Thursday, May 06, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1193 was a tough day - in the stock market...down 350 pts on the Dow at end of was down almost 1000 at one point....that can get a retired guys hear is what it can spend a lot of time on today's loss...and WORRYING about tomorrow. The world is a complex place. I can't do anything about that. While cognizant of the issues, you can't obsess about them. You keep appreciating you can figure out what makes you happy about today...and take that knowledge to work for you tomorrow.

HappyUP!!! - lamb n eggs
Why it happened - I went to TraderJoes and tried something out
Why it makes me happy - another great winner from TJ's. I just love what they reasonable prices. When I go there....rather than a big always makes me greatful of living in this country...and how easy and affordable we have it here in comparison to other countries

HappyUP!!! - cutting the lawn in semi-darkness
Why it happened - I got off my fanny
Why it makes me happy - I'll have a cut lawn all "dang....I should cut it but I can't right now." Who does not like seeing their lawn cut on the weekend?

HappyUP!!! - I may golf tomorrow...I may not
Why it happened - we have "too many" players
Why it makes me happy - the guys I play with have jobs. They share my golf passion. Tomorrow is a weird day when we all can get out there. It leaves us with too many. I am soooooo thankful as to be able to bow out because I can golf whenever. I am very fortunate.

HappyUP!!! - something to look forward to
Why it happened - I am pretty lucky
Why it makes me happy - how often do you sit there and go, "tommorrow night is going to be great"? It will be tommorrow.


Early texts with my close friend
9 iron on 3...pitch on 5...wedge on 6...sand shot on 7...hybrid on 8...chutt on 8....pitch on 9....wedge on 10...hybrid on 11...chip on 12....8 iron on 14....chutt on 15.
Conversation with my close friend

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