Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Ol Nutter Almanac 2014

Actual Days to Date        14
Predicted Days           11-13

The Days - 1) 6/7...100  2) 6/8...104 3) 6/9.....106 4) 6/10...103 5) 6/30...105 6) 6/13...100 7) 7/14...104  8) 7/25....102  9) 7/27....102 10) 7/29.....100 11) 7/31...102 12) 8/1...105 13) 9/12...102

9/17/2014 HappyUP!!!date - another successful year for the Almanac.  It only missed by one day and, only that, was due to a freaky couple of days that snuck in there just over a week before summer ends. We have a few days to go before the official end of summer but it appears nothing major is in the forecast.  We are pretty much locked and loaded!

9/11/2014 HappyUP!!!date - look where we were on 7/24.....the Almanac was drawing a LOT of criticism.  Up until today, it looked like the Almanac survived all that and was totally in the clear. Now....we have a weekend to sweat out. Crazy weather...every day the forecasters have been nudging their prognostications up. easy is that job?  They change their minds hourly. The Almanac lays it down one time.....for over three months!!!  No matter what, it will be very close this year. Additionally, I will be overjoyed to see Autumn come rolling in.

8/25/2014 HappyUP!!!date - I have to admit......I was getting some flack back in July for how hot this summer was and......

....for how bad the almanac would fail - darn haters!!! Why ya gotta be that way?  Who knows what will happen? We still have a month of summer to go.  The Almanac is going to be a lot closer than it looked a short time ago as we have NOTHING in the 100's in the immediate forecast. NICE!!!

8/10/2014 HappyUP!!!date - we have had a VERY nice respite from the heat over the last 9 days...and clear sailing ahead.  In all liklihood, the Ol Nutter Alm is doomed this year....but... But .....BUT....if it holds up this year....WOW!!!...that would be something!

7/24/2014 Update - not a lot to report since last....a couple of days into the triple digits.  For goodness sakes, we have even gotten some rain the last few July....whaaaaaaaat?!?!?! Now....we are staring down the barrell of FIVE straight days of 100 or more! Oh my....that would basically blow the Almanac up this year..........or........just maybe........guarantee a very cool August with nothing up in the hell zone!

7/6/2014 Update - looks like we will be notching another 100 degree one today and tomorrow....things cool down a bit after that.  One thing that is not in the forecast but that would be appreciated is some random heavy rain! (don't hold your breath)

6/23/2014 HappyUP!!!date - after an initial challenge....been in the clear...and in the clear for another week per forecast

6/9/2014 Update - we never like to see an early heat spell hear at the Almanac.  Looks like we are going to get a good toast on today.....with things settling down a bit tomorrow (hopefully!)

5/28/2014.....Here we go again - the Ol Nutter Almanac 2014 edition.  You can get a recap of all previous posted years through the links below

For those new to this annual feature - we predict the number of 100 degree or more days for Roseville/Sactamento, CA based on the weather of Memorial Day weekend.

The weather on the predictor Memorial Day Weekend - wasn't blistering.....but it wasn't cool either. These are the toughest to make a call here in May.  There is a piece of me that says I should bump this up to 15 days of 100 degrees or less...but I don't think that is taking enough risk

As usual - our measurement for the number of 100 degree days will be taken off the website for Roseville, CA

2014 Ol Nutter Almanac  11-13 predicted......14 actual
2013 Ol Nutter Almanac  13 or less prediceted....12 actual
2012 Ol Nutter Almanac  13 or less predicted...15 actual
2011 Ol Nutter Almanac  10 or less predicted....7 actual
2010 Ol Nutter Almanac 13 or less predicted.....7 actual
2009 Ol Nutter Almanac 10-15 predicted.........15 actual
2008 Ol Nutter Almanac 10-15 predicted.........15 actual

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