Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Father Son Christmas Exchange

"So you think that I could have solved your problem with 10 minute conversations?,"
he crossly tossed back to the son walking in arrears as they headed across the parking lot into a store to buy some last minute Christmas presents.

"No because you teach that all day," was the sarcastic reply from the gangly 18 yr old.

Oh that lovely time - the father and son dynamic that goes on between 14 and 21 (give or take) as the young man asserts himself as knowing more than Dad.

I have no idea what led up to the exchange - but, it sounded like the tail end of an argument. It sounded like the father may be a teacher by avocation.

While I didn't like the tone - I actually liked the question that dear old dad asked. Imagine that same question asked as a real question by a father that was looking for real answers. It sounds like there is already a lot of teaching the dad does in that house....but not much learning.

I really wanted to stop and go - "hey, dad. I just wanted you to know that I loved that question. I didn't care much for the tone or delivery...but the question was outstanding!"

In this case - I just let it go as another "pleasant" adult-adolescent testosterone testing mindless exchange that goes on daily throughout the world

It made me wonder - is the boy going to like what Dad got him for Christmas?

What do you think? - should I have been bold and said something and then done a toss-and-run?

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