Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's Cookin in the Nutster Kitchen?

( A Special Posting for SundayScribblings)

This is so "James Bond"-ish - take a look at this innocent little gas cooktop. If you could look a little closer, you would see that it isn't that innocent. One of the burners cranks up to 1 million BTU's.

OK - maybe not a million but it is something like 18000. It was enough that the people at Dacor only put ONE on the range that was that hot.

It's probably more than I should legally be able to operate as well - is there a licensing department somewhere?

Now, you ladies - are probably just marvelling at my female side with the lovely candles....

...which is exactly why they are there! - OK....I lied again. If my mom was alive, it would be time for a soap mouthwash. I actually like the smell and ambiance almost as much as a female (once again....DO NOT TELL THE MAN POLICE...they have me under close surveillance)

"But, Nutster, where do the fumes go? Do you have a fancy hood out in the middle of your kitchen?" - you ask the best questions. The answer is, "Bond...James Bond." With the touch of one button, I get this:

Yep - with a little toggle of the magic swithch, it's a side pulling, downdraft with a blower under the house that requires you to keep your tie away from it's mighty intake for fear of being sucked in! This thing just pops up out of nowhere. Holy Houdini, Batman!

You want some garlic? - I'll pour it on for you. The blower even gets some of it. I do have to admit that garlic is still going to permeate the house....and I am good with that.


khambagirl said...

Wow! What a great kitchen!!! I love your sense of humor!!!

paris parfait said...

You are so lucky to have that hideaway blower. And the candlesticks are great!(I don't think the man police would mind the candlesticks, particularly as they're black and not exactly feminine-looking). :)

Tori said...

Love your stovetop and your story!

Kimberley McGill said...

Mr. Bond,
I have captured the man police and they are safely locked away in my guest bathroom. You may proceed with your candle lighting.

Really, NICE kitchen.