Wednesday, March 15, 2017

HappyUP!!! Day 3986

HappyUP!!! - NO golf
Why it happened - I didn't like the weather
Why it makes me happy - I have plenty of nice days to play....despite peer pressure...I "JUST SAY NO" to golfing in crap

HappyUP!!! - sprinkles
Why it happened - it's weather
Why it makes me happy - it just seemed like a bit of whimsy....decked against the strong "predictions" of the weather folks. Yeah...I may be a bit of a weather freak....and one that rejoices in knowing that....with all technology....Mother Nature is the final word

HappyUP!!! - neighbor chat
Why it happened - we are neighbors
Why it makes me happy - just a great conversation. Still feeling the new neighbors out. They continue to be cool

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