Monday, May 18, 2009

HappyUP!!! Day 842

HappyUP!!! - jokes
Why it happened - dinner with the team
Why it makes me happy - my partner and I were teamed with two other guys from our club. These pair are a hoot! While the jokes were terribly inappropriate, my face and stomach were hurting from laughing so hard.

<---that's a lot of Italian Sausage! Glad I went with the halibut...probably keep me around for a few additional HappyUP!!!s

- playing with BP
Why it happened - we were paired together
Why it makes me happy - I have known B for years but we have never played golf. He was great to tee it up with today. Neither one of us played that well but we had a great time.....and, together, we teamed up pretty well and covered each other's backs.

HappyUP!!! - in the hunt
Why it happened - it is a golf tournament
Why it makes me happy - B and I could have played a lot better very easily. Our other two partners definitely could have played better. Despite this, we are only 4 shots down and have only 7 teams to pass to qualify for the next level.

HappyUP!!! - hitting it well
Why it happened - I am swinging better
Why it makes me happy - there is nothing worse to going to a different golf course and hitting it all over the don't get to really play the golf course. While my putting was horrible, I at least felt like I played the course.

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