Saturday, March 03, 2007


(A special post for SundayScribblings )

My two cats - are black. So were the two that I had before these two. I have found that black cats have the best dispositions. At least, dispositions that suit me. Whichever way it is, I am sure they cross my path or I cross theirs all of the time. . Life seems to move on quite nicely

Long ago, I was engaged - my fiance' wanted to set a date. I jokingly noted a story about the Japanese hustling to finish the world's tallest building (at the time) by 8/8/88 because it was good luck. "Hey, we should get married that day. It's good luck," I jested.

8/8/88 - was my wedding date

I'm not married now - so much for the numbers theory!

Now that we are talking about numbers - let's chat about that number 13 deal. This is the one that is probably the most widely held superstition in the western world. I read over in Paris' post that it has to do with Judas being the 13th diner at the Jesus Dine and Dash Supper.

If that is true - and that is where the 13aphopia came from, it is hysterical. Judas....or someone...HAD to rat out Jesus and tell the Jews where He could be found. The dorky Pharisees weren't able to find Jesus on their own. If the plot doesn't play out exactly as it does, with Jesus being crucified and resurrected, you have no Christian story. Man may view what Judas did as bad....but how do you think God sees it who sent His only son to earth for the very purpose of living as He did and then being crucified....

....and then WE - turnaround and fear the number 13? We fear because this one guy did this horrible thing that the God we worship wanted done! It's quite comical to me. I absolutely live for laughing at silly human folly.

Further, you move on to the dread of the number 6 - which does hail from places in the Bible. Here is the override butto n for all of my holy roller friends. How do you really think God would feel about you fearing a man made number more than you fear Him?

No, six is useful - it's a touchdown, it's two field goals, it's two three-pointers from beyond the arc, it's the height of a guy that is 5 inches too tall (I'm 5'7"...the perfect height), it's a handy number of Budweiser's to take along on a Sunday picnic, it's a great number to stick in front of "teen" and call someone sweet because of it.

I like routines - habitual ways that one does things that provide a grounding. Making the bed every morning when you first get up because you will feel better later when you walk into that bedroom is a good example. It's a habit driven by the desire for a later gratification.

Habits driven by fear of the occult - they just don't interest me much., pardon me - I have a mirror precariously leaning against one of my walls. I am redecorating, you know. I would hate to knock it over. Can't afford the 7 unfortunate years to follow should I tip that shiny piece of glass over and break it.

PS - Bugs Bunny just called. He said that ever since people have seemed to let go of the lucky rabbit's foot obsession, he has slept a lot better.


paris parfait said...

Very clever post, Scott. I am particularly intrigued by your defense of the number six. And I have a mirror leaning against one of my walls and I'm not redecorating - that's the look. It's actually the best way for a mirror to be "stored" without fear of it breaking - the glass leaning makes it stronger, according to craftsmen here who specialise in these matters. :)

hundred and one said...

Interesting. Very interesting

gautami tripathy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.

Frances said...

Love the tribute to the number six.
Excellent finish.
Thanks for sharing,