Wednesday, May 04, 2022

HappyUP!!! May 4 Wednesday

 HappyUP!!! -6 iron on 17

Why it happened -skills
Why it makes me happy - THAT was precisely how a proper iron is struck. It has a tactile feeling that is incredible. It also came at a perfect time to get us a victory

HappyUP!!! - HOPE speech
Why it happened -its Toastmasters
Why it makes me happy -I really like this speech. It requires some more work tho. (which includes taking the bad joke out of it as well as a slight political reference).  It was well received

HappyUP!!! - filing a tax thing
Why it happened -I'm the treasurer
Why it makes me happy -perhaps I missed something from 2019? Hard to believe as I am good at that. No matter, I have great records so it took very little time at all. 

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