Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Inner Life of Pets

(A Special Post for SundayScribblings)

"What? You are waking me up to do what? To put me in your stupid blog?"

"Well, Mr Photojournalist, I have a better

"In case I don't have your full attention, I believe this is your toe that I am macking into!!!"

Photojournalist: "OUCH!!! Knock that sh-- off!!!"

"OK, here is how it works. I get what I want. Once that happens, I will consider giving you what you want....capeche?"

"...And what I want right now is some lovin!!!! Bring it on, big boy!!! You've been holding out on me all week. 'I'm tired. I had a tough day at work.' Blah.. blah..blah.. blah..blah! Well, you weren't too tired to go to the driving range....or play softball....or stop and have a drink with your friends!!! It's makeup time and I want it.......NOW!!!!"

"OK...that was nice! Thank you. If you don't mind, I think that I need to go clean up now."

"There's nothing like a warm bath after a good rolling around with my friend"

"Gotta make sure that I get my back......'singin in the rain..I'm just singin in the rain..'"

"Gotta get this part too.....hey! Hey!!! Put that camera down!!! What are you some kind of weirdo!! You better not be taking a picture of this! A girl needs her privacy!!! I swear, if you put this on the internet, the next time you put me on your lap, I'll be doing a little extra KNEADING and you'll be Pleading and Bleeding, you pervert!!!"

"How does my makeup look? How many times have I told you? We have to change the light in this bathroom. It's just not flattering."

"OK...I'm done with you. I have to get to work. Make sure there is food in the dish when I get, where's that bluejay?"

Editors note: we would like to thank the queen for making herself available so that we could bring you a day in the life of a royal.


Autrice DelDrago said...

I was rolling on the floor laughing with this post! How creative! Cats do not have owners... they have staff!

Michelle said...

Oh this is just great! I really enjoyed it~what a cutie!

alyndabear said...

Oh man - I was giggling out loud with this one as well! Perfect photos and commentary!! :D


commongal said...

I laughed out loud! This is perfect, don't change a thing. Thank you for the much needed belly laugh!

Chelle Y. said...

Your cat is quite cute, but she seems like she "rules the house" too!

Thanks for visiting my post!

Kamsin said...

How very kind of your cat to make herself available for this photo shoot! No doubt an awful inconvenience what with all her preening and lounging around that needs to be done!

Ally Bean said...

the queen is so kind to let a commoner such as yourself be part of her world. what a cute post!

commongal said...


I put up a posting on my blog about your friends' baby. Do you think it would be a good idea to ask the folks at Sunday Scribblings to put up a link? Almost 50 people respond to their prompts every week. If every one gave a little bit -- even 5 bucks, that's 250 -- which would cover the costs of the motel for a while.

boliyou said...

Please do thank her majesty for her time. We were amused!

paris parfait said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS! Very clever post.