Monday, November 23, 2015

HappyUP!!! Day 3486

HappyUP!!! - my driver
Why it happened - a volunteer
Why it makes me happy - nice to go on a road trip....and not be behind the wheel

HappyUP!!! - 2 birdies and a KP
Why it happened - good shooting
Why it makes me happy - that was good for two skins and a closest to pin payout. Cha-CHING! A little Do-ray-MEEEE is always a HappyUP!!!

HappyUP!!! - weather
Why it happened - who knows
Why it makes me happy - we tried to make this trip twice before...only to be rained out. The third time turned out to be a charm. Course was in beautiful condition. A nice day and a solid round on the books

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