Saturday, June 17, 2006


(A Special Post for SundayScribblings)

A bed is the last thing in your life that you need trouble from. You can create all kinds of trouble once you are on or in your bed but the physical item should just do it's job. Squeaks, lumps, and slants are the common troubles that we are aware of. Economic conditions during different times in our lives may force us to tolerate a plethora of maladies that can plague this one specific place where all of us spend the most time in our lives.

Why would anyone want to go out and buy trouble in this area?

What? "Nobody does that," you say.

Call me nobody. I've done it.....twice.


That one word says it all, doesn't it? At this moment, do I even need to even elaborate. Your own stories or ones that you have heard are erupting to the surface like weeds in spring. The least of which but the one that quickly sends you to the couch is when the heater/thermostat malfunctions.....drain, new heater, refill, wait to get warm......your campin' somewhere else for 3-4 days at minimum. Nope, a bed should be something you can count on to deliver!

Temperpedic Adjustable Bed with Remote Control

I went this route recently - it was expensive. Our brains are wonderful things. Our ability to rationalize is a treasure. I wanted this bed so I could more comfortably sit up and read in bed. On many nights, I like to read before putting my head away for the day. You can stack pillows. You can buy wedges. You can do a lot of things to get yourself into a comfortable position. I wanted to do what I do best....nothing. What do we all look to do when we want to do nothing? We look to push a button.

There was no need involved in this decision.
This was pure want. I had a chat with the conservative ruler of my treasury (otherwise known as the left hemisphere of my noggin) and said, "hey, you spend 25 to 30% of your life in this place. It should be perfect. Quit being tight jeans!." Thank goodness for me to rationalize just about anything.

...and then the problems started.
Faulty connections, faulty remotes, a bad motor..etc.

But that's all behind me now
- nothing left but to enjoy the outcome and what I hope becomes years of trouble free slumber.

(PS Hey.....quick thought. Consider buying a split king next time you are in the market. This is how the adjustable bed comes so each partner can set the bed the way they want. It's really the same as putting two large twins right next to each other. If you buy twin top sheets and don't tuck them in down the middle where the two beds meet, you will end any battles that you have over sheet hogging. Tossin and turnin by one partner doesn't upset the other person as well. Yes, you will notice the split down the middle during the times of amour but, trust me, you'll work around that.)


alyndabear said...

Ooh - I've always wanted a remote control bed. They seem so nifty (minus the faults...)

I've always wondered who "they" are. If you find 'em, let me know.

boliyou said...

Cool post. Yes, I too have a waterbed story. I never had the wish for an adjustable bed, though. They always remind me of hospital beds. It sounds like yours is finally working out for you, though, which is excellent.

You're right, you should love the place you spend 1/3 of your life.

Mardougrrl said...

This post made me giggle out loud. Loved this!

paris parfait said...

Such a clever post! Yes, the stories about "trouble" with waterbeds, etc. just go on and on. I had blocked those memories out until reading your post. :) And I agree with your rationale that as you spend so much time in bed, it should be what you want. Reading in bed is delicious, as long as one is comfy and cozy. Adorable bear! :)

Kamsin said...

I've always had a very functional view of beds, never really thought of them as things that could add ease, comfort and enjoyment (or the opposite if they go wrong!). Great post.

Kristine said...

Oh... I am simply shaking my head...

AnnieElf said...

I so, so, soooo what a new bed. Thanks for the roadmap to a better comfort zone.

Anonymous said...
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