Sunday, November 05, 2006


A Special Post for SundayScribblings

Morning - just the word itself brings hope. can that be - when the same sounding word, mourning, brings anything but hope?

Who knows - and who cares??? There are a lot of people who have thought themselves into "not being morning people." Yup....I said it...they have thought their way into it.

Sure, I'll get the backlash for that but - I can only go off of personal experience and observation. Do you think that I really want to get out of bed when it is cold and dark? Do you think that I want to stumble around in a pre-dawn haze?

Of course not - but I do. Why? So I can enjoy the optimism of the new day. U2 had the great line, "nothing changes on New Year's Day," and it is true. Theoretically, nothing changes on any day. Morning...night... afternoon...these are all tags that man has put on the continuous string of sun ups and sundowns that we call time.

In reality - there is no morning, noon, or night. We live in one continual spatiality of time.

Despite that - I still like to call it morning. While nothing changes, everything it does. New beginnings. We look at morning as a start of a new day. Time to make changes. To progress. To reflect. To decide....

All of change happens in ONE INSTANT - no, change does not happen over time. The results of change may happen over time. But change is made in an instant at a time.

And what better time than the morning? - I feel for those that can't get in touch with the morning. The train has left the station and, for those afflicted with morningaphobia, they get to watch it pull away. Yes, I am sure that they still accomplish much. No one is better or worse on this planet. It is just that everyday, the morningaphobic has an instant to longer of watching the train disappear down the track and is left to wonder.....

...."hmmm. While I am fine here at the station, I wonder if I should have caught the morning train today."


paris parfait said...

I like the IDEA of morning better than the reality - probably because I stay up too late. But I do get more accomplished when I rise early and get busy. And I also like the idea of new beginnings and new possibilities with every new morning.

Pam said...

I read your blog for the first time today...I am a morning person from heart to soul. I rarely miss a sunrise and like the idea of promise.