Saturday, December 23, 2006


The "whaddawegetdaboss" dilemma - continues for my staff.....and, once again, the case has been cracked...

....with NUTS!!!

"Nutster, it's ain't that big a deal" - well, you are so wrong. My admin lives up in the farming country. Her husband is a prune farmer. These much needed staples come from a farm near theirs.

Hey...she could have given me PRUNES - for Christmas! (which, actually, I would have been just as appreciative....hey, I want to ON THE GO in 2007!)

Trust me - all of the above will be put to good use this season.

The HappyUP!- I got NUTS....and am NUTS

Why the HappyUP! happened - someone gave of themselves

Why the HappyUP! made me happy - I was thought of to be given something. It was something that had thought in it. It came from the ground near someone's home....and...I will use it

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paris parfait said...

You're so nutty!