Thursday, January 10, 2019

HappyUP!!! Day 4553

HappyUP!!!  - a card and gift in the mail
Why it happened - I was thought of
Why it makes me happy - OK...first thing I did was crack up...before I even saw the cards. The postman knocked on my door. ‘You have $1.50 postage due!” I don’t think I have ever received a “postage due” envelope. I saw who it was from and had no issue coughing up the buck and a half. Then...the card...hysterical....and, while I do have some pretty developed empathic skills, some people really do need a nice (or perhaps a bit elevated from nice) whack to the side of the head! The simple gift is going to come in handy as well.

Why it happened - morning Pages
Why it makes me happy - ok...I HEAR you. ‘It doesn’t take much. We are only 10 days in.” Sheesh, you guys can be brutal! Give me some credit. Do you think that hasn’t already crossed my mind?....BEFORE I made such a bold claim. It’s not like I’m operating from the back seat hear! This was huge stuff. I am talking ROCKET FUEL! .....ROCKET FUEL!!!

(Wow!...did he just put “rocket fuel” in red? This might be a big deal!)

HappyUP!!!  - haircut  
Why it happened - I was WAAAAAY overdue
Why it makes me happy - it’s like I am a new man! Well, I actually am. I think I had become a Neanderthal!!! The holidays kind of got in the way AND it could be my hair grows slower in the winter. I dunno. It didn’t seem like as long a time as it had turned out.

....Crossroads AWESOME new little lick to work on
..a DEAL on a new wedge? Because the pro was overstocked? Are you kidding me? How lucky is it
that I picked today at the time the head pro was in the shop to inquire? My lucky star is enfuego!!!
...great practice session- I don’t have much time but I think I will take it to the course tomorrow and slog it around a bit

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