Monday, May 08, 2006


(for those new to Nutter's Notes, go to March archive and page through my 7 day HappyUp excercise if the following makes no sense to you)

Ever since I did those seven days of looking for things to be happy about - it's like potato chips! I can't stop. OK...that's a bit of a stretch. But, I do keep coming back to looking for those they occur.

It's crazy!!!- I'll stop at different times of the day and just make a little note in my journal "5/8 HU! (shorthand for HappyUP!)...30 minutes at gym went well...raked dirt in garden and noticed the printer kicked out the reports I needed when I was in a rush....I had a nice interaction with Mel...I had some banana cream pie left in the fridge (and ate some for breakfast)....gorgeous drive to work with the top down...had a meeting that went well....stopped by house at lunch and there was some banana cream pie left....

It's just the little things - that pass us by everyday and we miss them. Why?

Because we think they are supposed to happen - cerebrally, we know that bad stuff is going to happen or not everything is going to go our way. Deep down, though, I am not so sure that we are sold on this fact. Deep down, we think everything is supposed to just flow along....

And, when it doesn't - man, do we notice!!! In fact, some of us are VERY observant. We are so observant that we can't wait to tell others about it.

I read a great line last night
- "as you walk down your path, a bird is going to poop on you (OK...the book didn't say "poop". It said the other word so use that one if you like it better). A bird is going to poop on you. Don't wipe it off. Laugh."

That was about as great a description of HappyUP!!!
- as I could imagine.

All of the things that I mentioned above happened before lunch this morning - and there were a ton that I am sure that I missed. Like tonight, "HU! 5/8 pm....there was still banana cream pie left ---- so I ate it!"

Remember: jot down "contenders" for your three HappyUP!!! ideas- as you go about your day. At the end of the day, pick your best three. Then write why they happened and why they made you happy. 7 days...that's all you need to do it for...but you have to do it. Yes, I am sorry. Work is involved.

Here's the newsflash - it takes WORK to increase your HQ (Happiness Quotient). Much like you don't have to be sick to get better, you don't have to be sad to get happier.


Anonymous said...

I'm one to "shout" about my CrappyDOWN moments. I did that just yesterday to a friend. *frown*

Thanks for this reminder to focus on the HappyUPs! I think I'll go get my HappyUP notebook (the one I did before I ever heard of your cool way of looking at it) and start using it again.


Anonymous said...

I counted at least 3 peices of banana creme pie that passed your lips....maybe instead of HU you should be jotting down "NMPTY"...(since I know that you enjoy puzzels....instead of telling you what "NMPTY" means, I'll just let you guess.....)- gym-buddy

Anonymous said...

can I guess what it stands for? LOL

Guess what? I did HappyUp today! The list is in front of me. Though I'll write the 3 best later after I sleep- it's 3AM and I'm tired. *Grin*

Also- thought you might be interested to know that my 9 year old daughter has taken your idea and put it with The Glad Game from Pollyanna to make her version- The HappyUp Glad Game. *smile* She's such a sweet heart looking for the good in everything.


Unknown said...

I love this idea and shall shamelessly steal it for my blog next week. Thanks for sharing!