Saturday, October 07, 2017

HappyUP!!! Day 4192

HappyUP!!! - Springs/G-rate/Soni
Why it happened -we got paired
Why it makes me happy -super group this morning! It's a rare day when everyone plays well.....and this one didn't break the mold. Still, super day on the course

HappyUP!!! - dice rolling
Why it happened - luck of the dice
Why it makes me happy -it took us a little longer to "settle affairs" than usual today....and I didn't pay for any of it! LOVE it when that happens!

HappyUP!!! -evening breeze
Why it happened -it's a weather thing
Why it makes me happy -'s beginning to happen. It's a change in vibe...of feeling....and it is one that resonates with me.  I ate it up tonight

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