Saturday, September 01, 2007

The End

(A special post for my friends at SundayScribblings )

"The End"

Once it's over, it's over. You look forward. There are factors that lead to endings. Sometimes we forget what they are and were over time. But there was usually a good reason to make the turns that we did. It may escape us but it is something to honor. We may retain some fond memories. We may be scared of looking forward but this is the direction that we will live. We have to spend our time there. We are better for the experience we gained so there is no need or room for regret. Everything really does happen for a reason. If we are lucky, very lucky, we are left with an honorable friendship.

People ask me, "Nutster, do you have any regrets?"

I say that there are some things that I wish may have turned out differently. The events that have happened have led me to be the person that I have become. I am the one that I must love today. I do. Who can have regrets for endings that lead to that?

The End

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