Sunday, May 23, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1210

HappyUP!!! - putts on 9 and 11
Why it happened - I saw the line and got the putt there
Why it makes me happy - every once in awhile...even on tough just feel like, "hey, I have a chance on this one," even though you would be doing well to two putt. These were a couple of tricky from about 25 feet and the other from 40. I still lost my match but I was riding a high for awhile

HappyUP!!! - flop shot on 18
Why it happened - desperation?....and skill?
Why it makes me happy - I had hit my second shot into the water....virtually assuring a loss. I took my drop and thought to myself, " only chance is to hole this one....I could do that...I got nothing to lose." I popped that dog WAY up into the air...landing it on the upper tier from about 50 yds....I was down below so I couldn't see it other than to tell it was on line and my friends saying, "oh...great shot.." while it was in the air. Then....I heard the "clank" as the ball had nudged the pin. didn't go in....all for naught...but...for a brief moment....HappyUP!!!

HappyUP!!! - Stogie
Why it happened - he's my boy
Why it makes me happy - he was snuggled in last night....right on top of me as I slept. I suspect it was because his sister had decided to grace us with her presence on the bed last night. I think he was saying, "you think you can get close, Shadow....I can get on!" They are so funny. The little boy that came up to my door to pet him.....and he took it in....was pretty cute too.


Drive stayed in on 2
Good bounce on 1
6 iron/putt on 4
Putt on 9
Great pitch/putt on 5
Drive/putt on 11
Chutt on 12
Chutt on 17
Flop shot on 18
Some good Hulu
Great reading
Joined by our buddy

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