Thursday, April 18, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4651

HappyUP!!! - AT&T                                  
Why it happened -I chatted
Why it makes me happy - first, I am so happy that I could text chat. I love that feature these days. Sure, you have to get past the robot for real action. Not hard. I came in looking for something that was worth about $60 as a courtesy to my loyalty.  I didn't just get that....I got a TON more! Should they have reached out and offered it to me without my inquiry? Probably. Yet, I also could always ask. Glad I did! I am thrilled

HappyUP!!! - yard work
Why it happened - you should have seen the weather
Why it makes me happy -nope, it wasn't on my list today to take it as deep as I did....I just couldn't stop! It was too nice outside. That other stuff that was on today's list....I think they make another day for those...tomorrow

HappyUP!!! - nutrition research
Why it happened - I am becoming more aware
Why it makes me happy - the health benefit of the radish REALLY surprised me. I had heard some things that did not shine a nice light on tomatoes....but...they get the green light! Cool because I need to go "into the ground" with them in days to come.  Apple Cider Vinegar - I have been drinking a tonic that includes turmeric. Yet, I was pleased enough by what I saw to add ACV to my daily list.

HappyUP!!! - Mueller Report
Why it happened - it's a process
Why it makes me happy- one step closer to that chapter being over. From here, to someone in the middle, things start to get VERY entertaining. If there was no findings in an investigation of this scope, it seems that the parties that brought it on need to be looked at due to the seriousness of the situation....and I think that will be happening.

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