Sunday, January 21, 2007

Next American Idol?

(A special post for the weekly SundayScribblings assignment: Fantasy. In this case, the instuction actually inspired me to act on a dream/fantasy. I immediately went out and started to do something that I wanted to do....put together a band. First stop? I needed a strong female vocalist)

Call me Simon Cowell
- I decided that my next gig in life is to put together a recording duo.

I put it out to the world - show up and audition. Bring your best shot. If you want to tour with me, you better be good.

Word spread quickly - and they started lining up in the wee hours of the morning. Security was brought in....all contestants were kept in line

Here, we have the first cool cat - that decided to put herself to the test.

It's important - when you first start singing with someone to see if you vocally harmonize.

Now, this cat insisted
- on doing some numbers that were way out of my vocal range

She was laying down - some high notes that were, quite frankly, astounding. I am not sure I had ever heard anything like this. This diva was taking it where few vocalists can go......or probably should.

Next.....- we moved on to the part of the set where we do some cover tunes of some old KISS songs.

It is at this point - that I am trying to see just how the performer is going to interact with the audience.

Gene Simmons - has nothing on this chick.

What about photogencics? - when you are at "The Making of the Band" stage, you MUST find out how the performer is going to look on a CD cover.
"Is she a natural poser?" - or are you going to have to put her through extensive modeling classes as well.

She is scoring some points here

- how bad does she really want the job?

Note to everyone - no matter how distasteful, doing a little sucking up never hurts.

Auditions are now closed - we'll see you in a town nearby soon....well, if I can keep my new star clean.

She seems to have an addiction
- Just Say Catnip


The Quintessential Feline said...

You're right. I busted up laughing! :) My husband asked why and I had to explain. He's checking this out too. Very clever! Btw...I have two black kitties (and a black lab too). I was visualizing my more vocal one in the pictures. How fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

Wes Roberts said...

...amazing how women find you irresistable...however...some can be a little catty about their attention. :)

Inconsequential said...

That was cool :)

loved the shot of the high note...