Saturday, March 17, 2007


(A special posting for SundayScribblings )

Where does my inspiration come from? It depends on from which perspective the question is asked. If it is about writing and creativity/creative thinking, the answer is everywhere. I just look for it. If I am going to make a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I guarantee you that before I step in that store, I am not thinking about a bedspread. I am thinking about a man voyaging into the great unknown. This morning, I went to Home Depot to get some plants. It's time to garden. I took my camera. I snapped a picture of Home Depot. I will think of looking at Home Depot from a different angle than anyone else or very few have. I am looking for that ironic twist. My preference is to twist it with a humorist bend.

The newspaper can be another excellent source. Just last weekend, the Sacramento Bee ran an article on builders that are building dual suites for married couples. AHA! I finally found something in print that picks up on a common thought that I have always had. The Bee just didn't go far enough. They also don't have the forum for it. I can guarantee you that I will have an upcoming post around, "who the heck made the rule that says I have to sleep (and I mean SLEEP) with you right next to me if I love you?" The answer is: No One. It is not in the rulebook. Anywhere. My doctor says that sleep is a medicine that we need to take daily to function optimally. Why would I let my daily vital dose of medicine be disrupted just because someone has attached nodding off together as vital to a relationship. In Elizabethan times, the King and Queen had separate quarters. Despite this, there didn't ever seem to be any lack of Princes and Princesses. With snoring, light sleepers vs heavy sleepers, tossers and turners, early risers, late risers, etc, it makes no sense. It is kind of like the toothpaste users. You have the squeezers and the rollers. Don't argue about it. Get separate tubes! My goodness, the things that we attach emotion too that have no business attaching them too.

How about his and her checking accounts? No, not for everyone. For many, it would be the cure to a lot of hassle. Yes, it could mean a lack of trust. Yes, it could mean that you respect each other's use of funds without needing to lord over it. Both camps can be correct. You do what works.

Inspiration? Look at the example I just used. I took a newspaper article about a new trend in homebuilding. I expanded on their idea. This drove me over to the toothpaste. Next stop, finances. If I was going to write and entire article about this, I would go interview people, do research, etc. I just may. It helps to be a bit of a contrarian also. I have been accused of using Nutterlogic. When that comes out, it usually means that I have checkmated (or frustrated the heck out of ) the other person so I just say, "thank you."

Inspiration is everywhere. It is on billboards. It is a trip to make some copies. It is absolutely limitless. Unfortunately, I do believe in the statement that creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. My problem: I don't like to sweat that much!


gautami tripathy said...

I really like the sleep bit. I too ask who made the rules?

I need my space!


Autrice DelDrago said...

You simply must share your photograph of Home Depot now.

Nutterlogic works well for me. Haha.

paris parfait said...

I'm waiting for the Home Depot photographs too. I miss having a Home Depot around. There are French equivalents, but I can't understand the measurements, etc. As for the sleep bit, you have a good point. And your post is very inspirational, but then they usually are! BTW, the Virgo perfectionist in me wants to remind you that you have "nutster" spelled wrong in your comments. And since I sent you the wrong email last week, you know you're not the only one that makes silly mistakes. :)

megnificent! said...

Hi Nutter! I liked your subject matter this week. I have to share a "seperate beds" story! My maternal grandparents shared a bedroom, but had seperate, matching twin beds! It was seperated by a little old vanity, which my practical grandfather had to split in half & shorten, in order for it to fit neatly between the two beds, each respectfully lining a wall! It was vvery facinating to me as a child, as to why they slept in seperate beds, but my grandfather was a very early riser, and my grandmother preferred sleeping in a little later (until about 7 am). By the way, they had five children and 16 grandchildren, obviously unaffected sex drive by the beds!Both of my grandparents are dead for years now, but my mother currently has the two beds. I used them for two years for my daughter's room when she was younger. It brings back such sweet memories.
Also, if anyone recalls, on the older tv shows like "I Love Lucy" and "Dick Van Dyke Show" they always slept in seperate beds. I think it was actually sensored!
Thanks for the smile on my face this morning. I also think it's very practical to sleep seperately, and by the way, I'd like a couple of those handmaiden-ladies in waiting to go along with the royal lifestyle!!

khambagirl said...

I appreciate your sense of humor -- and the way you look at things. Love the 'separate beds' idea!