Friday, September 23, 2011

The Ol Nutter Almanac 2011

The "Days" - 1) 6/21...101 2) 7/3...100 3) 7/4....100 4) 7/5....101
5) 7/6....101....6) 7/21...100 7) 9/9 101

9/23 Update - it's over!!! Fall is here....and.....the Almanac proved prescient once again...HappyUP!!!

9/22 Update - so people know...the average days OVER 99 degrees in Sacramento in a year is 15. This makes predicting the weather....for the summer.....very risky. The Ol Nutter Almanac?.....cojones grande'! We say goodbye to summer tomorrow.

9/12 Update - one more day of 100 last Friday. Will it be the last one of the season? Place yer bets and take yer chances....nothing forecasted close to 100 through 9/22 (end of summer). Looking like another year we well praise Ye Ol Almanac.

9/1 Update - it was a quiet August.....not a day at 100....NICE! We're not out of the woods. It's looking like September is starting out as a cooker!

8/25 Update - OK...looks like the forecasters were off by 5 degrees 2 days ago. We have a few 98-99 degree predictions coming up....let's hope they keep missing on the high side. Great summer so far

8/23 Update - it's been like watching paint dry. has a high of 100 predicted for today....and then things start cooling off again.

8/9 Update - we stand pat at 6 days....with a prediction of a cooling trend to a high of low 90's for the next 10 days. Hmmmm...the Almanac was looking a little shaky at the beginning of July

7/31 update - nothing new to report...6 days at 100 or more thru July....with nothing predicted in the 100's for the next 10 days in August. Even if the Almanac is's looking like a very pleasant summer

7/24 update....darn it...the day 3 days is going to be critical in the sooooo just barely tipped the scale! July is our hottest month...the predictions are good...but...hey....I KNOW August can be hot!

7/5 update - the almanac is being's risky business to predict only 10 100 degree days here in the hot Sacratomato area. We got another cooker decked up for tomorrow. Keep the faith

6/17 update - three days of very high 90's predicted for next week. If the mercury overachieves, it could be 30% of the prediction. Pins and needles! We still haven't scared 100.

It's 6/7 is the count on 100 degree days.....NOTHING


It's that time of year again - perhaps one of the GREATEST times of the year. It's the publishing of the........

Ol Nutter Almanac - a proven 100% somewhat reliable source of information to predict the summer weather here in the Roseville/Sacramento area.

Each year - the Almanac takes a look at the weather on Memorial Day weekend...runs the results of that through a rigorous algorhtymic process (OK....that's a stretch to say that) and gives us all
a tool to plan our summer.

This year - it was high's in the low 70's......and quite a bit of rain. This leads to only ONE forecast for this that drum roll ready?

We will have 10 or fewer days of 100 degrees or more this summer - the tool that we will use for validation is the high temp for Roseville as reported by

The time span that is covered? - is from now (even though it isn't summer yet) through Sept 22 which should be the end of summer

This prediction has been going on for years - but it's been on line for the last three. To check out the accuracy, you can go to any of the links listed at the bottom of the page.

As usual - this post will be updated on a weekly basis or whenever we get a day of 100 degrees or more.

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