Sunday, May 21, 2006

Can We Talk?

It seems rather interesting to me - that, in the span of my lifetime, social morays have dropped to the point that everybody is talking about anything as if it isn't that big a deal anymore. If it isn't talked about, it is in print. Sex, sexual preference, masturbation, etc....the list goes on and on regarding people chatting about the once taboo subjects.

I'll leave it to you
- on whether that is good or bad. I'll stick with my ol friend Bill Shakespeare who said, "there are no goods or bads, thinking makes it so," or something to that effect.

So, with all this new found freedom - there is one topic that just hasn't made it over the hump in being talked about openly and freely. Yet, unlike some of the topics that I mentioned above, it is something that we are all involved in on a regular basis.

Well, at least we hope it is a regular basis - and this leads me right into today's topic. You see, I have this....uh...hmmm....oh, I know...I have "this friend" who has been a little behind in, how do I say this, "putting things behind him"...if you get my drift. As a matter of fact, he had gone 3 days without being able to tend to this fairly regular piece of business.

"My friend" was getting a bit concerned - while he had been able to conjure up a little bit of business, the weight/volume of the output of his efforts were not commensurate with what he would normally produce.

"My friend", not a tremendous worrier by nature, starts to become a bit concerned
- because he knows that there are a lot of things that this lack of production could be a symptom of and many of them are rather dire. He starts having flashbacks to his late ex-mother-in-law who failed to produce anything but "hot air" as she was suffering cancer. He definitely doesn't want that. He thinks about blockages and what the process might be to eliminate those. That's not a comfortable thought either.

Yes, he is a bit worried
- as he finishes out day 3. At least, he believes it was day 3. He can't really remember if he "did anything" back 4 days ago. I mean, it's not something that you jot down in your journal...unless you happen to be having a problem in which case this may be a handy reference to have.

He knows that you have to sit down and accomplish this task once a day
- right?


My friend went to two different medical sites
- and, low and behold, he found out that "once a day" is not something that should happen. Some people "do the work" three times a day, some once a day, some 3 times a week. He also finds out that, until your pattern has definitely been shifted, he really shouldn't be concerned about it actually being a problem until three weeks of pattern shift has been noticed.

"Three weeks!!! Do you have any idea of what the storage of those toxins could do?"
- as it turns out, there is no medical evidence of that toxicity existing. Now, the operative term there is "medical evidence." Do you want to trust doctors? Do you want to trust new age people? Do you want to do a bit of research and "to thine ownself be true?"

For me...uh...I mean for "my friend" - he has learned that no one knows his body like himself. He consults with physicians. He reads. He listens to others. He tries to apply common sense to how he is feeling.

He is also very interested in how this myth - of "once a day" is normal started. "Hmmmm...", he ponders, "if I was a company that made something like Ex-Lax or Metamucil or any other laxative, what would be the harm in me promoting this little piece of wellness 'fact'. Hey, even if I am stretching it, what could be the harm?"

Well, the harm is
- that many people are on laxatives or use enemas much more frequently than they should. Perhaps this goes right along with the people that are on anti-depressants who have never been taught that happiness is something that you have to work at and cultivate. It doesn't just drop into your lap...

Oh, speaking of dropping - excuse me. I have to go now. Really!

(Seriously, if this topic is of interest/concern, you know what to do. Google search- Constipation....I didn't need to tell you that, did I?)


Anonymous said...


I loved this post.

I'm not one to be known as the "polite society" kind of person.

If ya gotta go... you gotta go. *smile* Speaking of which...


Traver Dougherty said...

I love the taste of Metamucil wafers. I eat them just because they taste good. I'm going to have one now. But, I'll tell ya, the next time you tell me so and so passed...I'm not going to think they died.

Anonymous said...

One word......"Nasty"