? I will admit it. I was bagging on him and jokingly thinking how overrated he is. He basically stunk for the longest of time....but...not in crunch time. THAT dude is from another planet!

Thursday, May 09, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4772

The Cocoon
HappyUP!!! - A birth!                                   
Why it happened - I was expecting
Why it makes me happy - LOVE the new addition to the family. The Koa sounds so bright! It wreaks of happiness...even when strumming the blues

HappyUP!!! - carnitas quesadilla
Why it happened - went to the club
Why it makes me happy - what a great little break in the afternoon. I think I prefer the chicken but it was nice to try something new. 

HappyUP!!! - my client
Why it happened - I have those 
Why it makes me happy - did some solid work today. Worked on a case that was a little different. I used some new tools. The client was receptive and got some tremendous insight

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4771

HappyUP!!! - getting "pregnant"                                  
Why it happened - I fell in love in Toronto
Why it makes me happy - my new baby will be here tomorrow. I need to get the nursery ready. I have never owned a "dark" baby....beautiful Koa will make such bright music

HappyUP!!! - Rowena
Why it happened -I am accountable
Why it makes me happy -LOVE my accountability partner. She inspired me to kick some butt (my own) and get some things DONE. Working on two appointments already

HappyUP!!! - great morning
Why it happened - sometimes you just need to sleep on it
Why it makes me happy - I will admit it. I was feeling a little overwhelmed last night. I asked for respite before I hit the pillow. I woke up this morning READY! Sleep is the ultimate healer

HappyUP!!! - appointments
Why it happened - I booked them in
Why it makes me happy- my ELP mentor was awesome. I got some great info from my branding professional.  

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4670

HappyUP!!! - Hole In One                                  
Why it happened - a GREAT SHOT!
Why it makes me happy -...that it was my nephew that did it and that I was playing with him when he did. They say 80% of aces are bad shots or luck. This one was in the GREAT 20%! Perfect shot. I am so happy for him. I only have one ace. I know a lot of very good players who NEVER get this monkey off of their back

HappyUP!!! - making some birdies
Why it happened - good shots and nice putts
Why it makes me happy - birdies are the game. Had two...should have had a couple more as I missed largos. There is ALWAYS happiness around a birdie

HappyUP!!! - trip to the nursery
Why it happened - it's that time
Why it makes me happy - LOVE going on a crowds...time to browse around the different choices for ideas

HappyUP!!! - a little front yard maintenance
Why it happened - I got motivated
Why it makes me happy- yep, it was dark...that's what the porch light is for. I got myself a nice head start for tomorrow

Monday, May 06, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4669

HappyUP!!! - lunch with the champion                                  
Why it happened - he was hungry
Why it makes me happy - great fellowship time....and Thai food. It wouldn't be my first call but it was delicious. Sugar? Hmmm...I don't know...I don't think so. Mostly spicy. No matter. Great time

HappyUP!!! - family burger time
Why it happened - my bro got out the grill
Why it makes me happy - enjoyed playing with the grand-neph/neice and visiting with the famdamily.

HappyUP!!! - all set up for accountability
Why it happened - just got out in front of it
Why it makes me happy - nice to have that off of my I have a list

HappyUP!!! - research
Why it happened - a client
Why it makes me happy- ya know, if I only need to know the gist of things and I have a motivating reason, studying how certain parts of the body works is pretty interesting. I learned a lot about blood pressure regulation AND agavins today. THAT was not on my list to do when I started the day. Now, I need to apply some memory hacks so I can burn in what I learned.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4668

HappyUP!!! - lending equipment                                   
Why it happened - a request
Why it makes me happy - dude was really appreciative. It also gave me a chance to clean up the item. For some strange reason, it made me happy. Come to think of it, so did drying out my sink...and washing my cannisters. Hmmm

HappyUP!!! - finishing an exam
Why it happened - motivation
Why it makes me happy - the waiting game begins. No big. I get another crack at it if my comprehension isn't quite up to speed

HappyUP!!! - Adam Sandler
Why it happened - I taped SNL
Why it makes me happy - yeah....garbage question. Yet, there was one bit in there last night that was hysterical. It actually made me laugh till I cried

HappyUP!!! - my neice and MayBee
Why it happened -she was on a walk
Why it makes me happy- it was nice to get a chance to visit. I am glad that she stopped by and we got to do a few laps around the park. MayBee is even settling down a bit and actually had a little "lag in the leash" for a change. Perhaps I should fire up the "take her for a walk" program.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4667

HappyUP!!! - delivering the goods                                  
Why it happened - practice
Why it makes me happy - I went...I competed...I did it as well as I could...I did it better than the last time. People remember the topic and make comments and are likely to change behavior. I didn't get the trophy tonight...but I accomplished what a speech is supposed to do..IMPACT the audience and move them to change. It was also great to be supported by my buddy, LP.

HappyUP!!! - Valerie Alexander
Why it happened - she keynoted
Why it makes me happy - she delivered an excellent presentation. She had some very nice craft woven into her presentation. She did a fabulous call back. She has spent some time studying the art of speechmaking. After my presentation in the evening, she looked at me incredulously..."how were you not in the top 3?" Yeah...she is a professional speaker. She "gets it."

HappyUP!!! - Kentucky Derby
Why it happened - it's a tradition
Why it makes me happy - I LOVE controversy like this...especially when it should be no controversy at all. There was a violation. The announcers even said, "it would be a violation in a Wed stakes race but....."....well...there you go. A violation is a violation. 

HappyUP!!! - educational sessions
Why it happened - I went to the conference
Why it makes me happy- got some great stuff from the 2 sessions I attended. It was a fabulous morning.

Friday, May 03, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4666

HappyUP!!! - HOT start!                                  
Why it happened - some nice shots but a SWEET PUTT
Why it makes me happy - I partner LOOKED like we are to a profitable day. Optimism

HappyUP!!! - RTT
Why it happened -I am a practitioner
Why it makes me happy - clarity from a client and something off of my plate which will give me more time for study and preparation. I was also offered an opportunity for advanced study with peers. I will take all the training that I can get!

HappyUP!!! - quality day
Why it happened - the golf course
Why it makes me happy - weather could not have been prettier...and I got some time with my older nephew...had some good study before heading to the links. Just a great, low key day

Thursday, May 02, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4665

HappyUP!!! - 3 birdies                              
Why it happened - a great wedge, a bladey wedge, and a fantastic putt
Why it makes me happy - birdies are where it’s at....and today was a feast for my partner and I

HappyUP!!! - being NAILS after a brief layoff
Why it happened - mental work
Why it makes me happy - I used to be like most golfers, “I haven’t played in awhile so don’t expect much....” Now, you tell me how THAT attitude can do anything good except perhaps put salve on a bruised ego after playing poorly. Of course just saying, “I’m gonna play GREAT today!” might be better...but only marginally. It’s just an affirmation. You got to bring it from the inside....and I hit some shots that were as SOLID as it gets today. 

HappyUP!!! -front porch noodling
Why it happened - stupendous morning
Why it makes me happy - while being as respectful of the neighbors as possible, I did “let em ring” a bit today. How could I not? It was too perfect outside

JollyJottings...Solid Golf...Huge Win...Playing with the Pro...that bladey wedge...lots of good wedges...gorgeous weather...getting some study done...electronic taxes...getting grounded again...front porch noodling...3 birdies