Sunday, October 08, 2006

Conversations in My Head...part 1

Welcome to part 1 of what is surely to be a regular feature hear at Nutter's Notes - as it comes on the heels of my previous post.

Let's look at this morning's conversation - but first, I have to set it up. I have a long standing tradition of about 5.5 years of checking my weight on Sunday. Now, to be scientifically correct, I would take it at the same moment every Sunday. I always take some creative license and, over time, it is all going to balance out anyway. For example, if there is an optimal low point this Sunday, this becomes the thing I have to measure against next Sunday so there is no getting away with anything.

This week - began the countdown to the first Sunday of the final quarter of the year. I have been faithfully hitting the gym this year. YOU don't know but, trust me, I have been there more than ever. At last count, I had over 4000 minutes logged on the machines.....that doesn't count drive time or talking or getting a drink or resting. Those are actual workout minutes at the gym.

As I entered the 4th quarter of the year - my weight was the exact same as when I began. Now, here is my thoughts on that little scenario:

Evil Voice - "what is the use. This isn't working. Why do I bother?"

Voice of Reason - "hey, dude, think what your weight would be at if you didn't workout. You are only 5 pounds heavier than you were 10 years ago and 15 pounds lighter than 3 years ago. You still have a quarter to post a net loss for the year. You are in great position to get back down to that 10 years ago weight spot."

.....and that is where I ended it a week ago - with the VoR winning out.

So, as I head to the scale first thing this morning - what do I see? 172....a two pound gain!!!

Evil Voice - "yeah, right. Like you are going to finish the year at 165. You ate like a pig the last few days. You know what Friday and Saturday was like. Who are you kidding? You can't even stay on track for one week. What is going to happen when you have to face.....the holidays? You're toast...stick a fork in you cuz you are done!"

VoR - "hey, dude, remember last Sunday. You were went down to the gym and put in a good workout and were at 170 before noon. You know that you shouldn't count 'first thing when you get up' as your real weight. Let's get down to that gym and see what we can do for you today."

....and off to the gym I went - 90 minutes of aerobics later, I came back to the house for the official weigh in.

VoR observed - "dude, 169!!! dropped a pound over the week. That is 20% of what you are looking to do for the quarter in the very first week....and you didn't even watch the diet. You are the man. I don't know why you even listen to that Evil Voice guy. I can't wait to get you back to that gym tomorrow."

....and, the Evil Voice - was handed a nice can of Shut the Hell Up to choke on the rest of the day.

I was on my way home from Organic Home Church - on Wednesday night. I hadn't had my sugar fix for the day. I had to drive right past a Baskin Robbins......the voices...the voices....the voices.....

"We are stopping in and grabbing a couple of much chocolate do I want in each scoop" - proclaimed the Evil One

"No, there is no need for that" - replied the VoR.

"To hell there is not. We are stopping" - and, with that, the truck began to slow down and head into that left turn lane. The Evil One was being a bit relentless tonight.

"'s late. You won't even remember that cone tomorrow but you may remember the residue" - chimed in the VoR.

With that - the truck sped up and continued home for a non-sugar induced slumber. Most importantly, I gave myself a nice pat on the back for winning another battle with the Evil Voice.

Does the VoR always win? - what do you think? But, it does win.....and, in my case, it wins more often than not. How about for you? Do you celebrate the victories? If you don't, START IMMEDIATELY. This is so critical. Feed that voice of reason. There is no one in this world that is going to hand you gold medals for making the right decisions every day. If you need a happy sticker, go down to the teacher's supply store and by them for yourself.

Why is that celebration so important? - because, on the days that the Evil Voice wins (yes....E.V. will have his victories), you have to remember your other triumphs. You take today's loss as just's loss. It was just a bad day. It wasn't who you really are....remember all those winning times? (this is where the self pat on the back comes gives you something to draw from after a tough, or not so tough, loss. ).

You get right back up - and have at that Evil Voice again. "E.V. snuck one in this time. I wasn't looking. Next time I am in that situation, I am going to hit him with everything I got. I left myself open, too. I know why I left the door open to him and tomorrow, that door is going to close. I don't think he wants to come back and get a real piece of me."

The Evil Voice will beat you up enough - no need to do a video replay and watch his latest victory. You pop back into the game.....ready to win the next round. You can look back for a second to see your mistake....and then looking forward so you can use the skill that you just learned to win the next round.


Michelle said...

I would love to be able to do aerobics for as long as you are able to. That is awesome. You are much more disciplined than I am. Why worry about a couple of pounds when you are in such good shape?

paris parfait said...

Ah, the evil voice - I know it well. Good for you for slapping it down and for continuing to make progress. You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

who am i