Sunday, December 03, 2006

In the Last Hour

(A Special Post for Sunday Scribblings)

In the last hour - I wrote the first post that I have ever done exclusively from a book that I had read. The question begs, "why would you take an hour out of your time to regurgitate a bunch of information that, if someone wanted, they could go get the book. many people are really going to see this? You know what your traffic count is?"

The question above - is the voice of The Resistance. It is the antichrist of the creative process. "But you were taking someone else's information...what's creative about that?" The Resistance just won't shut up, will it?

But, for the last hour, it was quieted - and, quieted once, it can more easily be quieted again. I wrote the post for one simple reason.....I wanted to. If someone reads it, great. If they don't, the bigger victory was gained...

In the writing of the post - I now know more about the subject than I did before. And that is all that I is all that you need in doing anything attached to the creative process.

I don't know what will happen as a result of that posting - but my muse tells me that something will. It is something that I have no idea could occur....and that is the mystery of the muse and why we pursue the creative process.

Do you want something that is more in line with the topic that was given? - it is....

In The Last Hour

First - I hope that I am not aware that my last hour is going on when it is occurring. This would indicate lying on a deathbed....with some kind of struggle or pain that has led up to and includes this moment.

I think of my mom - she had such an aversion to tubes and such. She was graced with a sudden death while still vibrant in her early eighties. There was and continues to be a selfish piece of me that would like her to still be around. Yet, for everything that she did for me, I gladly give that up knowing that she passed exactly as she would have wanted to. She dropped dead on her bathroom floor suddenly and with very little warning.

I love the people who say - "when you are on your deathbed, you won't be thinking, 'I wished I would have put in an extra day at work.' " God bless those folks who try to get me to take it a bit easier. But, here is the rub.......

If I am on my deathbed - there is no way I am going to be thinking, "I should have gone on more vacations...I should have done this differently," because....

1) I don't look back - in general. There was a reason that I do what I do at any given time

2) there is no time to waste on such trivia - at that point.

The only thing that I will be thinking is - "'s going to happen. I am moving forward. I wonder where I am heading. I hope that I did what I was supposed to do...what The Creator put me on earth to do."

...and then I am going to pray like crazy! the last hour.

(If you want to see the post described above, go here)


giggles said...

I giggled at your commentary " You know what your traffic count is?"
This is a great message, well worth repeating! Good job!

Peace and giggles

paris parfait said...

I like both these posts, infused with your unique humour - even about death. :)

Ang said...

Very good. I think I could recognize your writing and humor even if your name was not associated with the post!

Anonymous said...
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