Thursday, May 02, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4665

HappyUP!!! - 3 birdies                              
Why it happened - a great wedge, a bladey wedge, and a fantastic putt
Why it makes me happy - birdies are where it’s at....and today was a feast for my partner and I

HappyUP!!! - being NAILS after a brief layoff
Why it happened - mental work
Why it makes me happy - I used to be like most golfers, “I haven’t played in awhile so don’t expect much....” Now, you tell me how THAT attitude can do anything good except perhaps put salve on a bruised ego after playing poorly. Of course just saying, “I’m gonna play GREAT today!” might be better...but only marginally. It’s just an affirmation. You got to bring it from the inside....and I hit some shots that were as SOLID as it gets today. 

HappyUP!!! -front porch noodling
Why it happened - stupendous morning
Why it makes me happy - while being as respectful of the neighbors as possible, I did “let em ring” a bit today. How could I not? It was too perfect outside

JollyJottings...Solid Golf...Huge Win...Playing with the Pro...that bladey wedge...lots of good wedges...gorgeous weather...getting some study done...electronic taxes...getting grounded again...front porch noodling...3 birdies

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