Saturday, June 22, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4816

HappyUP!!! -  that putt on 9                              
Why it happened - I NEVER give up
Why it makes me happy -when the tree slapped the ball back to me on my second shot...with a TON of importance ($$$) on the line...most would get mad, slam a club...whatever. I calmly said, "OK..that was a bad break...back to business..."...and hit the nicest little hooked, low 7 iron to 40 feet on the green. All you want is a chance....and...that chance? was MONEY!!! It turned a LOSS into a win on the front

HappyUP!!! - pinch wedge 14                                
Why it happened - I got skills
Why it makes me happy -the tees are up...I nailed that drive...NOPE, not that far with the big hitters...but very well placed. That is only part of the equation. I took the risk of taking the big stick out...HIT the drive...but then pinched a wedge RIGHT THERE on the money

HappyUP!!! - Permission Granted...Permission Terminated                               
Why it happened - people are small
Why it makes me happy -I am doing some tests on people's opinions and minds. This was a great one today! It gives me great joy to see how small some people think....I see nothing but opportunity there.

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