Wednesday, May 29, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4792

HappyUP!!! -   eagle on 6                               
Why it happened -SKILL...massive skill
Why it makes me happy - sure, there is a little luck with the ball dropping in the hole. In this case, however, there was a careful analysis made and experience used. It would have been easy to hit the more lofted could even say it was the right play. I KNEW better and didn't cave to it. Though I was coming out of the rough and had to get over a tree, I took less loft, opened the face, swung softer....and the ball shot up like a piece of popcorn...and gently landed on the green...and trundled into the cup

HappyUP!!! - clarity on requirements
Why it happened -I was on a call
Why it makes me happy -OK...a bit of overwhelm...but I KNOW what needs to be done. The "freak out" gremlin popped up....I said, "go away, dude. Here is what I know. I WILL get it done. I don't know how yet...but I always do. I'm going to bed and I will have it figured out in the morning."

HappyUP!!! - helping Jr fix his golf bag
Why it happened - he had a "whoopsie" and I am clever
Why it makes me happy -my band aid worked! When you are out in the forest, you got to improvise!

HappyUP!!! - sand play
Why it happened -I'm pretty good at that
Why it makes me happy- there are times when I get a bit off in the kitty litter on the course. Yet, day in and day out, I have some skill at the beach (maybe because I am there a lot). I got it up and down a couple of times today...sweet!

EAGLE on 6
great weather
clarity on RTT requirements
AP stepping up to bail me out
Attitude - I don't know how...but I WILL get this RTT stuff done on time
Helping Jr fix his golf bag
Sweet putting...birdie 4...loooooong bomb on 9...sandie 17...up and down 16.
Punch on 16
Sandie on 5

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