Wednesday, June 02, 2010

HappyUP!!! Day 1220

What an AWESOME Day - great night's sleep....met my friend for coffee...played a solid round of golf in glorious weather......made my first stuffed artichoke....did a favor for a friend....and am enjoying a lovely evening.....Delta breeze is blowing.....have some cabbage soup on the stove

HappyUP!!! - drive/wedge on 17
Why it happened - the money was on the line
Why it makes me happy - I absolutely hammered the drive when I needed to. When my opponent hit a solid shot, I played one of the cutest nice little wedge shots under pressure that I could. I knocked it inside his shot. Yeah...I left the putt hanging on the lip but it was a well played hole.

HappyUP!!! - getting joined by the Bos and the Colonel
Why it happened - it was slow out there today
Why it makes me happy - don't get to play with these guys often.....what a joy to catch 8 holes with them.

HappyUP!!! - stock market
Why it happened - you tell me
Why it makes me happy- I try not to let the day to day vagaries of the market effect me much....but...I am retired...and I have to watch the financial landscape. May was a little rough. The first day of June was more of the same......which can get you back on your haunches. Yet... if you are going to look at the tough days that has to take a time to appreciate the roar back today! "Sell in May and go away"?......hmmmm.......this isn't your grandfather's market.

HappyUP!!! - flagstick on 16
Why it happened - I was accurate
Why it makes me happy - I hit a terrible tee shot....I was over in the elephant grass....pitching over a a chance. I just wanted to get it on the green and try to make a bogey. I hit the flop came out OK....but, as expected, was right on hit the stick and stopped 3-4 feet away....a very unlikely par at a much needed time.

HappyUP!!! - my new phone screensaver
Why it happened - I shot a great pic
Why it makes me happy - an inspiring photo that you look at a few times a day.....can really uplift one's spirits....even when one's spirits are already high!


Stock Market
Driver/8 iron/putt on 2
Driver/5 iron on 3
2 putt on 7
Chip on 8
Driver/9 iron 9/Birdie
Driver/3 wood/wedge 10
Driver/8 iron 11
Putt on 13
Driver...9 iron on 14
Driver 8 iron on 15
Flop shot 16
Driver/wedge 17
Leftover tacos
Gorgeous weather...lovely breeze
My new phone screensaver
Stuffed artichoke

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