Tuesday, November 27, 2018

HappyUP!!! Day 4509

HappyUP!!! - the Claw
Why it happened - my city does that
Why it makes me happy - First...I love this service. Second, though a storm was coming to make another mess, I raked yesterday due to my intuition that the city may swing by here before the next storm. My intuition was spot on

HappyUP!!! - my presentation
Why it happened - I do those
Why it makes me happy - I had a last minute hiccup in putting this together. This made me a bit less prepared than I would have liked. That said, no apologies....just went into delivery mode and did a pretty good job of making all of the loose ends nice and tight at the end

HappyUP!!! - getting the AV to work
Why it happened - at first it didn't
Why it makes me happy - we were struggling with it....but I KNEW the answer was closer than we thought it was. I took over the remote...and....VOILA!...there was the answer right in front of us that had been evasive. OK...we made it evasive. 

Delivering the speech
Getting the AV to work
Bev was back
Karriker call
Blue sphere '
Bookmarks for all
Velcro tabs

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