Sunday, October 01, 2006


(A Special Post for SundayScribblings)

Skin on Skin - ah, the first encounter and then the first date. The innocent first brush of the hand against the other's...

"Excuse me.

"Nothing to be excused for," she replies

The signals all lead to another innocent contact. And then the embrace which includes a cheek upon a cheek...more skin to skin. How much longer until the first shedding of a garment and having it fall to the floor...............

But I'm not here to talk about any of that funny stuff!!! - let's talk about the real thing. Your epidermis!

Or, more importantly, MY epidermis - did you know that your skin is the largest organ that your body has? You never thought about your skin as an organ...but it is. So, if you are ever caught in a trivia question that asks, "what is the largest organ of your body?", you will now be equipped to be all too intelligent.

But, I have a problem - as we age, our skin becomes a bit less efficient in the shedding of itself. In my case, after a lifetime of relatively good skin, I go through these times of year when it seems to dry out in spots. No, it's not just winter when we go inside to dryer environments. It's not the summer when it's the hottest. It seems to happen more when the season's begin to change. I don't know...I don't track the occurrences. I just want the face flakes gone!!!

Sure, I have gone to the occasional moisturizer - but I now need to add skin care to my daily routine and make it a ritual. Exfoliation is becoming a regular part of my vocabulary. Of I go into special stores to find that one wonder product, Dermotologica, which "is just the best" for my situation.

...or, at least, so I am told - until someone tells me about something else and there goes another $20 spent on one of the smallest tubes of stuff that one can imagine.

Oh well, I guess I have now joined the ranks of the female crowd - until a man comes out with "EXFOLIATOR...tell dry skin, 'Ahhhl be baaahk.' "

My skin? - it's been a good one. I have always loved it on the outside and I try to keep the peace with what's inside. It deserves to have a few dollars spent on it.

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Jerri said...

EXFOLIATOR. . .Terrific idea. Maybe you should contact Dermatologica.

Thanks for an interesting post.