Saturday, May 22, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1209

HappyUP!!! - zippin it around
Why it happened - we had clear sailing
Why it makes me happy - love to play beautiful less than 4 hours on a Saturday morning.

HappyUP!!! - lots of quality golf shots
Why it happened - just swinging better
Why it makes me happy - after a prolonged slump, it just feels good to have things back
on track.

HappyUP!!! - critical chutt on 18
Why it happened - I've got some good touch with that shot
Why it makes me happy - I was looking good on the final hole....until my adversary hit an impossible bunker shot that actually hit the stick and caused the ball to stop about 4 feet from the hole. All the sudden, my shot went from "it would be nice to get this close" to "yikes....this is a MUST get this close situation.".....and I did just that.


Gorgeous weather
Getting my bike back
7 iron into 2
Drive/Hybrid/Wedge on 3
Bunker shot 7 iron/wedge/putt on 5
Wedge on 6
7 iron on 8
8 iron on 10
Driver/8 iron on 11
8 iron on 13
Hybrid/putt 14
Sand shot 15
Hybrid/putt on 17
7 iron/chutt on 18

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